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6 July 2009


cdc-flu-fuzz3.htm     CDC Fuzzes H1N1 Pandemic Reports 3               June 26, 2009
cdc-flu-fuzz2.htm     CDC Fuzzes H1N1 Pandemic Reports 2               June 20, 2009
cdc-flu-fuzz.htm      CDC Fuzzes H1N1 Pandemic Reports                 June 18, 2009

James Atkinson ( writes:

Here are the H1N1 Charts and spreadsheet for the data that the CDC released last Thursday.

The numbers of infected people continue to climb considerably, and the new infections this week are way up, and continue to climb on a daily basis.

The CDC is still fuzzing up the numbers and blaming it on the states not reporting numbers to them, or not reporting numbers to them in time to make it into the weekly report. If you look down the spreadsheet you can see how some States with large numbers of infected populations omitted a huge number for people for one week, and then added them back the following week. You can also see that a number of states to had some pretty heavy propagation suddenly stopped reporting new numbers overnight.

The really interesting thing is that just a few weeks ago the CDC was claiming that infections rates were down and that the infection was slowing, but these charts show that they are either lying, or that the PR people who work for director has no earthly idea what is going on and they are just trying to crank out press releases to make the director look good while they scramble to brew up 600 million doses of flu shots.

Look at the charts... does it really look like things are getting any better?