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14 January 2004

From: Donald ramsbottom <>
Subject: Money laundering Regs
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 08:18:57 +0000

Just so you all know (having strayed in Stasi State debate again :) ) from 1st March 2004 your friendly local lawyer MUST on behalf of our benificent Government:

1. Have an appointed money laundering officer.

2. Institute Client identification procedures (if they are not there already)

3. Introduce systems and controls to detect and prevent money Laundering and facilitate the reporting of any suspicions ( to the NCIS)

4. Establish a training program for staff.

Now I had thought it was a lawyers duty to defend its client's interests. Not any more. I am an unpaid policeman who has to pay for the privelege of doing a job I do not want to do, because the government says so. Being a lawyer I am a soft target, no one likes us scum sucking, bottom dwelling lawyer types, so no one will care when they whinge.

So just who can the public turn to now for confidential advice? They seem to have forgotten it is within a lawyer's remit to deal with allegedly "naughty" people.

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