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23 July 2004. JA writes:

Here is a correction to the picture of the "Free Speech Zone" you have on Cryptome. You might want to change your drawing of the area to more exactly reflect where the zone is. The free speech zone is actually the area outlined in yellow, and is actually underneath the elevated tracks of the Green line. Also, I would point out that the highway and elevated roadways has been torn down since the photographs were taken, and that there is now a huge open space in it's place.

Here is a book that I wrote several years ago concerning chemical weapons, which given that we are going to have some serious riots in Boston will make for some timely reading:

22 July 2004. One of the Eyeball series.

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Thanks to J., photos and description of the Free Speech Pen:

James Atkinson, Granite Island Group, writes July 22:

Bullfinch Free Speech Zone

I was out at the Fleet Center today, and gave the "Free Speech Zone" a bit of an eyeball, and couldn't help but notice that the Zone looks more like a killing field, and that the government is just begging for a violent riot by trying to keep protestors so far back from the Fleet Center.

The "penning in" will have the police stationed with chemical weapons above the crowd so they can drop down tear gas right down onto the protestors, and shoot at protesters like the proverbial fish-in-a-barrel. Such an act by the police would be done to punish the penned-in protestors, and would not serve to "control them".

If they move ahead with the "Free Speech Zone" (assuming the court permits it) you can expect a few deaths, and some pretty ugly riots for the entire event.

Due to the limited number of "open spaces" in the immediate area, and given mass hysteria you can expect a riotous crowd to move out onto Causeway, and end up in the corridor between the Tip O'Neil building and the Fleet Center, with the lobby of the Fleet Center, and Media Pavillion getting totally trashed.

Given that the Tip O'Neil is "all glass" on the ground floor a riotous crowd could easily crash the building and commence their protest right in the Federal Building of in the lobby of the Fleet, or even crank up some protests on the the rail platforms underneath the DNCC.

Assuming the Rioters are sufficiently pissed off, they could quite literally hold the delegates hostage by simply occupying the lobby area on the lowest level and not letting them leave the building.

The DNC Security is being handled very poorly, and it will be a miracle if there is not a violent event.

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