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21 November 2004

See also Eyeballing the Iraq Kill and Maim Zone.

These compare satellite photos of Fallujah on 14 November 2004, the 6th day of the US assault, and 5 November 2004, before the assault began on 8 November 2004, with 26 damaged areas marked by Cryptome.

Locations marked show total or near-total destruction of structures and do not convey lesser damage not visible from satellite images of this resolution. While there is reported extensive damage to the city and its inhabitants the 26 locations marked appear to indicate that major devastation is limited. A more complete and accurate account awaits the availability of comprehensive ground level images and reports.

Parts of Fallujah were obscured by cloud shadows in the 14 November image. Damage to Fallujah caused in the April 2004 US assault appeared in both images and is not included here.

Photos on the left are excerpted from a Space Imaging image of Fallujah provided today by Secrecy News, photos on the right are excerpted from a Digital Globe image of the city (enlarged 175% to match the Space Imaging scale).

Key is a cropped, 90%-reduction of the Space Imaging photo.