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26 January 2002

These 23 photos were taken by Cryptome on January 25, 2002, and show aerial views from a helicopter of the World Trade Center site, the dock used for barges to transport removed WTC debris to the Fresh Kills Landfill about 10 miles south of Manhattan, and views of the 170-acre WTC criminal investigation site located on Staten Island, a borough of New York City. The investigation is directed by the New York City Police Department in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and with assistance from municipal, state and federal agencies.

Comments below photographs are based in part on news reports of the investigation.

Some photos are blurred due to helicopter vibration and quivering of the bone-chilled photographer hanging out the open door of the aircraft.

Photos may be reproduced for non-commercial use without restriction. Credit Cryptome.

Photo 1. WTC looking east. Battery Park City and World Financial Center in foreground.

Photo 2. WTC looking east. World Financial Center and Wintergarden Pavilion in foreground.

Photo 3. WTC looking south east.

Photo 4. Dock for debris removal barges at left. WTC at right looking southeast.

Photo 5. Investigation site at Fresh Kills Landfill looking south. Empty debris barges at lower right. Following photographs were taken while circling the site from north to west to south to east.

Photo 6. Investigation site looking southeast.

Photo 7. Slender trailer buildings at left are investigation laboratories.

Photo 8. Similar to preceding photograph.

Photo 9. Structural steel and exterior metal sheathing in foreground may be related to study of the effect of attack aircraft hitting the WTC towers. Structural steel not preserved for evidence is taken to another site in New Jersey and cut up for sale as scrap, and there may be other evidence preserved there.

Photo 10. Site looking east, upper part of Verrazzano bridge towers visible in left background.

Photo 11. Vehicles damaged by collapsing buildings at right.

Photo 12. Damaged and destroyed vehicles.

Photo 13. Damaged and destroyed vehicles.

Photo 14. Damaged and destroyed vehicles.

Photo 15. Damaged and destroyed vehicles.

Photo 16. Damaged and destroyed vehicles.

Photo 17. Investigative laboratories, main offices and service buildings and vehicles. Personnel in white biohazard suits are investigators who search debris for human remains and evidence.

Photo 18. Investigative laboratories and offices.

Photo 19. Debris awaiting processing for human remains and evidence by hand and machine. Sifting equipment in background. Visual examination and hand sorting is done in plastic enclosures.

Photo 20. Debris awaiting processing. Debris at upper right is being hand-raked and searched by white-suited investigators.

Photo 21. Debris awaiting processing from opposite view.

Photo 22. Debris awaiting processing. White suited investigators visible within plastic enclosures.

Photo 23. Entire investigation site looking north. Manhattan is visible at upper right.