29 March 2001. Thanks to Anonymous.

US Army Intelligence & Security Command Archives Available

Here are some of the more interesting [international] files that can be requested from the Army INSCOM by name and file number. Many of these are slated for destruction this year under INSCOM's records retention policies, so this is the last chance you'll have to obtain any of this before it is shredded.

To get any of these, simply send a letter, mentioning the Freedom of Information Act, to:

Mr. Russell A. Nichols
Chief, Freedom of Information Act Office
United States Army Intelligence & Security Command
Fort George G. Meade, Maryland 20755-5995
phone: 301-677-4501 or FAX: 1-301-677-2956 (Attn: Joanne Benear)

Algeria Intelligence Services, ZF400002W
Algerian Nationalist Movement, ZF010314W
Alumni Association of the Amer Inst of Foreign Trade, ZF010830W
Amberg Federal Republic of Germany SAEDA, ZF010581W
Amberg FRG SAIDA, ZF010581
American Embassy Moscow USSR, ZF010164W
Amman Jordan Espionage, ZF003045W
Argentina Intelligence Services, ZF40004W
ASBW USAI Semi Annual Conference, ZF011884
ASBW-Semi Annual Conference, ZF011884W
Australia Intelligence Services, ZF40005W
Austrian Intelligence Services, ZF400006WJ
Austrian Peace Council, ZF010504
Balboa Panama SAEDA, ZF012338W
Belgium Intelligence Services, ZF400010W
British Intelligence Services, ZF400014W
Bulgaria Intelligence Services, ZF400015W
Burma Intelligence Services, ZF400016W
Cambodia US Forces, ZF004000
Caribbean Admission Center, ZG001052W
Czechoslovakia State Travel Office, ZF010254W
Charles University, ZF015617W
Chen Chinese Communist Espionage Ring, ZF010044
China Intelligence Services, ZF40090W
Chinese (Espionage) Activities in Italy, ZF010049W
Chinese (Espionage) Activities in Panama, ZF010028W
Chinese Communist Activities in Japan, ZF010028
Chinese Communist Activities in Japan, ZF010028W
Columbia Intelligence Services, ZF400024W
Communist Party Austria Paramilitary Organization, ZF010499
Communist Party FRG Actions Against, ZF010242WJ
Communist Party Yugoslavia, ZF010485W
Corps Communication Center, ZG000495W
Counterintelligence Operations Austria, ZF011776
Crete, ZF011035W
Cuba Intelligence Services, ZF400026W
Cuba Intelligence Services, EEI Targets, ZF400244W
Cuba Intelligence Services Facilities, ZF400245W
Cuba Intelligence Services Organization, ZF400247
Cuba Intelligence Services Personalities, ZF400248
Cuban Intelligence Services MO, ZF400246W
Cuban Mission to the United Nations, ZF011825 [sic]
Cuban Mission to the United Nations, ZF0011825W
Czechoslovakia Activities in Austria, ZF010464
Czechoslovakia Border Guard, ZF010206W
Czechoslovakia Consulate, Salzburg, Austria, ZF010160WJ
Czechoslovakia Embassy, Wash DC, ZF010716W
Czechoslovakia Emigre Activities, ZF010120
Czechoslovakia Foreign Trade Office, Frankfurt, ZF010003
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services, Methods, ZF400200
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services, Methods, ZF400202
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services, Methods, ZF400202W
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services, Sources, ZF400204W
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services, Methods, ZF400203W
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Net, ZF010442
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Salzburg Net, ZF010715W
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services, ZF400028WJ
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services EEI Targets, ZF400200W
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services Facilities, ZF400201W
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services Files, ZF010511WJ
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services MO, ZF400202
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services Organization, ZF400203
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Services Tradescraft, ZF400205W
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Willi Berger Net, ZF010448W
Czechoslovakia Intelligence Willi Berger Net, ZF010448
Czechoslovakia Orchestra FRG, ZF010486
Czechoslovakian Intelligence Services, ZF010809W
Defection of Army Personnel, ZF000003W
Denmark Intelligence Services, ZF40030W
Denmark Terrorism, ZF400963W
Detention of American Personnel by Foreign Agencies, ZF000004
Detention of American Personnel by Foreign Agencies, ZF0000049
Detention of American Personnel by a Foreign Agency, ZF000004W
Disinformation Directed Against US, ZF010868W
Dominican Republic Intelligence Services, ZF400031W
East German Topographic Maps, ZF010829W
East Germany Intelligence Recruitment by Mail, ZF010749
East Germany Intelligence Services, ZF40032
East Germany Intelligence Services, EEI-Targets, ZF400206W
East Germany Intelligence Services Facilities, ZF400207W
East Germany Intelligence Services MO, ZF400208
East Germany Intelligence Services Organization, ZF400209
East Germany Intelligence Services Personalities, ZF400210
East Germany Intelligence Services Tradescraft, ZF400211W
East Germany Intelligence Recruitment by Mail, ZF010749W
Egypt Intelligence Services, ZF40034W
Ethiopia US Forces Espionage, ZF003041
Ethiopian Peoples Movement, ZF010754W
Federal Intelligence Services, ZF010117W
French Intelligence Service, ZE000214W and/or ZF000214W
General Federation Koreans Residing Japan, ZF010018W
German American Friendship Organization, ZF010309
German Radio, ZF010179W
Honduras Intelligence Services, ZF400047W
Hungarian Freedom Fighters Association, ZF010456W
Hungarian Revolt 1956, ZF010081W
Hungary Intelligence Services Tradescraft, ZF400217W
Hungary Intelligence services EEI Targets, ZF400212W
Hungary Intelligence Services Facilities, ZF400213W
Hungary Intelligence Services MO, ZF400214W
Hungary Intelligence Services Personalities, ZF400215WJ
Hungary Intelligence Services Personalities, ZF400215
Hungary Operational Activities, ZF010103W
Hungary Operational Information, ZF010103
Institute for Shipping Research Bremen, ZF010837W
Intelligence Net East Germany Poland CSR, ZF010869WJ
Intelligence Swindlers, ZF000008W
Internal Counterintelligence Program ICIP, ZF011914W
Iran US Forces Sabotage, ZF003030
Israel Intelligence Services, ZF40054W
Italian Chinese Friendship Association, ZF010037
Italy Chinese Activities, ZF010049
Italy Terrorism, ZF500959
Italy Terrorism, ZF500959W
Japan Intelligence Services, ZF400058
Japanese Police Activities, ZF011108W
Laos Intelligence Services, ZF400062
Mexico Intelligence Services, ZF400073W
Netherlands Intelligence Services, ZF400077W
North Korea Activities in Japan, ZF010165W
North Korea Intelligence Services, ZF400082W
North Korea Intelligence Services, ZF400082W
North Korea Subversive Activities, ZF004017W
North Korean Activities in Japan, ZF010165
North Vietnam Intelligence Services, ZF400083W
Norway Intelligence Services, ZF400084W
Panama Chinese Activities, ZF010278W
Panama Intelligence Services, ZF400087W
Zaire (Congo) Intelligence, ZF400089W
Philippine Chinese AntiJapanese Collaborators, ZF010001
Poland Intelligence Services, ZF400093W
Poland Intelligence Services Facilities, ZF400225W
Poland Intelligence Services MO, ZF400226W
Poland Intelligence Services Organization, ZF400227W
Poland Intelligence Services Personalities Souce, ZF400228W
Polish Organizations in France, ZF010053
Arms Cache in Grenada, West Indies, ZF011647W
Republic of China Intelligence Services, ZF40096W
Romania Intelligence Services, ZF400098
Russian Intelligence Organization, ZF010645WJ
Somalia Intelligence Services, ZF400104W
South Vietnam Intelligence Services, ZF400107
Soviet Activites in Cuba, ZF010131W
Soviet Activities in Mexico, ZF010343W
Soviet Defections, ZF010285W
Soviet Intelligence Services, ZF400108W
Soviet Intelligence Services, ZF010147W
Soviet Intelligence Services EEI Targets, ZF400230W
Soviet Intelligence Services Facilities, ZF400231W
Soviet Intelligence Services Organization, ZF400233
Soviet Intelligence Services Personalities, ZF400234W
Soviet Intelligence Services Tradescraft, ZF400235W
Soviet Intelligence Services Training Couse, ZF010329
Soviet Mission United Nations, ZF01016W
Soviet News Bureau West Germany, ZF010443
Soviet Prisons, ZF010122WJ
Soviet Redefection Program, ZF010465W
Soviet Reparations Mission Germany, ZF010794
Soviet Repatriation Mission, ZF010111
Special Means IMP, ZG000160
Tass News Agency, ZF010161W
Technical Surveillance Devices, ZF000014W
Thailand Intelligence Services, ZF400117W
West Germany Intelligence Services, ZF400132W
Yugoslav Intelligence Services, ZF010815W
Yugoslavia Intelligence Services, ZF400128W
Yugoslavia Intelligence Services Personalities, ZF001367W
66th Military Intelligence Operational Activities History, ZF011197W