25 May 2006. Name of John Hume deleted from http://cryptome.org/ira-names.htm in response to A who writes:

I view your site as a valuable source of information that is widely suppressed, frequently without any justification. For this reason I would praise you.

I live in the city of Derry aka londonderry in Northern Ireland. Today I was looking at this:


And I am not happy about some of the information contained in the file.

The 'IRA mebers list' seems to have been taken from a loyalist website and necessarily unreliable.

I would compare it to trusting a list of Black Panther members submitted by the KKK!

It names John Hume as an IRA member. To quote Wikipedia "he is the only person in history to have won the three biggest peace awards in the world, Nobel Peace Prize, Gandhi Peace Prize and the Martin Luther King Award."

I know for a fact he has no involvement with that organisation.

Why are you publishing this information that is utterly absurd and demonstrably false. It makes the whole site look dubious by association.

24 March 2005. Deleted name of Michael Posner in response to letter request. Excerpt:

human rights first
The New Name of Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
333 Seventh Avenue
13th Floor
New York, NY 10001

March 22, 2005

I have recently seen a list of alleged sympathizers with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) posted on your website, www. cryptome.org. I was surprised and very disturbed to see my name included on that list. Neither I nor Human Rights First (formerly the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights) has any affiliation with the IRA. We condemn all violence directed against civilians and non-combatants and have not ties with or sympathy for the IRA or any other groups that target civilians or non-combatants to advance political aims. I strongly urge you to remove my name from your list as posted at www.cryptome.org/ira-names2.htm.

I noted with equal dismay that you have also included the names of several human rights advocates living in Northern Ireland or England on your list. This is potentially very dangerous. As you probably know, others branded this way in Northern Ireland have been targeted for harassment, and some have even been murdered. By including other human rights activists in your list, you may be putting their safety and well-being at risk. I strongly urge you to reconsider this project entirely. but it is very important that you review the list and remove the names of human rights activists on Northern Ireland and England from it.

18 March 2005. Deleted name of Nuala O'Loan in response to:

An e-mail and postal demand sent to Verio, Inc., Cryptome's ISP, by Tughans, Solicitors, Marlborough House, 30 Victoria Street, Belfast BT1 3GS, IE, dated 2 March 2005. Tughans e-mail: law@tughans.com. Verio received the posted version on March 17, 2005 and faxed it to us today. Excerpt:

"We have received instructions to act for Nuala O'Loan who is the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland. [Cryptome.org] contains a list of alleged supporters of the IRA and includes details of offenses allegedly perpetrated by a number of the individuals listed. The inclusion of our client's details on this list amounts to an allegation that she is a supporter of a prescribed terrorist organisation and that she may have been guilty of criminal offenses. The allegation is untrue and is entirely without foundation. It is clearly defamatory of our client and is seriously damaging to her personal and professional reputation."

5 March 2005. Deleted name of Eamon Stack, in response to this:

Please remove my name from the IRA membership list published by you,  with immediate effect. I am not and have never been a member of the IRA. False accusations of membership  of paramilitary organizations have resulted in people loosing their lives in many nations. Sadly this has also been true in my country. I ask you act responsibly and I insist that you remove my name from your list immediately,

17 February 2005. Deleted name of Gareth Peirce, lawyer, in response to this:

Gareth Peirce is the pre-eminent human rights lawyer in the UK, and she has acted for those wrongly convicted of IRA bomb attacks, and is involved with the British Guantanamo Bay and Belmarsh Islamic people being held without trial. Presumably her name will also appear on some alleged list of Al Quaeda sympathisers ?


She was portrayed by actress Emma Thompson in the Hollywood film "in the name of the Father"

The Prime Minister Tony Blair made a public apology to the "Guildford Four" on Wednesday 9th February 2005 - the "technicality" was that they did not do it !


16 February 2005. Deleted name of Clare Short , Member of Parliament, in response to protest. Deleted name of Jane Winter, Director, British-Irish Human Rights Watch, in response to protest.

28 January 2005. Thanks to A.

These are names of alleged IRA members which supplement those whose names begin with A-M:


Names of alleged Loyalists invited; send to jya@pipeline.com

NADEL, Nancy    Noraid    Oakland, CA
Oakland City councillor,  got an alley renamed Gerry Adams Way
Friend of Ciaran Scalley, San Francisco Noraid organiser

NEAL, Richard (Richie)    US Congressman    Mass. USA
Pro-IRA, anti-RUC US Congressman

NEESON, Brendan    10 May    Tyrone
Serving 14 years, Maze, Dec 95, no. A1766, release due Feb 96

NELIS, Denis    SF    Londonderry
Now calls himself Donncha McNelias

NELIS, Mary    SF    Londonderry
Pro-IRA activist. Mother of Denis Nelis, who now calls himself Donncha McNelias.
Assembly member for Foyle (Oct 00)   SF Councillor Northland Ward (Nov 00)

NELSON, Martin    28 Dec     IRA     Derrylin
Serving 18 years for conspiracy to murder members of the security forces as part of a total of 138 years in concurrent sentences for 12 charges.  In Maze, Dec 95, no. A9594. Released under GFA

NESBITT, Arthur    15 Jun    Turf Lodge
Serving 12 years, Maze, Dec 95, no A6349, release due Dec 96

NICELL, Damien    24 Dec    IRA    Londonderry
Murdered Constable Clive Graham in 1988. Serving life, Maze, Dec 95, no. A1956.  Released  late 98 under GFA

NICHOLL, Dominic   7 Dec    IRA    Donaghmore
Serving life for murder of John Hardy, part-time UDR soldier. In Maze, Dec 95, no. A1830.    Released GFA.

NI CHULIN, Caral, Miss
IRA prisoner assistance organiser

NOLAN, Eamonn (Jimmy)    11 Aug    Turf Lodge
Serving life, Maze, Dec 95, no. A865

NOONAN, John    IRA    Dublin (Sep 00)
Convicted 70s ROI, firearms offenses.  Dublin IRA throughout the 80s.

NOONAN, Patrick    56 in 00    Palos Hills Illinois USA
US Customs Official.  Helped IRA arms smuggler into US several times

NORNEY, Paul   11 Nov     IRA    originally Belfast
Born 57 or 58.  Murdered soldier in Belfast, but under age, escaped St
Patricks Institute Belfast 73
In East Tyrone (74).  Went to England, arrested when got drunk and
shot up Manchester restaurant. Serving life in Maghaberry, Dec 95 (no 863532 ?).

See Ruairi O Bradaigh

Ex IRA COS, Broke from Provos 86 because they recognised Dail.
President, Republican SF (CIRA) in Nov 99.  Still Pres. Nov 00

OBRIEN, Ed    IRA    Wexford
Dead, injured in own goal on London bus, Aldwych, when bomb he had on his lap exploded  96

OBRIEN, Francis    53 in Nov 00    (IRA ?)    Glenalina Cres, west Belfast
Shed at his house blew up while a bomb was being made there (Jun 00)

OBRIEN, Martin
Spokesman for pro-IRA group, Committee for Administration of Justice.

OBRIEN, Michael    11 Jun    IRA    Dublin
Shot constable in (Yorkshire ?) England
Serving 18 years, Full Sutton England, Dec 95, no BR3782

Formerly of Tralee.  Murdered Eva Martin (UDR) and Peter Flanaghan (RUC) in 1974.
Recanted, joined security forces.  Wrote book.

OCAOLAIN, Caomhghin    SF
Dail member for Monaghan/Cavan.  Had been bank clerk.  Lived in Monaghan
Brother in law of IRA sniper Bernard McGinn

OCONNAIL, Daithi    IRA    Donegal
See David O'Connell

OCONNELL, David    IRA    Donegal
Sometimes called Daithi O'Connail.  Ex-Londonderry friend of McGuinness.
IRA delegate to London talks Jul 72.   IRA Donegal 70s 2IC IRA (below OBrady) 75.   Replaced as head of IRA Southern
Command 80

OCONNELL, Joe  born 48-50 ?  15 May    IRA    Clare
Former Marconi electronis/radio operator. Trained IRA in Kerry in early 70s
Serving life, Full Sutton, England, Dec 95, no. 338635

Member of Balcombe St gang, murdered 25 people

OCONNER, Paul    ?    Londonderry
Spokesman for Pat Finucane Centre in Londonderry (12/00)

OCONNOR, Danny    SDLP    Larne
RC living in Larne and claiming it is unsafe for  RCs to live there

ODOCHERTY,  Shane Paul    Ex IRA
Ex IRA, Renounced violence

ODONAGH, Sean    25 in 00    Dundalk
Married with (2 ?) children, living at Finnabar Crescent Dundalk.
Arrested Oct 00 in ROI for explosives possession

ODONNELL, Chris    21 Dec     IRA    Dundalk
Serving 7 years, Portlaoise, Dec 95, arms possession, release due 99 Released GFA, Apr 98

ODONNELL, Joe    SF    Short Strand, Belfast

ODONNELL, Phil    IRA    Kerry
IC IRA Cork/Kerry (80).  Ex British soldier

ODOWD, Niall    Editor    American
Editor, pro-SFPIRA American tabloid Irish Voice.
Attended meeting in West Belfast during Clinton`s visit when IRA informed him that they were about to
break their cease fire by bombing Canary Wharf

ODOWD, Patrick (Paddy)    21 Feb    IRA    Lurgan
Murdered UDR part timer David Chamber by shooting him  while he lay wounded on the road, Jun 85.
Judge recommended minimum 25 years. Serving life, Maze, Dec 95, no A768.   Released late 98 GFA

ODUBHAIR, Liam    14 Dec 62    IRA    Dublin
Serving 30 years, Belmarsh, England,  Dec 95, no. UT2485

ODWYER, Ella    3 Mar 61    IRA    Dublin (?), originally Tipperary
Part of  Pat Magee`s Brighton bombing gang.  Sentenced life for conspiracy to bomb resorts
Serving life, Maghaberry, Dec 95, D23135. Released under GFA late 98
Runs centre to re-introduce Republican former prisoners into society (00)

ODWYER, Padraig    Lawyer    Dublin ?
Has represented RIRA defendant(s) (Nov 00)

ODWYER, Thomas    3 Jun    IRA    Beechmount
  Had planned to bomb Belfast Airport Guilty on 33 counts, total sentences
over 500 years.   Serving 22 years for attempted murder. Maze, Dec 95, no A1662. Released GFA

OHADHMAILL, Feilim (O'Hadhmaill)     1 Mar 58     IRA    Belfast
Used a job as a lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire as cover for an IRA terrorist campaign
that included the murder of prominent politicians. Sentenced to 25 years in 94 after being caught
trying to smuggle explosives into Britain.  In Maze, Dec 95.

OHAGAN, Bernard    IRA
Arrested Donegal IRA training camp, release due 01
Released early, GFA, Apr 98

OHAGAN, Dara    SF   Armagh
Assembly, North Armagh/Upper Bann.  Said OO is like the KKK.
Travels to US to obtain funds for IRA
Claims to have been family friend of the (IRA lawyer, Rosemary)

OHAGAN, J B    IRA    Armagh
Old IRA man from 50s
In Kerry IRA 70s.  Involved in robberies in ROI

OHAGAN, John    2 Dec     IRA    New Lodge
Convicted 92 possesing explosives, sentenced 16 years.
Serving  them in Maze, Dec 95, no. A9109, released under GFA

OHAGAN, Paddy    IRA
Was in prison for "republican activities"

OHAGAN, Sean F    21 Mar    IRA    Dungannon
Twenty-four years for conspiracy to murder members of the security
Serving 24 years, Maze, Dec 95, no A2149. Released GFA

OHANLON, Siobhan    IRA now SF
Only known survivor of the IRA gang in Gibralter planning to attack
Anglian band parade.
   Now (00) SF office manager

OHARA, Gerry    SF    Londonderry
See Gerry OhEara

OHARA,  Michael (Mick)     24 in 00,  11 Mar    Armagh.
Received a 14-year sentence in 1997 for possession of firearms and
ammunition, including a sawn-off
shotgun, with intent to endanger life. Served three years and four

OHARE, Dessie    INLA    ROI in 00 ?
Kidnapped Dublin dentist John O`Grady in Oct 87 or 88 for INLA
Cut off OGrady's fingers with hammer and chisel
Dissident (against GFA ?).  Not being released from Portlaoise (Aug

OHARE, Michael    IRA ?
Had knowledge of Kingsmills

OHARE, Rita    IRA, now SF    USA (00)
Involved in gun battle with Army 73
Jumped bail, ran to ROI.  Still (00) legally on the run.
SF Director in USA (00), runs their Washington DC office.

OHEARA, Gerry    SF    Londonderry
In 90s tried to block ABOD Closing of Gates ceremony at Butcher`s
SF Councillor, Shantallow, Nov 00

Defence councillor for RIRA members in Dublin

OKANE, Donagh   35 in 95    IRA
Involved in Osnabruck attack with wife Pauline

OKANE, Francis    6 Apr    County Londonderry
Serving 18 years, Maze, Dec 95, no B1194, release due Jan 02

OKANE, Pauline    28 in 95    IRA
Involved in Osnabruck attack with husband Donagh

OLEAHLABHAIR, Damian    SF    Dublin
Student organiser for SF, Dublin City University Students Union

OLEARY, Dan    IRA now SF    Cork
Sentenced to 5 years (!)  for IRA membership in ROI 87

[Name deleted.]

OLOUGHLIN, Ciaron    Dublin
Lawyer for IRA in Dublin

OMEARA, Richard M    pro-IRA American    NJ USA
Very bigoted attorney from New Jersey.  Retired Brigadier from
Alleged History teacher.  Consistent pro-IRA liar
Barnes and Noble presents his work on their net magazine

OMUILLEOIR, Mairtin    Belfast (Oct 00)
Editor, Andersonstown News

ONEILL, Anthony (Tony)    15 Mar     IRA    St James
Serving 20 years for conspiracy to murder.
In Maze, Dec 95, no. A8390.  Released under GFA

ONEILL, Conor    6 Dec    Tyrone
Serving 12 years, Portlaoise, Dec 95, release due, Feb 01.

ONEIL, Diarmund
Pupil at London Oratory .  Tried to bomb London, Sept 96

ONEILL, Gerard    21 Apr    Falls
Serving 12 years, Maze, Dec 95, no. A604, release due Apr 96

ONEILL, Joe    ?    Bundoran Donegal
Ran IRA pub in Bundoran in mid 70s

ONEILL, Lawrence    17 Aug    County Londonderry
Serving 6 years, Maze, Dec 95, no. B1422, release due Oct 96

ONEILL, Martin    6 Mar    Strabane
Serving 20 years, Maze, Dec 95, no. A613

ONEILL, Michael M    7 Feb    Short Strand
Serving 8 years, maze, Dec 95, no A8818, release due Mar 96

ONEILL, Michael    10 Dec 52    IRA Provo    Patrickswell Limerick
Serving 12 years (00)
Murdered Garda McCabe in Adare Limerick (96)

ONEILL, Michael     29 in 00  16 Jun    IRA    Dungiven.
Received 14 years in 1997 for conspiracy to murder and possession
of a
grenade launcher and AKM
with intent to endanger life. Served three years and seven months

ONEILL, Owen Rowe,    20 Apr    Dungannon
Serving life, Maghaberry, Dec 95, no A449

OREGAN, Michael    SF    Youghal

OROURKE, Danny     IRA ?  now SF    Drumintee
Participated in kidnapping and torture of Capt Nairac.  Was present
he was shot.
Sentenced to 10 years.  In 99 was Chairman of Drumintee GAA and
for SF there.

OSBORNE, Gerard     Twinbrook
Serving 12 years, Maghaberry, Dec 95, details unknown.

OSHEA    ?    Curaheen, Dingle, Kerry
Republican family

OSUILLEABHAIN, Cionnaith    SF    Clonakilty
UDC Councillor Clonakilty

OTOOLE, Larry    SF    Dublin

OTOOLE, Patrick    23 in 10/00    INLA    Kilclare Gdns Tallaght
Assault/false imprisonment of four alleged drug dealers.  Shotgun
possession 10/00

OVEREND, Patricia    25 Jun    Falls
Serving 10 years, Maghaberry, Dec 95, release due Jul 96

PANARO, Jim    NORAID    Miami, Florida
Head of Noraid in Florida

PARKER, Martin    30 Jan    New Barnsley
Serving 8 years, Maze, Dec 95, no A9680, release due Aug 96

PAYNE, Donald    US lawmaker    New Jersey USA
Pro IRA lawmaker.  Has been to Garvaghy Road several times

PEARSON, Brian    IRA    USA
Fled to USA.  On bail, fighting extradition from US (Oct 00)

Removed 17 February 2005

PIERCE, John    27 Mar    New Lodge
In Maze, Dec 95, details unknown

PEIRCE (?), John    IRA
Maybe John Pierce ?   Serving 10 years, released under GFA

PENDERGAST, Maurice    IRA    Kerry
Organised bank robberies in ROI.  IRA director of finance 73
Hard line radical socialist

POOK, Simon    32 CSM RIRA    1 Rosford Ave Manchester  M14 7BW
Social worker investigates applicants to become foster parents
32CSM RIRA fundraiser

[Name deleted.]

PRICE, Delores    IRA
With her sister and Gerard Kelly, bombed the Old Bailey (killing 1)
Scotland Yard

PRICE, Marian/Marion/Maria    IRA    Belfast
With her sister and Gerard Kelly, bombed the Old Bailey (killing 1)
Scotland Yard
Spoke at Real IRA conference Carrickdale Hotel Dundalk-Newry Road
June 00
Was at Real IRA fundraiser Brennan`s Bar, Hannahstown, Belfast 18
Aug 00
Sister in Law of Hollywood actor Stephen Rea
Spoke at funeral of RIRA Joe O`Conner shot by provos as
of 32CSC

QUIGLEY, Frankie (Lucas ?)    IRA    Belfast
Brother of Thomas Quigley

QUIGLEY, Martin    8 Sep    Dundalk
Serving 8 years in Allenwood, Pennsylvania, USA, Dec 95, release
due Nov

QUIGLEY, Thomas (Tommy)    23 Jul    IRA    Belfast
Murdered 5 people in England, bombs in Wimpy, Debenhams (81)
Brother Frankie (Lucas ?) Quigley, also in IRA
Serving life in Maghaberry, Dec 95, no. B69204

QUINLIVAN, Nessan    30 in Nov 95    IRA
Assasin  sent to England in 90 with Pearse McAuley
Escaped Brixton (with firearms) to ROI
Still on the run in 00

QUINN, Dermott    7 Jul    IRA    Moy
Serving 25 years for attempted murder of two RUC detectives.
In Maze, Dec 95, no A5456, release due 03.  Released early GFA.

QUINN, Frankie    21 Jun    Dungannon
Serving 15 years, Maze, Dec 95, no. A749.  Release due Jan 97

QUINN, John    18 Nov    IRA/INLA ?    Limerick
Serving 6 years (00)

QUINN, Liam    6 Feb    San Francisco, USA
Serving life, Full Sutton England, Dec 95, no L49930

RAFFERTY, Francis    45 in 97    IRA

RAISEY, Anthony    6 Jan    Short Strand
Serving 12 years, Maze, Dec 95, no. A9476, release due Jul 98.

REA, Stephen    Actor    Hollywood USA
Brother in Law of IRA murderess, Marion Price

REAVEY, Eugene    IRA
Set up Kingsmills, transported Malachy McParland to the site.

RICE, Gerard    IRA (now SF)
Lower Ormeau Concerned Citizens (sic)

RICE, Joe    Lawyer    Belfast
Pro INLA lawyer working to get Dessie O'Hare (who cut off fingers
with a
hammer and chisel),
released from the ROI

IRA prisoner support group Coiste na nIarchimi
Coiste at 10 Beechmount Ave Belfast BT12 7NA

ROBINSON, Dorothy    48 in Dec 00    32CSM-RIRA    New Jersey USA
Antiques dealer, runs Clan na Gael in New Jersey USA, supports RIRA
CIRA (Repub SF)
Phone 609-397-7630    PO Box 371 Lambertville  NJ 08530-0371
See Sunday Times, 3 Dec 00, she believes in non-violence but also
bombing and disrupting London

ROCKS, Owen    ?    Killeavey/Jonesborough
   Participated in kidnapping Capt Nairac.  Did not take part in
his torture
or murder.

ROGERS, Paul Anton,    25 Jan    Donegal
Serving 6 years, Portlaoise, Dec 95, release due Aug 98

ROGERS, Peter,    16 Jul    Wexford
In Portlaoise, Dec 95 (Serving 40 years ?)

ROONEY, Dan (Danny)   1 Apr     IRA    St James, Dublin
Serving  16 years for the attempted murder of RUC officers in June
with Kevin Cosgrove.
Two RUC men were maimed when two coffee jar bombs exploded.
Serving 16 years, Maze, Dec 95, no A7374.  Released under GFA

ROONEY, Francis    24 Jan    New Barnsley
Serving 12 years, Maze, Dec 95, no. A8539, release due Jan 98

ROSS, Stuart    USA
American contact for pro-SFIRA Pat Finucane Centre, named for
brother of
head of IRA in ROI

ROSSELL, Robert    IRA ?
Escaped Maze 83

ROULSTON, Michael   29 Sept     IRA    Strabane
Serving 18 years for 16 offences, including attempted murder and
conspiracy to murder.
Serving 18 years, Maze, Dec 95, no A6990.  Released under GFA

RUSBRIDGER, Alan     Editor, Guardian
Working on script with Ronan Bennett (possibly for Rebel Heart or
pro-IRA piece),Oct 00
Bennett is an IRA member who murdered RUC William Elliott.

RUSHE, William    42 in 00    IRA    ROI (00)
Smuggled arms through Chicago (96/97)
Possession of bombs in Belfast (75)  Fianna (Junior IRA) member
Murdered RUC Reservist.  Murdered Cons. Sam McClean near Convoy,
Shooting in Castlederg

RYAN, Alan    19 in 99    Real IRA    Grange Abbey Dr Donaghmede
Arrested Stamullen, Meath RIRA training camp 20 Oct 99 with brother

RYAN, Anthony    24 in 99    Real IRA    Grange Abbey Dr Donaghmede
Arrested Stamullen, Meath RIRA training camp 20 Oct 99 with brother

SADLIER, Richard    21 Apr    Poleglass
In H-6, Maze, Dec 95, no. B3394, reason unknown

SANDS, Bernadette    41 in Sep 00    Real IRA/32 CSM
Married  to Michael McKevitt, lives in Blackrock (Dundalk) Louth
Sister of Bobby Sands.  Secretary of 32 County Sovereignty Movement
Hard liner.  Spoke at Real IRA Conference Carrickdale Hotel
Dundalk-Newry Road Louth June 00
Now believed to live in  Knockbridge (3 miles west DDK ?) (Sep 00)

SCALLEY, Ciaran    NORAID    San Francisco USA
Head INAC-Noraid in San Fran (99 ?)  See Nancy Nadel

SCAPPATICI, Fred    IRA    Belfast (90s)
IRA interrogator (torturer).  Part of their internal security
early 90s.

SEMPLE-MOORE, Patricia    15 Mar    Londonderry
Serving life, Maghaberry, Dec 95

SHAW, Bertie    Larne
Republican activist, arrested 7 times for various offenses 98-00.

SHEEDY, Gerard    IRA ?
Said to be held in ROI.  Was this mispronounced Jerimiah Sheehy ?

SHEEHAN, Patrick    40 in Mar 00    IRA    Belfast
Sentenced 15 years for bombing (78)
On hunger strike 81.  Released 87
Left bomb at security gate in Belfast city centre 89, sentenced 24
years, released late 98

SHEEHY, Jeremiah    37 in 00  15 Jun    IRA Provo    Rathkeele
Serving 14 years for killing Garda McCabe in Adare Limerick (96)

SHEELEN, Patrick    28 May    St James, Dublin
Serving 24 years, Maze, Dec 95, no. A1871, release due Oct 04

SHERIDAN, Neil    INLA ?  ROI in 00 ?

SHERIDAN, Peter    Playwright
Wrote play favorable to IRA hunger strikes.  Put on in Falls (Oct

SHERRY, Peter    30 Jun, 31 in 97    IRA    Tyrone
Serving life in Belmarsh, England, Dec 95, no B75880

Deleted 16 February 2005

SHORT ?, Paddy
Owns republican pub in Crossmaglen

SHOTTER, Patrick    INLA
Serving life for the 17 Droppin' Well murders. With Anna Moore, he
part of INLA's bomb team.
Boyfriend of Moore's daughter.   Is this Derek Shotter (?). 
under GFA.

SHOTTERS, Derek    Londonderry
Serving life in Maghaberry, Dec 95

SIMON, Carly
Sang for Gerry Adams at GA`s birthday party (no fee charged)

SKILLEN, Mark   18 June     IRA    Beechmount
Serving  15 years for possession of explosives.
Serving 16 years, Maze, Dec 95, no B1290, release due Jun 02. 
98  GFA

SLOAN, Gerry    IRA    Dundalk
Originally from Belfast
Escaped  Crumlin Rd  June 81 to Kerry ROI.

SMITH, Brian    IRA
Involved in Kingsmills
At meeting with Michael McKevitt, 31 Dec 75, Road House
planning Kingsmills

SMITH, Chris    US Congressman
Pro-IRA, Anti-RUC US Congressman

SMITH, Christopher     39 in Oct 00
Shanabooley Road, Ballynanty Beg, Limerick
Sentenced 8 years in ROI for transporting CIRA explosives after
driving van of explosives

SMYTH, Anthony    43 in 00    IRA    Belfast
Worked for Claxton trying to smuggle arms from USA (99).  Used
girlfriend Siobhan Browne ?
Left Belfast 78 for Caracas Venezuela.  Caracas to Florida 88.  See
movements of Robert Flint.
Was working as car salesman in Weston FL .  Was active in pro-IRA
American groups.
Had been in IRA in Belfast, mid-70s

SMYTH, Father Brendan    RC Priest
   Paedophile, wanted in Ulster but ROI refused to extradite.

SMYTH, James    IRA
Escaped to USA (83 ?)

SMYTH, Jimmy    IRA
Serving  20 years for attempted murder of off-duty prison officer
his wife.   Released GFA


STANTON, Cathy    SF
SF Councillor

STEELE, Jimmy    IRA    Belfast
In IRA (70).
IRA member Gerard Steele died in an own goal in Belfast Feb 72. 
may be him

STEENSON, Padraig    IRA ?    Dublin

IRA COS in 72.  Delegate to London, July 72
Born John Stevenson he changed his name to Sean MacStiofain.
As he fell out of favour Republicans reAnglicised his name.

STITT, Paul     29 in 00,  1 Jan    New Lodge.
Belfast republican sentenced to 22 years in May 1995 for conspiracy
murder and possession of
firearms.  In Maze, Dec 95, no B2170.  Released under GFA having
six years.

STOREY, Bobby    IRA
One of the leaders/planners of the Maze escape (83)
Bombed Lisburn 96

SULLIVAN, Damien    15 May     Andersonstown
In H-6, Maze, Dec 95, no. B2690, reasons unknown

SULLIVAN, Tom    IRA    Doon, Limerick
Smuggled arms to Kerry ROI early 70s
IRA COS 73-74

SUTCLIFFE, Liam    Walkinstown
Not known if any recent IRA connections
Blew up Nelson`s Column in Dublin, 66

SWIFT,  John Martin    36 in Nov 00    RIRA ?    Galloon Gardens,
Newtownbutler, Fermanagh
Unemployed.  Lifted in possession of 100 Kg explosives en route to
Eniskillen, 11 Nov 00

SWORDS, Brendan    IRA
Member in South (81)

TAYLOR, Anthony (Tony)    18 May    Londonderry
Serving 18 years, Maze, Dec 95, no B2316, release due Jan 03

TAYLOR, Geraldine    Belfast
Belfast delegate to Republican SF meeting Dublin (97)

TAYLOR, Jan    18 Jan     London
Serving 30 years, Whitemoor, England, Dec 95, no EN1977

TENNYSON, Francis    7 Apr    IRA    Portadown
Serving 17 years for conspiracy to murder and possession of two
assault rifles in Dec 93.
Captured with Patrick Hamill after driving through a checkpoint in
Portadown, Co Armagh.
Serving 17 years, Maze, De 95, no B227.  Released GFA

THOMPSON, Jimmy    12 Feb    New Lodge
Serving 12 years, Maze, Dec 95, no A4658, release due Feb 96

THOMPSON, Noel J.    24 Dec    Andersonstown
Serving 12 years, Maze, Dec 95, no A7734, release due Aug 97

THOMPSON, Patrick (Pat)     15 Mar 56    IRA    S.Armagh
Dedicated to IRA since 71.  Still IRA in 00.  Opposes any disarming

TIMMONS, Michael     29 May    Twinbrook
Sentenced to life in 89 for aiding and abetting murder of Cpl Derek
and David Howes
In Maze, Dec 95, no A4530.  Released  Oct 98 under GFA

TOAL, Fergal    INLA
Kidnapped and tortured John O`Grady (see Dessie O`Hare)
Released under GFA

TOWNSON, Liam    IRA     St Moinna Park,  Meigh
Given life in Dec 78 for shooting Capt. Nairac.  Released in 90
In 99 was living with Eileen Winters in St Moinna Park council

Named as 32CSC involved in Omagh

TRAINOR, Patrick Joseph  11 Jan 53    IRA    S.Armagh

TRAYNOR, Oliver    RIRA  (Oct 00)
Involved in Omagh

Ulster barrister who refused to take QC`s Oath of Loyalty in 99

TWOMEY, Carrie    29 in Oct 00
American, 6 months pregnant in Oct 00, living with Anthony McIntyre
Ballymurphy since April 00
Originally from Los Angeles, CA USA

TWOMEY, Seamus (Thumper)    IRA    Belfast
Former bookie, delegate to London July 72
IRA IC Belfast 72 (Bloody Friday)

TUITE, ?    IRA    Co Cavan
Escaped Brixton 81

TUMILTY, Brian    IRA (now SF ?)    Newry

VILLA, Patrick    24 Dec    Londonderry
Serving 6 years, Portlaoise, Dec 95, release due Aug 98

WALSH, Christopher J    15 Jun    Beechmount
Serving 12 years, Maze, Dec 95, no A7341, release due Jun 97

WALSH, Kevin Patrick    34 (?) in 99/43 in 00 ?  16 Apr    IRA
Leader of IRA Limerick "Brigade"
Hidden in Greaghnadarragh, Mullagh, Cavan for 2 years, met Adams
McGuinness while hiding.
Killed Garda McCabe during robbery in Adare Limerick (96), serving
years for this (00)
ROI refused to release under GFA (00)

WALSH, Noel      County Londonderry
In Maze, Dec 95, no A1292, details unknown.

WALSH, Seanna (Sid)    19 Apr     IRA    Poleglass
Long time, experienced IRA.  Convicted 90, conspiracy to cause
Serving  22 years, Maze, Dec 95, no A2107.  Released GFA
'Intelligent, thorough, dangerous` - Sean O`Callaghan

WALSH, Sidney John    IRA
Given 22 years in 90 for conspiracy to cause explosions.  Released
98 GFA

WALTON, Pat    IRA    Waterford
Associate of Brian Keenan.  Senior in mid-Ulster IRA 73-74

WEIR, Albert   31 Jul     IRA    Andersonstown
With Tom O`Dwyer tried to bomb RUC station in Belfast, Apr 90.
Mar 92, 15 years
Serving 18 years, Maze, Dec 95, no A1490.  Released GFA

WHITE, Arnold    IRA
Involved in Kingsmill

2 Cherryvale Ave,  N/Abbey, Co Antrim,  BT36 7UG

Arrested Donegal IRA training camp, due for release 01
Released early, GFA, Apr 98

WILKINSON, Raymond     26 in 00,  4 May    Ardoyne.
Received 18 years in April 1998 for attempted murder. Disguised
as a painter after carrying out
a grenade attack on a joint army-RUC patrol in the Ardoyne area of
Belfast. Served three years
and four months.

Official, Irish American Unity Conference

WILSON, Graydon    Lawyer
SFIRA supporter

WILSON, Patrick (Padraig)    37 in 97, 19 Jul    IRA   
Andersonstown, West
Internal discipline (Security) Belfast with  office in Connolly
Bomb maker.  Attempted car bombing.  Serving 24 years, Maze, Dec
95, no
Tried to escape Maze (97).   IC IRA in H Block (97)   IC IRA in the
Maze, (98)
Named as IRA decommissioning contact and released early to promote

Deleted 16 February 2005.

WOOD, Vincent    33 in 97 7 Aug     IRA    Leytonstone later
claimed Mayo as
English, married to Irish nurse.  Stored explosives for attempt on
Serving 22 years, Full Sutton, Dec 95, no EN1049

WRIGHT,  Marie   38 in Oct 98,  20 Oct     IRA    Andersonstown
Served  9 of  20 years for attempted murder. Planted bomb in
Belfast Feb
91 with Patrick Sheehan.
Serving 24 (!) years, Maghaberry, Dec 95.  Released GFA late 98