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Muslims that were recently raided speak out against the police, against how they were treated and abused.

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The permission given by tyrant Judge Igor to extradite Sheikh Abu Hamza to the US to face trumped up charges has proven yet again that the British legal system is part of the crusader war against Islam and Muslims.  Allah (SWT) said,

“The Jews and Christians will never be happy with you until you leave your religion”.

Even though the CIA has admitted using evidence gained by torture, MP’s and Judges are united upon the witch-hunt of Sheikh Abu Hamza.  The verdict is already a foregone conclusion, when found guilty Abu Hamza could face a barbaric sentence of up to 100 years.

It is a known fact that when a person is tortured, most are willing to say/admit to whatever the torturer wishes to hear.  In the case of Sheikh Abu Hamza the false claims are that while residing in Britain he attempted to aid Al Qaeda, Talibaan and forming a terror cell in America.  

If the claims against Sheikh Abu Hamza are true then according to the British Law he should face trial in the UK.  The only reason why he is to be tried in the US is because the threshold of oppression is far greater in the States.

The charges against Sheikh Abu Hamza are false and fabricated from the very foundations they have been built upon. One method used to extract the “evidence” is called water boarding, a technique which even David Mlliband, the Foreign Sectary, has called torture, he said in April,

“I consider that waterboarding amounts to torture.... The UK unreservedly condemns the use of torture.”

Even after these remarks by the Foreign Secretary, the Home Secretary and the appeal Judge have still given the go ahead for the extradition of Sheikh Abu Hamza. 

So where is the so called justice that Britain prides itself with? Is this what Tony Blair meant by when he said,

“British values are human Values”.

The only “crime” that Sheikh Abu Hamza has really committed is that he is a Muslim, a Muslim who dedicated his life to the establishment of the Islamic way of Life, and that he stands against the inhumane foreign policy of the leading western nations, that have made the blood of Muslims cheaper than water.  The truth is that Sheikh Abu Hamza is innocent of the allegations that he is currently being accused of, the British police know that, hence he is not being tried in the UK.  The only link Sheikh Abu Hamza has to terrorism is to expose the real terrorists, such as the British and American governments, the real ‘axis of evil’.

However, what is happening to Sheikh Abu Hamza is not restricted to him alone, rather the evil governments of the US and the UK will continue to arrest and extradite Muslims if we continue to suffer in silence.  The Messenger of Allah (SWT) said,

“The wolf never attacks except the lone sheep” [to the nearest meaning]”

Hence, as Muslims, it is our responsibility to stand by Sheikh Abu Hamza and to support him, for the Messenger of Allah said,

“Support your oppressed Muslim Brother”.

If we continue to remain silent about the suffering of the Muslims, then the next raid could be our house, and the next Muslims to be callously extradited could be one of our family members.  The Messenger of Allah said,

“If you see evil change it by your hand and if you cannot then forbid it with your tongue and if you cannot then hate it in your heart and this is the least form of Imaan (belief)”.


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