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Hannah Foster - Another Victim of Freedom and a Sexually Depraved Society

On the 14th March 2003, 17 year old Hannah Foster was abducted close to her Hampshire home and then brutally raped and murdered. In a case that will undoubtedly bring a tremendous amount of grief to her family, it must be questioned as to why a girl, so young in the prime of her youth and with her whole life ahead of her was so tragically killed.

Unfortunately, like with most other crimes that take place in the UK, this crime will be filed as another statistic, soon to be forgotten as it will be considered no longer ‘news worthy' - but the family will be left to pick up the pieces of a tragedy that has become a common occurrence in the UK.

Furthermore, very few will question the reasons that led to her murder, but place the blame solely on an individual who was sexually depraved and committing a crime to gratify his desires.

Accordingly, how is it that such a ‘civilised' society produces individuals who commit such heinous crimes? As the rate of crime soars (with a substantial increase in sexually related crimes) we need to answer this fundamental question; so where does the solution lie for families such as Hannah Foster's family, in order that they do not have to experience the same anguish and torment?

In order for us to find a solution, we need to look at the root cause of why such crimes are taking place. What we find is that we live in a society that promotes sexual freedom and sexual gratification as a means to happiness. As the slogan go's: "Sex sells", the exploitation of the sexuality of both men and women is aggressively promoted. There is hardly a street that someone can walk by without to be faced with a bill board selling some product having a scantily clad man or woman being used to sell the product.

Pornography is now one of the biggest industries in the UK, children, men, women are constantly bombarded with sexually explicit material on television, magazines and newspapers and sex has become the biggest selling tool in most if not all advertising campaigns. Fornication or sexual freedom is actively encouraged and a person practicing celibacy until marriage is frowned upon, resulting in the institution of marriage not have any real purpose except to out do his/her partner of their estate in future divorce settlements.

More alarming is the legitimacy of prostitution as a legitimate form of employment which has recently been congratulated as the ‘oldest job' in history. The open propagation of this sexual depravity is clear for everyone to see, however the masses have been made blind to it through the fallacy of freedom and consequently are naive of its consequences.

So in a society that uses sex to sell and openly promote the depravity of sexual freedom, is there no wonder that such a society would produce such an individual that would commit a crime like that of the rape and murder of Hannah foster and of many others like her who have preceded her with a similar fate?

The crime is a consequence and a product of the society we live in and Hannah foster paid the price.

The solution to such crimes is to replace the system that produces these types of crimes and this system is the system of Islam, where the sexuality of its citizens will not be exploited to feed the economy in order to maintain its survival.

Islam does not consider its women as sex objects but rather honour them as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives: uniquely created by Allah (SWT) to worship Him alone.

If we were to step outside the media bubble that portrays Muslim women as ‘enslaved subordinates', we would find that Islam gave rights to women, when Europe were still deciding whether women were human or not, or whether they should be eligible to vote while in comparison over 1300 years ago under the Shari'ah (Islamic law) Muslim women were taking up positions of influence in the political arena such as judges.

Therefore we conclude (as stated before) that the fallacy of freedom has failed society and furthermore made people victims of a corrupt man-made system, for which Islam is the only solution.

Please note: the trial of Hannah Foster's murder is still pending

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