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It is recorded in Sahih Muslim, volume 13, page 65; al Baani also credited it as sahih in his chains, volume 1 page 478-486, that Mu'awiyyah ibn Abi Sufyan narrated that Muhammad (saw) said, "There will continue a portion from my Ummah proclaiming the truth and those that let them down will not harm them until the Hour."

In another narration he (saw) said, "There will continue a portion from my Ummah who will continue to fight to make the Deen of Allah prevail and those who let them down will not harm them until the coming of Eesa (as)."

Indeed, when one observes the current landscape of the global community in the 21st century, where nations and societies continue to drown under the noise of man-made law and where the most evil of people have taken up positions of leadership and nobility, and silence against oppression has become the most righteous of virtues - we find that among all this - the aforementioned narrations of our beloved Messenger Muhammad (saw) still resonate throughout the earth.

For over 1400 years, the Ummah of Muhammad (saw) have witnessed Kings and Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers wage war against the Deen of Al-Islam and furthermore extract delight from the slaughter of innocent Muslim men, women and children; yet by the Will of Allah (SWT) there has always been a small portion of this Ummah, who refuse to bow their heads down to the tyrants nor let the sound of hooves or glint of swords disappear from the battlefields.

These people continue the Sunnah at-Tadaafu' (the confrontation against the falsehood), giving no respite to the oppressors and persevere in suffocating their corruption as much as they can.

It is recorded in Sahih Tirmizhi, hadith no. 2565, upon the authority of Abdullah ibn Amru (ra) that the Final Messenger Muhammad (saw) said, "My Ummah will face what Bani Israel faced step by step, even if one of them approached his mother (sexually), there will be one from my Ummah who will approach his mother. The people of Israel divided into 72 sects, my Ummah will divide into 73 sects, all of them in the hell-fire, and one of them is in the Paradise." And we asked, "Which one is saved?" And the Prophet (saw) replied, "The one that is with me and my companions."

Always in the minority, this select and special group of people are so noticeable, like the sun in the peak of the afternoon, on the clearest of days, they can never be missed and their scholars are few in number yet their impact so intense.

The dearly loved companion of the Messenger Muhammad (saw), Ibn Abbas (ra), described the attributes of this unique group, which began a momentous cycle of sacrifice over 1400 years ago, that would continue to drench the timeline, with the blood of martyrs and ink of scholars until the Day of Judgement.

On the tafseer of the ayah [EMQ 3: 106], "On the Day (Day of Judgement) when some faces will become white and some faces will become black..." Ibn Abbas (ra) said as recorded in Ibn Kathir and Tafseer Tabari, "Those whose faces will be bright will be Ahl us-Sunnah Wal Jama'ah and those whose faces will be dark will be Ahl ul-Bida'ah Wal Firqah."

Ahl us-Sunnah Wal Jama'ah are indeed the Prophet (saw) and his companions, and we have seen how those who follow them (the followers of Ahl us-Sunnah Wal Jama'ah), in aqeedah and manhaj, receive the harshest of tribulations, whether it be from the burgeoning of ill health or the prospect of torture at the hands of those who take great pleasure in it.

So the cycle has continued to turn and in the year 2009C.E., 1430 years after the establishment of the first Islamic State in Madinah, and 85 years after its destruction over vast parts of the world, nestled away in the land of Lebanon, lays a group of 83 Muslims, whose firm belief in Allah (SWT) and loyalty to the Sunnah of the Prophet have shaken the tyrannical and man-made Lebanese establishment to the core.

Consumed by the defiled culture of the Shia majority and dictated so effortlessly by the American hegemony, the Lebanese administration unable to endure the sharp words of truth that have penetrated their chests from the lips of a handful of Muwahhideen, have reacted in a manner only fitting for tyrants. In the month of February, 13 innocent men and 1 innocent woman (from the group of 83) were sentenced to death - by hanging - some of whom have already been killed.

In addition to all of the other 68 brothers and sisters, there lies one more man, who until now has escaped the ruthless clutches of the disbelievers by the Help of Allah (SWT), whether in the concrete suburbs of Britain or the rocky mountains of Tripoli; a man who refuses to stay silent in face of the oppression and who has inspired thousands across the world to rise for Islam; his sentencing will indeed satiate the hearts of those who seek to see the ruin of the sincere followers of Ahl us-Sunnah Wal Jama'ah. So who is he? You may ask. His name is Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad.

Catapulted in the media as a man of global vision and yielded by many as one of the most influential scholars to have pierced the Western world, undoubtedly the loss of such a man will leave a huge vacuum in the heart of the Muslim Ummah as they strive to re-establish the Islamic State.

On April, 6th 2009C.E. Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad faces the injustice of the Lebanese judiciary, cunningly dictated by the American-Shia alliance, infamous for their treachery against those upon the Sunnah, as has been experienced by our brothers from among the Taleban or those struggling in the depths of Baghdad and Fallujah.

So what justice can be expected from those deceitful Shia who take joy in fabricating hadith and conspiring against those who strive to liberate Palestine? What justice can be extracted from a Capitalist American regime that recently made the slaughterer of Iraq and Afghanistan, Tony Blair, their Peace Envoy to the Middle East? And what justice can be derived from a Lebanese establishment so vehement against Islam and so harsh against the Muslims?

Our dear Muslim brothers and sisters, indeed the supplication (dua) is the weapon of the believer and it is authentically narrated that the great sahabi, Ibn Abbas (ra) said regarding Islah that, "It is to give your brother his right and there are four 1) when you see him to smile 2) to give salaam when you come close to him 3) to support him 4) and not to leave him alone."

Verily, we are living in strange times when smiling towards your Muslim brother has become a difficult thing and the salaam has become restricted to nationalities and family ties, yet it is never too late to revive these forgotten duties and indeed our brothers are in need of it and indeed our sisters are in need of it.

Undoubtedly, the world has witnessed those Lions of Islam roaring in the East and the West, struggling against the tyrants in Lal Masjid and Chechnya and Bali and the Xing Xiang province, yet the Ummah cannot afford to lose too many Lions and they are in need of your support and again they are in need of your support.

It is authentically recorded in at-Tabarani and Bayhaqi that Jaabir ibn Abdillah (ra) narrated that Muhammad (saw) said, "How could Allah bless people who do not ensure the rights of the weak."

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad is indeed in a weak situation and he is needy for your support and he is needy for your help, and we ask you to make dua for him and we ask you again to make dua against those who wish to harm him; even if you differ with him we say that despite our differences it should never prevent us from uniting against a common enemy who have once again gathered their wolves around a group of 83 Muslims whose only crime was to believe in Allah (SWT) as their Lord.

Finally, to the disbelievers at war with Islam and the Muslims we say that you will never be victorious over a nation who seeks death (in the Way of Allah (SWT)) with every second that passes, and who are not deterred by the many casualties they suffer in pursuit of their divine goal (Ridwaan ullah) and moreover that the prophecies of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) will never pass except that they will be fulfilled, and verily Rome is waiting, and Britain is waiting, and the White House is waiting.

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