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Established in 1996, Al-Muhajiroun has long been regarded as one of the most influential Islamic organisations to have pierced the United Kingdom. For almost a decade it struggled in its quest to re-establish the mighty Islamic State and moreover see the black flag of Islam fly high over 10 Downing Street; it also strived to confront the ills of society and invite the masses to the Deen of al-Islam as a complete way of life, and was extremely successful in doing so.

Following months of contemplation and research Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, the former worldwide Ameer of Al-Muhajiroun, notably declared his change in aqeedah and subsequently Al-Muhajiroun also became a prominent front for the sect Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah, continuing to struggle in its confrontation against man-made law.

In late 2004, due to significant circumstances (post 9/11), Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad dissolved Al-Muhajiroun and consequently this highly influential organisation was unfortunately disbanded.

However, we would like to declare that after almost 15 years since the establishment of Al-Muhajiroun, and 5 years since its disbandment, Al-Muhajiroun is to be re-launched in the United Kingdom and to resume its activities as normal.

We would also like to stress particularly to the British public that Al-Muhajiroun is a completely legal organisation and hence the recommencement of its structure, activities and projects should be seen in this light.

We understand and appreciate that there may be many questions and queries regarding the re-establishment of Al-Muhajiroun as an organisation and we kindly request all such queries to be forwarded to the former Ameer of Al-Muhajiroun Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad on 00961 7095 7759.

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