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An Invitation to the English Defence League

Indeed, Allah (SWT), the One true God, sent the Final Messenger Muhammad (SAW) and the Qur'an as a guidance for all mankind, providing detailed rules on how to regulate the affairs of society. These divine rules are collectively known as the Shari'ah, and are capable of solving all of the ills of society that mankind currently faces.

For the past four months, Islam4UK have successfully launched Islamic Roadshow's up and down the United Kingdom, providing the British community with a unique opportunity to experience the exquisite beauty of the Shari'ah. The latest roadshow, in Woolwich south London, which took place on Saturday 29th August 2009, was particularly fruitful, and effectively demonstrated why the Shari'ah is needed to aid burgeoning problems such as poverty, racism and general corruption. 

In light of this, we have recently seen the emergence of a new organisation called, ‘The English Defence League'. On their website they describe themselves as an organisation that,

"...has been formed by English people who are tired of our government letting terrorists preach murder on our streets. It is not an act of fascism to oppose terrorists and the Shari'ah."

As misinformed as they may be about Islam, recent events have also shown that they are being poorly represented in the public arena by various media outlets; incorrect comparisons have been drawn between its members and those from among the British National Party, who are known for their particularly racist views and consequently, we felt it necessary to clarify the reality of the English Defence League to help elucidate the correct method in dealing with a party, which essentially are against those individuals who wish to implement the Shari'ah of Allah (SWT) here in Britain.

One such organisation, which has played a large role in distorting the reality of the English Defence League, is the Unite Against Fascism party. The UAF (Unite Against Fascism) party, who in an attempt to gain popular support among the British community, have taken it upon themselves to hijack protests led by members of the English Defence League to further their own socialist led policies, in a typical ‘underdog' themed campaign.

As a result of this clear distortion, which they are fully aware of, we call upon the UAF to cease such baseless demonstrations regarding an organisation that clearly has nothing to do with them; we also call upon those so-called Muslim members of UAF, to hastily review their positions before it is too late, as it is clear that such membership is in direct opposition to the Deen of al-Islam.

As far as the English Defence League is concerned, indeed we are aware of your demonstrations against our aspirations to transform Britain into an Islamic State, and we would like to invite you to a constructive debate to discuss the reality of British law and its suitability to govern the masses.

We would also like to clarify many of the misconceptions you have about the Shari'ah, which unfortunately, as you yourselves have experienced (at the hands of UAF), has been heavily distorted by the media and other deceitful organisations.

Verily, we believe that it is only Almighty God who should be followed, worshipped and obeyed, and we challenge you to prove otherwise.

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