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Trafalgar Square Under the Shari'ah


It is authentically reported that the Final Messenger Muhammad (saw) said in one beautiful narration that, "To implement one hukm (Islamic verdict) on the earth is better than forty centuries of rain." For over 1300 years the exquisite beauty of the divine rules stipulated in the Shari'ah regulated with justice the lives of millions of people, Muslim and non-Muslim across the world; basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter were meted out free of charge to every subject of the Islamic State and all debase behaviour was systematically fizzled out to ultimately bring benefit and prevent harm.

In light of the Islamic resurgence taking place around the world, particularly in the United Kingdom, one can definitively come to the conclusion that the dawn of a new era is close and that the prophecies of the Final Messenger Muhammad (saw) in relation to the domination of Islam worldwide are indeed true; consequently, we at Islam4UK felt it necessary to divulge to the British public what precise changes will occur when Britain transforms into this glorious dominion, not only as psychological preparation but also as a means of enticement to encourage and hasten its implementation.

This particular article will elucidate some brief examples of what Islamic modifications and changes will occur on the famous historic site known as Trafalgar Square.

History of Trafalgar Square

Prior to the construction of Trafalgar Square, for over three hundred years, this area was primarily used as a courtyard for the Great Mews stabling, which served Whitehall Palace; eventually this was phased out and by the 18th century an architect by the name of John Nash converted it into an open square that was to be used as a cultural space open for the public. In 1830, it was officially called Trafalgar Square; as time progressed, significant changes emblazoned the layout including the introduction of Nelson's column in 1843, fountains in 1845, and bronze lions in 1867.

Trafalgar Square under the Shari'ah

Having witnessed such notable changes over the centuries, we are convinced that decent individuals from the British public would welcome further modifications, and consequently, we would like to introduce the following improvements based on the Islamic Shari'ah that we envisage for Trafalgar Square in the very near future inshaa'allah (God willing):

[Please note: the following alterations are not definitive, and are subject to change according to the Muslim authority in charge, however they do provide the reader a unique glimpse of what could happen 24 hours after the Shari'ah is established in the United Kingdom]

Nelsons Column:

Nelsons Column is currently a pillar with an 18ft statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson situated at the top, resting above bronze acanthus leaves.

Under the Shari'ah, the construction and elevation of statues or idols is prohibited, and consequently, the statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson would be removed and demolished without hesitation (click on picture to enlarge).

Indeed, there is none truly worthy of worship except Allah (SWT) and thus the veneration of any man or woman is unacceptable, let alone a man such as Horatio Nelson who was a notorious fornicator, as his illicit relationships with married women such as Emma, Lady Hamilton demonstrate.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the actual column is based on the architecture of the Temple of Mars Ultor, in Rome, the engravings on the column will have to be altered in favour of Islamic indentations, possibly floral designs.

Possible Replacement for Nelson Statue: Islamic Clock

On completion of the demolition of Nelson's statue and the alteration of its Corinthian engravings, we would envisage seating an exquisitely constructed Islamic clock with the black flag of Islam flying high over it (refer to picture); this clock could also be fitted with an electronic device that would sound the Islamic call to prayer 5 times a day; moreover, because the statue of Horatio Nelson is coincidentally positioned facing due south, on its replacement with an Islamic orientated clock, the front of the clock could duly be rotated 45 degrees (anti-clockwise) so as to indicate the direction of the qibla i.e. direction of the Kaabah in Makkah, thereby making it easier for Muslims in the locality to know which way to pray.

Bronze Lions

As stated earlier the construction of idols or statues is explicitly prohibited, specifically living beings, as a result of this, the bronze lions which are situated below Nelson's Column as a symbolic ‘guard', would be removed and destroyed; the statues could also be melted and its bronze composition utilized, possibly in artillery as a defensive measure against any impending attack from outside forces, such as France.

Possible Replacement for Bronze Lions: Pots of Gold Coins

The Islamic governor may position pots of gold coins as a replacement (click on picture to enlarge), so as to provide all members of the public with the opportunity to freely take money and fulfil any need that they might have.

Very unrealistic, you may think, however, extraordinarily a very similar incident to this occurred during the governance of the Islamic Caliph Ma'moon (rh), who was left with so much wealth in the treasury, that he made orders to distribute the excess wealth in a similar fashion.

As Muslims, we would not waste the public money on useless ornaments but rather invest it for the sake of the people. These unique pots could also be replenished accordingly with any extra money, should they run out.

It should also be poignantly noted that during the Islamic governance of Ma'moon (rh), not a single gold coin was taken from the pots made accessible to the public, and this was undeniably due to the fact that the divine justice meted out by the Shari'ah met the basic and common needs of every single citizen, Muslim and non-Muslim.


Possible Alteration for Fountains: Wudhu Area

The fountains in Trafalgar square are currently employed as an attractive ornamentation; under the Shari'ah we would foresee maintaining this structure, however could offer the community some extra usability. Renovation may include converting the fountain into a wudhu area (click on picture to enlarge), a place where ritual ablutions could be made by Muslims to permit them to pray. The water will be fresh (maa ul tahoor) and sinks would be fitted at the end of the fountain, for ease of use. Constant replenishment of fresh water could also be supplied and be very beneficial.

Fourth Plinth

Presently used to demonstrate various exhibitions throughout the year, under the Shari'ah it would be utilized as a point of reference for Islamic artwork, void of idolatry or statues of living beings. Any idols such as the pornographic ‘Alison Lapper Pregnant' would be barred from presentation and destroyed, and moreover any artwork without any link to the Islamic culture shunned, and most likely recycled to benefit the masses.

Processions, demonstrations and Concerts

Quite possibly the most important use of the area, Trafalgar Square has been noted for its popularity with organisations, groups and parties who wish to propagate their culture and ideas to the masses. Socialists, Capitalists, and other political affiliates regularly congregate in this area for special events. Concerts and parades are also extremely common and thus Trafalgar Square has become one of the leading hubs for dialogue and entertainment.

Under the Shari'ah, probable changes to such activities would most likely include the banning of indecent organisations that are deemed anti-Islamic and as a more beneficial alternative, members of the public may be met with a continuous ‘Rally for Islam' in the locality, 7 days a week, where they can find out more about Islam and the Shari'ah, should it interest them.


In conclusion, the vast possibilities for life under the Shari'ah in Trafalgar Square are truly endless. We are confident that for many of you reading this article you may have further contributions which you may feel are more relevant and beneficial. In light of this, we would welcome any comments you have, and if successful may be added to the every expanding catalogue changes that could occur once the United Kingdom adopts Shari'ah law.

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