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The Death of the Adult Industry Under the Shari'ah


Indeed, the conversion of the United Kingdom into an Islamic State, governed by Shari'ah law is something which has been destined and cannot be avoided. Almighty Allah (SWT), the One who is al-Mu'min i.e. who fulfils His promises, has sent the glad tidings of this magnificent domination and  furthermore even provided the extraordinary details of how certain nations will be conquered, leaving no room for doubt or conjecture, and He is al-Alim (All-Knowing) and al-Azeez (always Victorious).

Given the current state of affairs, with the Islamic Shari'ah on the brink of implementation, we at Islam4UK felt it necessary to reveal to the British public what changes are likely to occur, particularly to their lifestyles, in the event of Britain's legislature succumbing to the auspices of Islam. Previously we have made mention of probable changes that could occur to the famous British landmark Trafalgar Square, however this article will focus on a more sombre aspect of British society, that is exploitative, sickening and unfortunately very widespread.

Undoubtedly, the ruthless nature of Capitalism and man-made law as a whole, have capitulated the lives of thousands of individuals in Britain, to one of turmoil and misery and one poignant example of this, which is the subject matter of this article is Britain's Adult industry.

It is quite unbelievable to see what lengths British men and women would stoop to in the UK for financial stability or profit and Britain's Adult industry, is unfortunately a shocking reminder of this; at present Britain's porn industry receives a staggering £1bn in profit every year, and with the progression of internet and advertisement protocols this figure is very likely to increase.

The brothel market in the UK is also extremely disturbing and part of the wider network of Britain's revolting Adult Industry; Eaves Charity's ‘Poppy Project' revealed in September 2008 that there are an astounding 921 brothels in London alone, and highlighted that for most women involved, that they were often compounded in a cycle of violence and coercion perpetuated by poverty and inequality.

Unfortunately, a large proportion of sex workers in the UK are recruited from abroad and are usually enticed by Britain's very misleading overtures of freedom and liberalism; on the other hand, many other women are independently forced into this industry for financial reasons, whether to fund student courses, avoid poverty or even satiate addictive drug habits, whatever the motivation, undeniably the repercussions of it in society are truly devastating.

So what has become of British men, where they have lost all respect for their women and are moreover impassive to the exploitation of their mothers, sisters and daughters? Is there no Defence League, to come to the aid of these victims of democracy?

In light of this disgraceful attitude and sickening trade, the following paragraphs highlight probable changes that we envisage are likely to occur to Britain's Adult industry once the Shari'ah is implemented in Britain.

Brothels & Nightclubs

With the introduction of Shari'ah law in Britain, an Islamic police network will immediately be assigned to deal with any disorderly or unwarranted behaviour. It is this very network that we envisage will deal with the exploitation of women in the Adult Industry. Appropriately equipped, the Islamic police will categorically arrest all individuals associated with the maintenance or procurement of this lewd industry; Islamic policewomen would furthermore assess the reality of all female ‘employees' and take into consideration any who may have been duped into the illegal service or forced for whatever reason.

Once all brothels and nightclubs are vacated, the entire area immediately surrounding the building will be cordoned off and treated as a crime scene (click on picture to enlarge). Evidence will be extracted and all members involved questioned extensively by investigators. If found guilty, punishments could extend from fines to public lashing, any individual in custody who is found not guilty will immediately be freed and duly compensated for his incarceration.

Possible replacement for Brothels and Nightclubs: Women's Schools/colleges

A very possible replacement to all brothels and nightclubs in Britain, which we foresee the Shari'ah could provide, would be women's schools/colleges. Indeed, we see this as a healthy investment which would have a positive impact on the British society.

Courses may range from beauty and hair training to medical vocations such as midwifery as well as apprenticeships to sensitive areas such as gynaecology. Unfortunately, for many educational institutions present today in Britain, many of these positions are occupied bizarrely by men, making it very uncomfortable for decent women to acquire such services, this would never occur under the Shari'ah.

Under Islam, we would immediately place a sign outside the cordoned off brothels and nightclubs, indicating its renovation into a women's only school/college (click on picture to enlarge) and quite possibly place accessible application packs for those who may wish to enrol immediately.

Pornographic sites

The role of the Islamic police will not solely be restricted to the concrete suburbs of Britain, but also the cyberspace that engulfs the lives of millions of individuals in the UK; incidentally, it is recorded that over 70% of internet porn traffic is conducted during work hours.

All pornographic sites under the Shari'ah will be removed completely and made redundant (click on picture to enlarge). Furthermore, all proprietors linked to such sites will be dealt with accordingly under Islamic law, as mentioned previously.

Should any individual in the UK attempt to enter any site which is deemed inappropriate by the Islamic authority, they will be met by an Error 410 message, and should they envisage constructing such a site to bypass these restrictions, they will be duly prosecuted.


In conclusion, with the death of Britain's adult industry completed under the Shari'ah, the lives of millions of women will have been truly liberated. Furthermore, each woman Muslim and non-Muslim would thereafter be obliged to cover with a Khimaar and Jilbaab (more commonly known as the hijaab), so that only their faces and hands are visible in the public arena. All men and women will also be obliged to lower their gaze and avoid free-mixing as much as possible.

Indeed with such a tranquil and secure environment in place, the Shari'ah in Britain will undoubtedly provide an atmosphere free from many of the ills currently experienced under British law and more importantly become truly subservient to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

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