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The Lies of a Conservative Clown

On 25th November 2009, in Prime Minister's Questions, David Cameron exposed himself for the lying charlatan he really is; during a two minute anti-Islam outburst, he barked allegations against organisation Islam4UK and its leader Anjem Choudary, which were not only totally unfounded but also a true reflection of the deceitful nature of this conservative clown.

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He said, and we quote, that Islam4UK had, "Called for blood on the streets of London." (Click on video above to view comments).

Indeed, Islam4UK (a platform for Al-Muhajiroun), have made their stance clear in the United Kingdom, that as an organisation its eyes are focused on 10 Downing Street and the complete upheaval of the British political system, and ultimately, the domination of Islam worldwide.

Islam4UK has been established to introduce the full implementation of Shari'ah law in Britain and we urge all Muslims around the world to struggle to implement it wherever they are. Consequently, any such allegations that we call for blood on the streets of London and New York, are not only false but also totally incompatible with our aims and objectives.

Furthermore, in relation to other remarks referring to statements made by Anjem Choudary almost 8 years ago, calling the hijackers on September 11th 2001, "Magnificent people carrying out their Islamic responsibility" this clearly reinforces the desperate nature of David Cameron and his pathetic yearnings to become Britain's next Prime Minister, by attempting to score political points.

Undoubtedly, the British government whether Labour or Conservative are oppressors, and mere suggestions made that the tyrant Gordon Brown is going easy on Islamic ‘extremism' are laughable, particularly in light of draconian anti-terror legislation and the imprisonment of innocent Muslims such as Sheikh Abu Hamza and Sheikh Abu Qatadah.

Verily, Gordon Brown and David Cameron are both taghoot i.e.  false gods  obeyed besides Allah (SWT), and the British people will never experience true justice until the Shari'ah is fully implemented here in Britain.

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