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About Us

[EMQ 51: 56] "And I created not the Jinn and Mankind except that they should worship Me."

A platform for the global front Al-Muhajiroun, Islam4UK has been established by sincere Muslims as a platform to propagate the supreme Islamic ideology within the United Kingdom as a divine alternative to man-made law.

Our Aim:

Our aim is simple: Izhaar ud Deen (Domination of Al-Islam worldwide).

As submitters to Almighty God we wish to establish His Sharee'ah (Divine Law) on the earth for He has said in the Qur'an:

[EMQ 5: 45] "Those who rule by other than what Allah (SWT) has revealed are the oppressors."

Subsequently, living in Britain we target to convince the British public about the superiority of Islam and expose the fallacies of man-made law, thereby changing public opinion in favour of Islam in order to transfer the authority and power (from those with authority and power) to the Muslims in order to implement the Sharee'ah (here in Britain).

We aim to reach this objective by creating public awareness about Islam in society via Da'wah (inviting to Islam) and Commanding Good & Forbidding Evil, which is a duty upon every Muslim as indicated by Allah (SWT) in the Qur'an:

[EMQ 3: 104] "Let there rise from among you a group calling to the khair (Islam) commanding good and forbidding evil. And it is they who are the successful."

Ever since the destruction of the Islamic State on 3rd March 1924C.E. the world has witnessed the tyranny of man-made law, whether that be from the apostate rulers in Muslim lands or the disbelieving leaders in the West, making it incumbent upon all Muslims worldwide to re-establish this State or Khilafah, for the Final Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said as narrated in Sahih Muslim upon the authority of Abdullah ibn Umar (RA) that, "Whosoever takes his hand from allegiance to Allah meets Him on the Day of Resurrection without any evidence supporting him and whosoever dies while there was no allegiance on his neck dies the death of jaahiliyyah (ignorance)."

Our Belief (Aqeedah)

[EMQ 2: 256] "There is no compulsion in religion. Verily the Right path has become distinct from the Wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in taghoot and believes in Allah, then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. And Allah is the All-Hearer, All-Knower."

We believe that there is none truly worthy of worship except Allah (SWT) and that He is 'Al Jalaalaahu fil oolaa' (distinguished from His creation, at a distance from them, close to them and above them); we believe that He is the Creator and that there is nothing like Him; we affirm all of His Names & Attributes as mentioned in the Qur'an and Sunnah without takieef (commenting on Him and His description), tamtheel (to make Him similar to the creation) or ta'weel (diverting their real meaning to a metaphoric meaning).

We believe in all the Prophets as mentioned in the Divine text and that Muhammad (SAW) is His Last and Final Messenger sent to the whole of mankind and furthermore that we must follow him and obey him for Allah (SWT) says in the Qur'an,

[EMQ 4: 65] "But no, by your Lord, they can have no faith, until they make you (O Muhammad) judge in all disputes between them, and find in themselves no resistance against your decisions and accept them with full submission."

We believe in the Book of Allah (SWT), the Qur'an, its words and letters, and that it is not makhlooq (creation) but rather kalaamullah (the actual words of Allah). We believe it is obligatory to follow it, to implement it and to make it prevail.

We believe in the Sunnah, and that it elaborates and is commentary for the Qur'an, and whatever is correct from the ahadith we take.

We believe in His Angels, that they do not disobey Allah (SWT) and that to love them is part of Imaan and to hate them is Kufr.

We believe in Al-Qadr, the good and bad, and that Allah (SWT) has all the Will (al-Iraadah al Mutlaqah).

We believe in the Sahabah, that they are all trustworthy, and that to love them is part of Imaan and to hate them is hypocrisy (nifaaq) and furthermore that their understanding is hujjah (a juristic argument) on the Day of Judgement.

We believe in Ahzaab ul Qabr (Punishment of the Grave) and that we shall all be resurrected on the Day of Judgement, where all of our deeds shall be shown to us and weighed on the Mizaan (Scale); we believe that Jannah is haq and Jahannam is haq.

Covenant of Security

As Muslims living in the UK we abide by a strict Covenant of Security, which prohibits us from violating the life and property of all residents here in the United Kingdom. We would also like to stress that we do not encourage any forms of terrorism on this website, any visitor who should encounter inappropriate material on this website, for whatever reason, are urged to contact the webteam immediately to enable us to investigate the matter as swiftly as possible.
There is no copyright in islam so all material can be used freely Islam 4 UK