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FranceTV Report on Islam4UK PDF Print E-mail

Reporters James Andre and Kate Williams of France TV, over a series of weeks undertook a special report on the structure and methodologies of two organisations, namely EDL and Islam4UK, a platform for Al-Muhajiroun.

Click on the link below to view the full report:

Highlights include, extracts from the London School of Shariah, and an interview with Anjem Choudary, Judge of the Shari'ah Court of the UK.

VBS Report on Islam4UK PDF Print E-mail

Recently, reporters from VBS NEWS, filmed a special documentary focused on organisation Islam4UK, a platform for Al-Muhajiroun. Click on the link below to view the full report:



Currently the worldwide Ameer of organisation Al-Muhajiroun, Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, has delivered hundreds of lectures over the years in the UK and Middle East, centred on topics to do with fundamental issues affecting the Muslim Ummah.

Known for his uncompromising stance on topics such as Tawheed, Shari'ah and Jihad, he has developed notoriety among the masses, in particular with those holding an extreme aversion to the authentic tenets of al-Islam.

In light of this, and the recent tirade of certain individuals and organisations against his character and methodology, we at Islam4UK would like to announce an open challenge to all those who wish to publicly vent their disagreements.

We hereby call all concerned individuals to engage in a public debate with Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, which will be aired live via audio or visual communication and is furthermore open to Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

If you would like to participate in such a debate or know someone who may wish to please contact Abu Rumaysah on 07956 041 034 or Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad directly on +0096170957759.

Are these the Heroes? PDF Print E-mail

In recent days news has emerged from Iraq that the UK military has been involved in abusing Muslims. The degree of the abuse ranges from beatings to rape of civilians. Muslims in the region have become accustomed to being detained randomly and abused to unimaginable levels. Some of the allegations made against the British soldiers include a 16 year old boy being raped by two soldiers. Other claimants have come forward accusing them of rape and more, saying they were stripped naked, abused and photographed.

All of this is in big contrast to the way that the military are portrayed in the media and by the Government as heroes. But what type of heroes carry out these extremely despicable actions? What sorts of heroes occupy and oppress people? What type of heroes carry out the murderous intentions of corrupted governments? Indeed if the Muslims open their eyes to the truth they can see the fallacy of the West, who are at war with Islam and Muslims. 

All of this comes as no surprise as Allah (swt) repeatedly warns us about the extremist intentions of the disbelievers in the Quran;

...They desire to harm you severely. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse. Indeed We have made plain to you the Ayat if you understand.

Lo! You are the ones who love them but they love you not, and you believe in all the Scriptures. And when they meet you, they say, "We believe". But when they are alone, they bite the tips of their fingers at you in rage. Say: "Perish in your rage. Certainly, Allah knows what is in the breasts (all the secrets)." [3:118-119]

Allah (swt) warns us that these actions will continue until they take us away from our deen;

Never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him) till you follow their religion. [2:120]

It is time for Muslims to stop the oppression before it overtakes them by working for this deen and the protection of the Muslims.

Where are the 'Ulama? PDF Print E-mail

At first glance, looking at the number of 'Islamic' institutions and 'mosques' we have in the UK, it would appear that the Muslim Ummah is currently thriving with 'ulama (scholars) and Imaams. As a matter of fact, we - apparently - even have our own 'Islamic' banks, schools, television channels and radio stations.

However, a closer look shows that the majority of Imaams (and supposedly practising Muslims) are in fact ignorant, silent about the haq (truth) or misguided. What's worse, some have even gone further, committing acts of apostasy, by selling out to the disbelievers in effort to obtain their gratification, protection, grants and positions of authority.

It is reported in Sunan Ibn Maajah that the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said, "Verily, what I fear most for my Ummah is misguided Imaams." The Prophet was certainly right to fear from misguided Imaams, along with shirk. After all, what could be more dangerous, poisonous and destructive to the Muslim Ummah, after Shaytaan, than the one who conceals the truth or mixes it with falsehood? Or the one who makes lawful what Allah has forbidden, in the name of 'necessity' or the lesser of two evils?

If we really were fortunate enough to have so many Imaams, Islamic institutions, mosques and schools, it would be wholly inconceivable to be in the situation in which we find ourselves today - with Muslim land under occupation (Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Spain, and so forth), the Messengers of Allah being ridiculed, Muslims being imprisoned and tortured, Muslim women being dishonoured and attacked, the Sanctity of Allah (His exclusive right to legislate) being violated, and so forth.

The fact of the matter is, most 'Imaams' today graduate from government-approved institutions and universities, or secular madrasahs. Ignorance has become widespread, and the real 'ulama - the 'ulama of haq - are hard to come by. In fact, the real 'ulama are so scarce it is highly probable that you may never meet one in your lifetime.

This is so because the 'ulama of haq are being silenced, attacked and imprisoned, while the scholars of evil ('ulama as-soo') are being sponsored by the kufr (un-Islamic) regimes and promoted as 'renowned' and 'noble' Imaams by the disbelievers, apostates and their ilk from the munaafiqeen.

We are frequently told that the small minority of Muslims in the world that are calling for Shari'ah law are ignorant, misguided and extreme, while the majority of Muslims are actually peace-loving, law-abiding citizens.

However, is there not the slightest possibility that it could in fact be the other way round? What if it was the majority of people that were ignorant, misguided and extreme in their disobedience to Allah? And what if those small number of Muslims calling for the Shari'ah were actually on guidance from their Lord and are peaceful, law-abiding people, wanting society to live peacefully under the laws of the Creator and to abide by His laws?

Is it not possible that the minority of Muslims being labelled extremists, fanatics and terrorists, and vilified and punished, in a manner identical to the Prophet (SAW) and his Companions, are upon the truth while the majority are ignorant and misguided? As Allah says: "And if you obey most men on the earth, they will mislead you far away from the path of Allah..." (EMQ al-An'aam, 6:116)

If there were as many 'ulama as we are led to believe, where on earth are they? Where are 'the inheritors of the Prophets' that inherited their legacy?

Where are the 'ulama openly and publicly calling society to live by the laws of Allah and not being concerned with the opinions of the disbelievers? As Allah says: "Therefore proclaim openly that which you are commanded, and turn away from the Mushrikoon (disbelievers)." (EMQ al-Hijr, 15:94)

Where are the 'ulama to tell the people to worship and obey none but Allah and to reject Taaghout (those who invent their own laws and are obeyed besides Allah, such as the present-day leaders)? As Allah says: "And We sent to every nation a Messenger (who proclaimed): 'Worship none but Allah and keep away (reject) Taaghout...'" (EMQ an-Nahl, 16:36)

Where are the 'ulama who call society to reject the authority of the disbelievers, their laws and systems, as Allah says: "O Prophet! Keep your duty to Allah, and obey not the disbelievers and the hypocrites." (EMQ al-Ahzaab, 33:1)

Where are the 'ulama who ally with the believers, show hatred towards the disbelievers and declare them and what they worship to be their enemies? As Allah says: "Indeed, there has been an excellent example for you in Ibraaheem (AS) and those with him, when they said to their people, ‘Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allah! We have rejected you, and between us and you is hostility and hatred forever, until you believe in Allah Alone.'" (EMQ, Al-Mumtahinah, 60:4)

Where are the 'ulama today encouraging the believers to fight the enemies of Allah, as opposed to condemning the mujaahideen? As Allah says: "Then fight in the Cause of Allah, you (Muhammad) are not tasked (held responsible) except for yourself, and incite (motivate) the believers [to fight along with you]..." (EMQ an-Nisaa', 4:84)

Where are the 'ulama speaking out against kufr beliefs and values such as interfaith, democracy and freedom (from God)? As Allah says: "And remember when Allah took a covenant from those who were given the Scripture (Jews and Christians) to make it (religious knowledge) known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it, but they threw it away behind their backs, and purchased with it some miserable gain! And indeed worst is that which they bought." (EMQ Aal-'Imraan, 3:187)

Where are the 'ulama today being attacked and ridiculed, like the previous Prophets, and labelled as fanatics? As Allah says: "Likewise, no Messenger came to those before them, but they said, 'A sorcerer or a madman (fanatic)!'" (EMQ adh-Dhaariyaat, 51:52)

Where are the 'ulama to condemn the widespread apostasy of Muslims who are allying with the disbelievers, joining their forces and working with their intelligence services? As Allah says: "O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Awliyaa' (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but Awliyaa' to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as Awliyaa', then surely he is one of them." (EMQ al-Maa'idah, 5:51)

Where are the 'ulama urging Muslims to work collectively in order to call society to Islam, command the good and forbid the evil, and establish the Shari'ah? As Allah says: "Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good (Islam), enjoining good and forbidding evil. And it is they who are the successful." (EMQ Aal-'Imraan, 3:104)

So do not be fooled by the charisma and eloquent tongues of those who sell the verses of Allah for a small price, for the Prophet (SAW) said, as reported in Musnad ul-Imaam Ahmad, "Most of the hypocrites (munaafiqeen) of my Ummah are its reciters (qurraa')." The haq is not known by the length of one's beard or credentials; rather, it is known by the daleel (evidence).

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