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Akmal Shaikh: A Second Class Citizen

With Akmal Shaikh executed, serious questions need to be raised regarding Britains attitudes towards Islam and Muslims.


The challenge to all Jews and Christians remains open.

Review of Prisoners of War Against Islam Conference

A review of the conference Prisoners of War Against Islam

The Illusion of Love

As humans male or female, we all want to be cared for and loved, occasionally needing the odd hug or shoulder to cry on in times o [ ... ]

:: VIDEO :: Aqeedah of ASWJ Course


:: VIDEO :: Islam Vs Democracy, Freedom and Secularism

An excellent talk on the absurdity of man-made law.

:: VIDEO :: Jahannam a Gangsters Paradise - Is there a Heaven for a G?

A special video lecture by Abu Dunjanah centred on the shocking reality of drug abuse within the Muslim community of East London  [ ... ]

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