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19 October 2010

NSF Polyhub Online Spying

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NSF PolyHub Seed Grant

"PolyHub was founded by a seed grant from the National Science Foundation to the project principal investigators."

"This utility is designed to catalog, classify, and store simulation and experimental data relevant to the PolyHub mission. All polymer dynamicists are invited to store useful data in this extensive archive for potential use by PolyHub affiliates. Use of this data is open-access to all affiliates, and may be used for individual research projects. All data generated using PolyHub resources must remain in the PolyHub Data Archive for future use by other affiliates; however, there can be granted periods of exclusive use by the data generators, as per the PolyHub Charter."

"PolyHub will act as a server and central distribution site for graphical, imaging, and animation software, creating a common suite among affiliated institutions for presenting simulation and experimental data. The full suite of software will be determined later, possibly not until the full implementation phase; however, in the meantime various types of application software and middleware will be implemented on a trial basis to determine its utility, ease of use, and compatibility among institutional affiliates."

"A local team of cyber-structure and IT specialists has also become involved to ensure maximum performance and administration of PolyHub resources, and to guide the transition to the Open Science Grid."

"The explosion of the world-wide web, Google, MySpace and other inventions prove that it is impossible to predict the scope and impact of new international connectivity. Similarly, it is difficult to imagine at present the impact PolyHub will have on the polymer physics and dynamics community. Ideally, this program will grow from the seed phase into a major, large-scale, international virtual organization for research and education in this area. Although the beginning is modest, we are optimistic regarding its future. Surely, the idea of virtual organizations is not going to disappear, and will only become more prevalent in the near and distant future. Indeed, any community that is not acting in an organized and coherent manner through virtual collaborations in the future is going to be left behind in the technological and highly networked world of the 21st century." (This may have something to do with cloud computing and the smart grid.)

"Grid computing" refers to the older term "cloud computing", which is an unpopular idea; the combination of computer resources from multiple administrative domains to reach a so-called "common goal". Meaning all media and technology would be universally responsive and in a way DeMux.


PolyHub CLSID? [Still being investigated]






These are processed by the sqlmergx dll file.

I will test these CLSIDs in the mean time.