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26 December 2009. Thanks to A for identifying Tridea Works as the FBI CALEA spying implementer.


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Tridea Works Lawful Spying

Tridea Works:

The address for Tridea Works given for the contracts below, 1163 Fieldview Drive, Reston, VA, is a single-family residence associated with (



1163 Fieldview Drive, Reston, VA

The FBI’s Science and Technology Branch’s Special Technologies Application Office (STAO) and its Electronic Surveillance Technology Section, also known as the FBI CALEA Implementation Unit, is located at 14800 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, VA (below), near the National Reconnaissance Office headquarters:

14800 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, VA

National Reconnaissance Office Headquarters, Chantilly, VA

Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)
Solicitation Number: FBI-104594
Agency: Department of Justice
Office: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Location: Procurement Section

Original Synopsis
Jul 28, 2008
4:28 pm

Solicitation Number:

Notice Type:
Special Notice

Added: Jul 28, 2008 4:28 pm

This announcement is for informational purposes only. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intends to negotiate a sole source contract with a total small business for services under NAICS code 541618 to Tridea Works, LLC., 1163 FIELDVIEW DR, RESTON, VA 20194-1049.

The FBI has a requirement for Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) services as follows: Implementation Planning; Collaboration with Government (Federal, State, and Local) Representatives; Law Enforcement Agency Collaboration Support Services; Technical Standards Support Services; Packet-Based Networks - Standards Participation; Service Specific Document Development; Solution Verification; Emerging Technology Research; Legal & Regulatory Support; Data Support Services and Internet and Intranet Website and Email Support Services.

The period of performance for this contract is 15 Sept 2008 through 14 Sept 2009 plus 4 options estimated award amount 33,000,000.00 systems life. To our knowledge Tridea Works, LLC is the only organization that can provide personnel with working knowledge of CALEA requirements. Tridea Works provides the key services:

1.) Technical Standards Expertise in which they are intimately involved in the development of electronic surveillance requirements on behalf of the FBI.

2.) Interacts as a liaison between FBI and the Telecommunication industry to gain an understanding of new and emerging service.

• CALEA relies heavily on the volunteer relationships with the FBI. Tridea Works plays a key role in instituting and upholding affiliations with members of the industry that participate in the technical standards process and are stakeholders of the legislation.

• Recognized world-wide by the industry as the focal point for many technical aspects of the FBI's effort to implement the law.

• Represents views of the law enforcement community before the standardization groups and committees involved with developing electronic surveillance specifications.

• Impartial party that does not have a vested interest in the outcome of the standards and bring a law enforcement perspective to the testing laboratory.

3.) Research manufacturers-as it relates to specific CALEA technical solutions.

4.) Identify problems with the CALEA technical solution and potential impact to law enforcement.

5.) Validate CALEA technical solution as developed in accordance with industry standard or a manufacturer's Feature Specification Document (FSD).

6.) Develop test and analysis tools for the CALEA technical solution and produces reports for the manufacturer that recommends corrective actions.

7.) Legal / Regulatory Expertise Supporting the FBI's Office of the General Counsel (OGC) - Tridea Works assists the FBI's Office of General Council on a number of significant CALEA implementation issues.

8.) Provides briefing material to be submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and both Houses of Congress.

A Firm Fixed Priced contract will be issued as a result of this announcement. If any interested party would like to be considered for award, please submit a written statement indicating capabilities to perform services seamlessly for CALEA to U.S. Department of Justice/ Federal Bureau of Investigation for the Finance Division Attn: Francine L. Hemphill, 935 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Washington, DC 20535-0001, or sent by email to or fax 202-324-3104. Telephone requests or inquiries will not be accepted.

Responses to this notice shall be received no later than 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday, 11 August 2008. A determination not to compete this requirement is within the discretion of the Government. Any response to this notice must show clear and convincing evidence that competition would be advantageous to the Government in future procurements.

The point of contact for this announcement is Francine L. Hemphill, Contract Specialist, at

R -- N65236-09-R-0130
Solicitation Number: SSC-Atlantic_MKTSVY_74B6E
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Location: SPAWAR Systems Center Charleston

Original Synopsis
Jun 01, 2009
1:27 pm

SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic plans to negotiate a sole source contract with Tridea Works, LLC, 1163 Fieldview Drive, Reston, VA 20194 for the procurement of program support and technical engineering services in support of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). CALEA was enacted to ensure that after law enforcement obtains the appropriate legal authority, telecommunications carriers have the necessary capability to assist law enforcement regardless of their specific telecommunications technology or service.

Section 103 of CALEA sets forth the technical assistance capability requirements that telecommunications carriers need to support law enforcements conduct of lawfully authorized electronic surveillance. CALEA directs the telecommunications industry to design, develop, deploy, and maintain solutions that meet certain assistance capability requirements. Specifically, carriers must be able to:

(1) expeditiously isolate all wire and electronic telecommunications of a target transmitted by the carrier within its service area;

(2) expeditiously isolate call-identifying information of a target;

(3) provide intercepted telecommunications and call-identifying information to law enforcement; and

(4) carry out intercepts unobtrusively, so targets are not made aware of the electronic surveillance, and in a manner that does not compromise the privacy and security of other communications.

CALEA contains various other provisions that require technical subject matter expertise with a multi-disciplinary focus on program management; characterization of law enforcements electronic surveillance needs; contributions to industrys technical standards organizations; verification that industry-developed technical solutions meet the requirements of publicly available standards; research of emerging services and technologies with the potential to impact law enforcements conduct of electronic surveillance; fiscal resource planning; Internet-based website and communications infrastructure; and legislative and regulatory policy planning, development, and implementation.

Services include but are not limited to: general areas of technical requirement specification; solution verification; engineering; technical and other support; problem solving for implementation issues; decision-making and database systems; program management; and logistical planning/support.

A Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity type contract is anticipated with a one-year base period and four (4) one-year option periods. The applicable North American Industry Classification (NAICS) code is 541511 and the size standard is $25 million. This notice is not a request for competitive proposals.

Any questions relating to this announcement are due by 12 June 2009 no later than 1430 EST. POC is Carol Lloyd, Code 2.2.3CL, phone # (843) 218-3503, e-mail address is carol.lloyd

Additional Info: Click on this link to access the SPAWAR E-Commerce Central Web Site

Contracting Office Address: P.O. Box 190022, North Charleston SC 29419-9022

Point of Contact(s): Point of Contact - Carol A Lloyd, Contract Specialist, 843-218-3503



Notice Date

Notice Type
Solicitation Notice

Contracting Office
P.O. Box 190022, North Charleston SC 29419-9022

ZIP Code

Solicitation Number

Response Due

Archive Date

Point of Contact
Point of Contact - Joanne Banks, Contract Specialist, 843-218-5953; Kathy Breitkreutz, Contracting Officer, 843-218-5933

E-Mail Address
Email your questions to Contract Specialist


SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston intends to issue a sole source contract for program management support, engineering services, technical support, general technical and programmatic analysis; website administration and maintenance, and logistical/planning services for the FBI to Tridea Works, LLC, 4149 Orchard Drive, Fairfax, VA 22032.

Tridea Works is the only contractor with the required capabilities to assist and support the FBI's unique national security requirements. Tridea Works possesses the experience in developing technical requirements for domestic and international electronic surveillance as well as other telecommunications services and features. They are also currently developing electronic surveillance requirements for a number of specific services.

An Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity, Cost Plus Fixed Fee type contract is anticipated with a base period of one year with options to extend the term of the contract for four (4) additional one-year periods. The place of performance is primary within CONUS.

Tridea Works is the only known responsible source that can provide the necessary services to meet the mission requirements.

Any questions relating to this announcement are due 15 days from the date this notice is published at 2:00 pm (eastern).

POC is Joanne Banks, Code 0216JB, telephone (843) 218-5953; fax (843) 218-5947; or e-mail address

Web Link
Click on this link to access the SPAWAR Solicitation Page

SN00559315-W 20040404/040402212549 (



Title: Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance of Public IP Network Access Service

Abstract of Presentation:

Public IP Network Access Service (PIPNAS) is defined as a subscription-based service that combines network processing, protocol conversion, and routing with transmission to enable users to access a public Internet Protocol (IP) network. Network access can be obtained by establishing a subscription-based arrangement with a PIPNAS provider. The typical PIPNAS provider offers services that combine network processing, protocol conversion, and routing with transmission.

Electronic surveillance is one of the most effective and valuable investigative techniques utilized in both criminal and national security investigations. Emerging technologies, such as those associated with PIPNAS, have vastly complicated law enforcement's task in this regard. Therefore, it is particularly important to preserve Law Enforcement Agencies' (LEAs') capability to acquire all Communication Identifying Information (CII) and Communication Content (CC) that are subject to Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance (LAES).

This presentation indicates the needs of LEAs relative to PIPNAS and the status of standards development to support those needs.




RESTON, VA 20194

Dollar Amount of Defense Contracts Awarded to this Contractor from 2000 to 2008: $22,082,894

Number of Defense Contracts Awarded to this Contractor from 2000 to 2008: 5

Industry Classification: Engineering Services

Type of Business Entity: Other Small Business (SB) Performing in the United States

Women-Owned Business: No

HUB Zone Representation: No

Ethnic Group --

Veteran-Owned Small Business --

Govt Contracts (Defense) - Count/$ Dollar Amount

2008 1/$7,198,959
2007 1/$8,382,500
2006 1/$899,551
2005 1/$4,601,884
2004 1/$1,000,000
2003 0/$0
2002 0/$0
2001 0/$0
2000 0/$0


Network Test Analyst
Quantico, VA, United States

Ref#: 26

Date published: 13-Nov-2009


Network Test Analyst (Quantico, VA)

The candidate will be responsible for performing analysis of network traffic and metrics collected during structured testing of commercial telecommunications and Internet service providers. The candidate will be responsible for working closely with network engineers performing the tests, and for documenting issues identified during analysis.

The position requires the candidate to work with government clients and other contractors, and to work both independently and on teams.

On the job training will be provided.


• 3+ years of utilizing knowledge of IP technology including a understanding of the OSI reference model, IP addressing, IP header analysis, TCP and UDP protocol knowledge.

• 2+ years of experience executing and documenting test results in accordance with test plans.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills. Fluency in English. Ability to write and communicate clear and concise technical information.


• Familiarity with a variety of LAN/WAN technologies used in the transport of IP including HDLC over TDM, IP over Ethernet, PPP, PPP over Ethernet, L2TP, GRE, and IPsec.

• Experience in broadband mobile wireless CDMA 1XRTT, EV-DO, WiFi, or WiMAX core network configuration and operation.

• Familiarity with the use of IP testing tools such as OmniPeak, Ethereal, Wireshark, tcpdump, Smartbits, Agilent, Adtech, Chariot, Iperf, and MGEN.


BS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or other applicable technical degree


Must be clearable up to the Top Secret level.


5% or less


Network Support Engineer - DITU
Quantico, VA


Date published: 4-Oct-2009

Network Support Engineer

Job description

We are seeking an energetic, self-motivated Network Support Engineer to join our rapidly expanding team!

Using various network monitoring tools, the network support engineer is required to help maintain 24X7 surveillance of a large inter-connected data network. The applicant must be capable of interfacing with customers, field operations, engineering, and NOC personnel to facilitate isolation and resolution of connectivity and data transfer issues.

The network support engineer must also be capable of identifying network problems, performing fault isolation and segmentation as well as possess the ability to correlate multiple alarms with larger outages. Superb verbal and written communications skills are essential for this position in order to provide day-to-day customer support as well as document and escalate issues as needed. Documentation of technical issues involves using an in-house developed trouble ticket systems.

Position requires candidate to work closely with other engineers, technicians, and support staff to ensure that our customer's mission critical needs are met in a creative, efficient, and effective way. On the job training will be provided.


• 3+ years of practical experience within the following areas:

o Network Infrastructure & Monitoring – Hands on experience with monitoring and troubleshooting of LAN, WLAN, VLAN, and VPN technologies. Firewall configuration, monitoring, and maintenance, public and private IP addressing, NAT. Intermediate understanding of TCP/IP protocols and the OSI model.

o Remote Administration – Citrix Server, Windows Terminal Server, Windows Remote Desktop, VM Ware Virtual Infrastructure Client, telnet, VNC, PC Anywhere

o Desktop Clients – Proficient with Windows OS , including Windows Vista, XP Pro, Windows Server 2000, NT 4.0, 95/98

• Support experience with telecommunication and/or network service customers in production environments is preferred

• Experience with networking hardware is preferred

• Candidate must have a proven track record in a team environment and possess of following qualities:

o Able to work with moderate supervision

o Analytical thinker with a strong attention to detail

o Able to relay technical information to customers with varying skill levels


AS degree or equivalent in a related technical field required.


A current DOD Top Secret Security Clearance is required.


30% or less

It has been and continues to be the policy of Tridea Works to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, and/or other status protected by applicable law.


Network Test Engineer - CIU
Quantico, VA


Date published: 12-Sep-2009

Network Test Engineer (Quantico, VA)

The candidate must possess very good technical knowledge and experience with broadband networks as provided by ISP’s and/or Wireless Service Providers, to include routing, switching, protocols, and advanced network solutions & features. The position requires the candidate provide technical support with respect to the testing of implementation compliance with standardized capability requirements. Technical support includes assessing industry solutions against client requirements as they relate to networking solutions for the purposes of offering packet data access (i.e., broadband internet access) service.

The candidate must be capable of reviewing network architectures and determining testing procedures to validate the networks compliance with selected industry standards. Responsibilities include developing testing procedures, performing technical analysis, and producing a report summarizing the test results. Previous experience with packet capture and analysis tools will be highly beneficial.

The position requires the candidate to work with government clients and other contractors, and to work both independently and on teams.

On the job training will be provided.


• 5+ years of practical experience with a variety of networking products & technologies , including experience with some or all of the following broadband technologies: DSL, Cable, Fiber, Wifi, WiMax, TDM, GSM, CDMA, Air-to-Ground, and VoIP

• 5+ years hands-on progressive experience supporting broadband networks as provided by ISP’s, 3G, or cellular networks. This includes experience with TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, advanced routing protocols and equipment, IPSec, VPN’s, and RADIUS

• Experience with packet capture and analysis tools.

• Experience analyzing new technology implementations; and have the ability to develop structured test plans to evaluate the new technology against predefined requirements.

• Must have good written and oral communication skills


BS degree in a related technical field required.


A current DOD Secret Security Clearance is required.


25% or less