5 September 1998

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Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 10:30:59 -0600
From: TruthMonger <tm@dev.null>

For the record:

If a CypherPunk falls in the forest and there is nobody
there to see or hear...

In the (hopefully) remote case that the world wakes
tommorrow to read the headline, "Third Murderer Arrested
In Jonesboro Massacre--Suspect Also Linked To OKC Bombing
J.F.K assassination, and eating of apple from the Tree
Of Life."

It is not important for the world to know the details
behind the FUD disseminated in events/affairs such as
those surrounding JFK, Jim Bell, ad infinitum.
But it *is* important for *someone* to know.

The Truth (TM) about what will transpire in the current
persecrotchsin against my angelic being will be what the
Truth (TM) always is...a fucking mystery.

What is important is that an accurate knowledge of the
details be known, as much as possible, so that there is
an opportunity for those who wish to do so to elicit and
face the Truth (TM) to the best of their ability, or
according to their own personal prediliction, if mental
comfort is more important to them than truth.

Details--I drove 2,000 miles to arrive at the doorstep
of my dear friend Gomez the day before he, himself, 
found out that he was being cut loose from a company
he had co-founded 17 years earlier.
  I had been informed as to what was about to go down.

Details--I surfaced on the CypherPunks list as Toto,
shortly before Tim May was driven/alienated from the
list which he had co-founded and did my best to 
provide a  bizarre and inane surrogacy in his absence.
  I had been informed as to what was about to go down.

Details--I secured the essential files on my hard drive
and headed for the US to put them out of the reach of
the Oppressors shortly before they arrived on my doorstep
to seize my computers.
  I had been informed as to what was about to go down.

  Feel free to categorize the above as Truth, Delusion,
Synchronicity, etc, but the details are accurate.

  A goodly portion of my posts, etc., which seem to be
either pointless or foolish have been quite simply an
action designated to provide a fulcrum point for my
associates to monitor and analyze responses and traffic
patterns that result.
 (Chief among these aims is sifting those responding 
  from personal beliefs and values from those who are
  responding according to an 'agenda', whether their
  own, or that of others.)

For the better part of a decade, I have been free to
do whatever the fuck it is that I do (???), with little
interference, basically as a result of the fact that
much of the 'game' going on between my associates and
their 'opponenets' has been a semi-civilized process of
warring to accumulate better tools and information than
the 'other side.'

  I have basically served as a willing schill whose role
was to implement needed processes of information 
dissemination in a 'fictional parable' style that the 
'players' understood, and that the 'seekers' had a hope
of deciphering (and becoming 'players') without telling
the Truth (TM) in such a blatant way as to endanger the
'game' and force everyone's hand.

  A few months ago, I was informed that the stakes had
been raised, the rules had changed, and that my options
were to withdraw, or to recognize that 'in for a penny,
in for a pound' was the new order of the day.

  At the time that many of my c/overt associates began
going underground, I was able to begin acting wholly of
my own accord. Without providing details, let me say
that the 'Official RCMP Hate Page' which is the overt
cause of my current 'troubles' was designed to provide
exactly the type of envelope pushing which was suggested
on the list (re: challenging the 3-line Perl criminality).
However, the act which caused the hammer to fall was
merely a 'final straw' which was not recognized by the
Oppressors as a *continuation* of a process in which
defensive measures where heaped upon the camel, to
provide the main load.
  (Sorry to be cryptic about this, but the details of
   the 'other' part of this process need to remain
   as a gun hidden in the boot, for now.)

  My point is, the point that has been reached wherein
the Oppressors are springing to the attack is not the
result of a random, impulsive act. Neither are their
actions unanticipated, nor have their actions and plans
gone *unmonitored*?

  I have been provided with information that indicates
that some of the factors and issues being considered in
handling the 'problem' I allegedly represent revolve 

1. Violence.
I have a 'history' of assaulting law enforcement officials
which is in no way diminished in value by the fact that
it is bogus.

2. Insanity.
I have a 'history' of insanity which is a spin-doctor's
dream in regard to having me dismissed as a 'lunatic',
regardless of the fact that I was subjected to
electroshock treatments as a result of misdiagnosis
of Tourette Syndrome.

3. Criminality.
I have a 'history' of deep involvement in the drug
trade (busted for 1/2 joint in 1969, and 'suspected'
of more drug crimes than Noriega, since then).
I have a 'history' of involvement with organized crime.
(running legal nude dance parlors for shady characters
 who dine with judges, prosecutors, police chiefs and
 major politicians).

The Good News (TM) is that the preferred manner of
pounding me back into alignment with the rest of the
Nailizens (TM) is to do a Ted Kaczynski on me and
pleading me out for 'jaywalking' once everyone agrees 
that I am a pitiful, mentally debilitated misfit.
The Bad News (TM)...

Well, the Bad News (TM) is that I, like other list 
members, have been, since birth, a CypherPunk waiting 
for someone to start a CypherPunks mailing list...

I was wrongfully convicted of possession of marijuana
as a youth, as the result of the criminal malefeasance
of the RCMP.

The first joint I smoked was on the courhouse steps, 
after being 'convicted' of The Crime. Although I had a
well-paying, regular job, I paid the 'fine' by buying
and selling a pound of pot.

Essentially, I was undeniably establishing the fact that
I am a FuckYou kind of guy.

Being young, I managed to accomplish this amazing feat 
of FuckYouNess while still maintaining my belief in 

This was, in retrospect, a Good Thing (TM), since it
kept me from impulsively slaughtering those involved in
my wrongful persecution, at an age when I did not have
the experience/wisdom to do so effectively and cover my
ass as much as possible in the process.

Although the Kaczynski/Jaywalking route is by far the
most sensible and the safest route, I am afraid that
I have grown to love and appreciate, over the years, the
FuckYou HighWay To Hell.
"In for a fucking penny, in for a cocksucking pound..."

The foregoing information/details/background in regard
to my life, beliefs and attitudes is solely for the
purpose of making it plain that:

1. I not only knew/know they were/are coming...I sent
for them. If the Official Version Of Events (TM)
indicates that I resisted/ran, had to be violently
subdued/shot, etc., then those buying the OVOE (TM)
will get a coupon good for a discount on the Brooklyn

2. If the OVOE (TM) indicates that I am a drooling
mongoloid idiot who needed to be locked away in the
Happy Place (TM), then it would be a good bet to assume
that Jim Bell's LeftOver Medications (MT) were shipped
air-express to Canada for my 'benefit'.

3. If the Official Version Of Events (TM) is that I
am a low-life criminal with a checkered past and a long
list of crimes under my belt, then 'the Beaver' must
have been Noriega's superior, because me and 'the Beav'
are such genius, criminal masterminds that John Law
was powerless to apprehend us in the commission of our
mountain of crimes, and successfully convict us.

  Hopefully, I am being melodramatic, because I may
well have my ass covered well enough that the Oppressors
will be hard-put to carry-through on (or escalate) their
current actions without incurring more grief than they
are willing to bear.

  If such is the case, then I will retire from shit-
disturbing, take up knitting, and invite you over
for tea in the afternoons. (And in the mornings, I will
just lay around and play with my 32' dick.)

  There is a distinct possibility, however, that the
Oppressors might quite simply drop any charges which
would come back on them and make them look like Nazi
Fucks (TM), and simply charge me with a wide variety
of 'crimes' that are known to be the sign of low-life,
scum-sucking, drug-dealing, communist, child-molesting
terroists who don't floss after meals.
  (You know the routine...)

  The Good News (TM) is that I am fully capable, if
'depicted' as a violent, insane criminal, of living up
to whatever label is chosen for me in the Official
Perversion Of Events (TM).

  "We make our Gods, and do battle with them...and they
bless us."
~Herman Hesse

  "We make our Demons, and fuck with them...and they
rip us a new asshole."

The Bottom Line:

  When convicted/labeled as a drug user/abuser/addict,
I rose to the occassion by actively taking on that role,
by choice, as a humanitarian gesture designed to redeem
my persecutors by fulfilling the role which would
justify their actions, in the long run.

  Likewise, if I am depicted/convicted as a Monster (TM)
who unconsiounsibly rips babies apart with a chainsaw...
Well, I've always kind of wondered what babys look like

The sole reason for relating the above to you is simply
because I have enjoyed and appreciated the contributions
you have made to the CypherPukes Disturbed Male List,
the IntegerNet, and the UniFarce which we all Cher with
Sonny Bono.

Thus, on the off-chance that the Oppressors discover the
Nuclear SampsonIte SuitCase that I have hidden in my 
basement, thus propelling me into the limelight with
Timothy McVeigh, Pete Rose and Adolf Hitler, you will be
able to brag to your friends,

  "I don't know if Oswald acted alone, but TruthMonger
sure as hell didn't.

p.s. - Don't tell my mom...OK?


Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 22:11:42 -0600
From: TruthMonger <tm@dev.null>

I just received a rather disturbing piece of information from a source
who has, over the years, provided me with a variety of purloined
information which has helped me to keep my ass out of the fire.

While I was absolutely *stunned* when I read the information sent to
me, despite being a cynical asshole by nature, the references in the
material to events spanning decades of my life contained details which
are consistent only with what would be known by those who have deemed
it necessary to monitor my activities for various reasons over that
period of time.

Although the information I received is apparently (I hope) of a
'Plans For Invasion Of Canada' nature (i.e. - theoretical?), it
seems that at least some of those who are sworn to "Protect and Serve"
are of the opinion that the best way to handle the 'problem' I present
is to actively seek to push my buttons, in an effort to get me to
'snap' at a time when I am being actively watched and investigated.

Apparently, my long history of biding my time until I choose to act
on my predilictions according to my own schedule is an 'serious
inconvenience' to those sworn to 'serve' the citizens up to the
Power&MoneyMongers, whom they are paid to 'protect.'

I was dumbfounded to read of the 'disappointment' of someone who seems
to be particularly enamoured with the idea of trying to steer me toward
the Murrah Federal Building (and hope I don't arrive there during their
coffee-break), when the opportune time to institute 'the plan' was
missed as a result of them procrastinating until I had the opportunity
to renew my medication prescriptions.

What I find particularly disturbing, in retrospect, is that, had I
not been forewarned of the plans of the Dangerous Armed Thugs to
steal my personal possessions and violate my Charter Rights, I may
have well instinctively reacted in a manner that would have left
me vulnerable to being enjoined in physical violence as a 'potential
threat' to the 'safety of law enforcement officials.'
It seems that, given local law enforcement officials' hard-to-deny
knowledge of my 'affliction' (I think of it as a blessing...) with
Tourette Syndrome, it is 'inadviseable' for the Armed Thugs to
attack me merely for swearing and shouting. However, if I should
happen to 'wave' my arms around, then I am apparently free game
for any officers who desire to interpret this as indicating that
their personal safety can only be assured by actively assaulting
me. (You know the routine: "Sir, failure to stop sneezing will be
taken as an act of Passive Aggression (TM-Orwell) and I will be
forced to kill your whole family.")

Over the years, I have become somewhat desensitized to the gross
violations of law, ethics and common decency, while poring over
the files of various agencies, in regard to myself and to others.
However, I find it extremely troubling that the type of mentality
which is evident in the files I have just read a dozen times, to
convince myself I am not imagining it all, not only exists within
the confines of secret government files, but seems to be addressed
to law enforcement personnel in general, rather than being viewed
as information that should be kept away from they eyes of officials
who might still have a sense of legality and ethics.

On the other hand, the decline in the murderous rampages of 
Disgruntled Postal Workers may indicate that the law enforcement
technique being described above has been pretty much perfected,
with Waco and OKC being the exceptions.

I sincerely hope that you find the above a bit hard to believe,
because the minute I send this email, I am going to go dig the
information out of it's triple-secret hiding place and read it
again, just to make sure I'm not going crazy...

"The Xenix Chainsaw Massacre"

"WebWorld & the Mythical Circle of Eunuchs"


"The Final Frontier"