14 July 1998

A forwarded message from Jim Bell:

Jim is requesting that cpunks try to get the Oregon 
newspaper to write up another story on his case.

John Branton is the "crime reporter" for the Columbian 
newspaper (editors@columbian.com). Jim asks that people 
send Branton a note saying they would like to see a 
story on the issue of Jim's being spied on.  This reporter 
already knows what the allegations are, but Jim wants
to prod him into covering his story, because he thinks 
it's important enough for the public to know about it.

Jim also would like any reporters on the list who are 
interested in talking to him, to send him their phone 
number and he will give them a call.

BTW, the next hearing date is set for the 7/30/98.  In 
the meantime, he's hanging around shooting pool, reading 
magazines, etc.

[End Jim message]


Jim's address:

    James Bell #26906086
    Federal Detention Center
    P.O. Box 68976
    Seattle WA 98168


Latest court docket entries:

6/30/98  50  MINUTE ORDER by Judge Franklin D. Burgess  that the
             Probation Revocation hrg is rescheduled to 1:30 p.m. on
             7/10/98 for James Dalton Bell (cc: counsel, Judge) (car)
             [Entry date 06/30/98]

7/8/98   --  PROPOSED Supplemental Violations (car) [Entry date 07/08/98]

7/10/98  51  PROBATION PETITION/ORDER by Judge Franklin D. Burgess as to
             James Dalton Bell re: Supplemental Violations  (cc:
             counsel, Judge, USPO) (car) [Entry date 07/10/98]

[END OF DOCKET: 3:97cr5270-0]


Documents on Jim Bell: