7 October 1997
Source: Anonymous

For background on Jim Bell see: http://jya.com/jimbell4.htm

Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 03:10:46 -0700
To: jya@pipeline.com
Subject: Books for Jim Bell

John, I had another couple of phone calls from Jim this week.   The info I
gleaned is below.   I wanted to let the list know that he was interested in
receiving reading material, and realized they might have further inquiries
regarding his condition.  So I thought you might just want to add this to
your web site.


.  his sentencing is scheduled for early November

.  he has not talked to his appointed lawyer in 2 weeks, as the lawyer has
been on vacation and is expected to be out for 2 more weeks.

.  a 12-month sentence is expected, of which he has already served 6 months

.  speculates that the remainder of his sentence could be spent in a
half-way house or home confinement.

.  accountants/lawyers are working on a possible arrangement for him to pay
back what the IRS is claiming he owes; expects he would then be making
payments for a number of years

.  he decided to go on Prozac, and has been taking it for about 2 weeks  

.  he is in a cell by himself, as he still has some staph infection

.  his meals are brought to him, so he doesn't go to a cafeteria, he isn't
doing any prison-type work, he doesn't have access to a library, so he
spends most of his time in his cell.   Said he reads about a book a day,
when his mother sends them.   Said if anyone is interested in sending
books, which he would much appreciate, that he would prefer technical
subjects (electronics, circuit design).   They should be addressed to his
attention at the following address, where he will be located for at least
another 4 months, and should have "Books" written on the outside of the
mailer to identify its contents:

		Kitsap County Corrections Center
		614 Division Street, MS33
		Port Orchard, WA  98366-4697

.  said he has been harboring a lot of anger within him for a number of
years which fueled his protests and actions in the past, but during the
time he has had to think about things (and the Prozac) he is feeling better
about life and will be seeking counseling in the near future, to discuss
his outlook.

.  when he gets out he will keep himself busy, not continue to focus on the
problems of the past; he will not be making any big (or little) splashes
about his experience, and will not be involving himself politically or
participating in public list discussions for a long time.