27 April 2006

A researcher asks for help identifying a person, possibly Japanese, shown at the upper right in the photos below. Responses to [Image]

The researcher says that someone identifed the person as Chris Elson, but someone else said that it was not Elson.

No source given for the original photo.

According to the researcher, the unidentified person is not the Japanese journalist, allegedly an intelligence agent, shown here: http://cryptome.org/jp-journo-id2.htm

This is a xerox of a photo with annotations by someone who was familiar with Jack Ruby's club.

Annotations across the top:

Tony Papa
Jack Ruby
Tony Zoppi
Phylis Papa
Not sure but could possibly be Tami True

At left:

Not known to me


Because of this music the show could have been Henny Youngman
Not known to me

This is the same photo shown on the History Channel (unknown date) and a blow-up of the unidentified person.