8 April 2005

Secrecy News reports 8 April 2005:


A large portion of a major Department of Defense web site was taken offline overnight after unclassified documents on the site became the subject of news stories and public controversy.

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Joint Electronic Library, including hundreds or thousands of doctrinal and other publications, has been replaced by a single page that reads "File Not Found" (www.dtic.mil/doctrine/).

One of those publications was a draft entitled "Joint Doctrine for Detainee Operations" (JP 3-63) that was circulated by Human Rights Watch and others and that was widely and critically reported in the press today.

Another was a draft "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations" (JP 3-12), that was spotlighted and cleverly analyzed by Jeffrey Lewis of ArmsControlWonk.com earlier this week.

In response, the Defense Department removed those draft documents, but also many hundreds of others.  A DTIC spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

A selection of DoD Joint Publications and other doctrinal documents previously available through DTIC remains available on the FAS web site here:


Various Joint Publications downloaded from DTIC on 5 April 2005, thanks to M. for pointing to the Human Rights Watch and ArmsControlWonk reports. These documents are more recent than those offered by FAS. All are the original PDFs Zipped.

Number Title Date Pages Size
Publication Status [Index of Joint Publications and Status]
J7, Joint Doctrine, Education, and Training Division
As Of 23 Jul 04 13 201KB
Joint Publication 3-12 Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations, Final Coordination (2) 15 March 2005 69 1.7MB
[Comments on]
JP 3-12, Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations (FC)
as of 12/16/04 153 1.1MB
Joint Staff Input to JP 3-12, Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations (Second Draft) as of 04/28/03 75 612KB
Joint Publication 3-13 Joint Doctrine for Information Operations, Second Draft 14 December 2004 143 2.1MB
[Comments on]
JP 3-13, Joint Doctrine for Information Operations (First Draft)
11/2/04 404 2.3MB
Joint Publication 3-26 Joint Doctrine for Homeland Security, Final (Version 3) 25 February 2005 119 2.2MB
Joint Publication 3-41 Doctrine for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High Yield Explosive Consequence Management, First Draft 10 February 2005 168 2.3MB
Joint Publication 3-54 Joint Doctrine for Operations Security, Revision First Draft 13 January 2003 156 695KB
Joint Publication 3-63 Joint Doctrine for Detainee Operations, Final Coordination 23 March 2005 142 703KB
Joint Publication 3-70 Joint Doctrine for Strategic Attack, Second Draft 11 May 2001 38 188KB
Joint Publication 6-0 Doctrine for Communications System Support to Joint Operations, Final Coordination (2) 14 February 2005 158 3.6MB