2 June 1999

Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 15:51:17 -0400
To: jross@rosseng.com
From: "James A. Ross" <jross@rosseng.com>
Subject: Coming Events


        Two unique events relating to privacy and security are on the horizon.

        September 13 - 17.   TSCM hands-on training course.  The first week
of this two-week, accredited course will take place in Minneapolis, MN.
For full information email us or call us on 800-US-DEBUG with your smail
address or fax number, and we'll get the full course description out to
you.  Limited enrollment, so don't delay!

        December 13 - 15.  Surveillance Expo '99.  This, the eleventh
Surveillance Expo, is back where a lot of people think it belongs, near our
nation's capital.  We'll be in the Doubletree Hotel in Crystal City, VA
(just across the river from DC).  On Monday and Tuesday (13th & 14th) we'll
have the outstanding early-bird panel "Countering Corporate Espionage,
Reports from the Field" first thing each morning.  Exhibits will be open
through the days, and there will be 24 one-hour seminars in four tracks
over the two days.  Each evening we'll have a panel discussion by expert on
contentious subjects (we're hoping to be able to reveal just exactly what
happened in Oklahoma City, and how flight 800 was shot down).  On
Wednesday, the 15th, there will be optional half-day seminars by experts on
topics many people are intensely interested in - total number of seminars
and topics to be announced soon.

        If YOU have any interest in speaking, exhibiting, managing a track,
sponsoring, or attending, please send us an email or call us on 800-US-DEBUG.



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