11 October 1997
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                                                                   7 Nov 1988


From:  Commandant of the Marine Corps
To:    Distribution List

Subj:  Advance Logistics Order for the General Purpose
       Encryption Equipment, TSEC/KG-84A and General Purpose
       Telegraphy Encryption Equipment, TSEC/KG-84C

Ref:    (a) CMS-4L
        (b) MCO 4408.2E
        (c) CSP-L
        (d) MCO 4400.32E

Encl:   (1) Logistics Planning Data for the TSEC/KG-84A and
        (2) TSEC/KG-84() Allowance List
        (3) RGQ-84()/TSEC Allowance List

1.  Purpose.  To disseminate logistics information pertaining to the General
Purpose Encryption Equipment, TSEC/KG-84A and General Purpose Telegraphy
Encryption Equipment, TSEC/KG-84C.

2.  Background.  The KG-84 family of equipment is a series of general purpose
cryptographic devices intended to replace existing, aging equipment and satisfy
emerging secure communications requirements. These devices are general, high
capacity key generators used to encrypt and decrypt teletypewriter and digital
data in both tactical and fixed plant environments. The TSEC/KG-84A was designed
to provide enhanced encryption equipment to support the TRI-TAC switched
network. The TSEC/KG-84C demonstrates significant enhancements over the TSEC/KG-
84A,  particularly an improved high frequency capability, but remains
cryptographically compatible with the TSEC/KG-84, TSEC/KG-84A and TSEC/KG-82.
The TSEC/KG-84A and TSEC/KG-84C will be referred to as the KG-84() throughout
the remainder of this Order.

3.  Information

    a.  New Equipment

        (1)  The KG-84() provides significant improvements in reliability, key
variable distribution, and security over existing equipments. The incorporation
of large-scale integration (LSI) technology allows the KG-84() to realize a
substantial reduction in size, weight, and power consumption requirements.

MCO 2040.8
7 Nov 1988

        (2)  The KG-84() accepts plain-text digital data from various
input/output (I/0) devices or data adapters in either full duplex, half duplex,
or simplex modes of operation. Input data may be a continuous bit stream
synchronized at various clock frequencies ranging from 50 bits per second (b/s)
to 32,000 b/s or asynchronous data in specified formats at various stepping
rates from 50 b/s to 9,600 b/s. An optional mode timing system allows a choice
of operating from either an internal or external clock source. The external
clock option allows operation at any arbitrary data rate up to 64,000 b/s. The
KG-84() encrypts the plain-text data and performs additional processing
operations, such as diphase modulation, if required by system configuration to
produce cipher-text information optimized for transmission to, the interfacing
external equipment. Conversely, the X  84() accepts incoming cipher-text data,
decrypts the data, and performs other processing operations to recover the
plain-text data or message. The resulting plain-text information is sent to a
compatible I/O device or data adapter.

        (3)  A complete replacement set of KG-84() printed wire assemblies
(PWA's) will be contained in the RGQ-84()/TSEC PWA spares kits. The components
of the RGQ-84A/TSEC and RGQ-84C/TSEC kits are listed in enclosure (1).

    b.  Replaced Items. The KG-84() will replace the TSEC/KW-7, TAMCN A8016, 
       TSEC/-26C, A8017, TSEC/KG-13, TAMCN A8022, TSEC/KG-30, TAMCN A8040,
TSEC/KG-33, TAMCN A8041, and TSEC/KG-34, TAMCN A8037 equipment. Disposition
instructions for replaced equipment should be requested from the Director,
Communication Security (COMSEC) Material System (DCMS) per reference (a).

    c.  Supported Systems. The KG-84() will be employed with the
following communications systems. The respective KG-84() model
and quantity requirements will be addressed in the appropriate
systems documents.

             TAMCN             Nomenclature

             A0013             ATACC 

             A0267             AN/MSC-63A (SSCC) 

             A0268             AN/TGC-37(V)

             A0274             AN/TSC-120

             A0284             AN/UGC-74C (V) 3

             A0437             AN/TYC-5A(V)

             A0615             EISS

MCO 2040.,9
7 Nov 1988

             TAMCN              Nomenclature

             A0656              AN/TSC-96

             A0823              AN/TYQ-12(V)4

             A0827              JSIPS
             A0845              AN/TYQ-19(V)2

             A0890              AN/UXC-7A

             A2179              AN/TRC-170

             A2183              AN/MRC-135A

             A2506              AN/GYC-7

             A2520              AN/MSC-63A (TCC)

             A2525              AN/TYQ-23 (V) 1

             A2537              AN/TSQ-90

             A2540              AN/TYQ-3A

             A2631              AN/TSQ-130(V)

             A2645              AN/TGC-46

             E0039              BCP

             F1092              WWMMCS/WIS

             Q2110              MATCALS (AN/TSQ-131)

             N/A                AUTODIN

             N/A                DODDIS

             N/A                MCDIN

             N/A                MCCERN

             N/A                Mobile Meteorological Facility 

Navy design and engineering teams will support the installation of KG-84()s at
Marine Corps facilities which provide Defense Data Network (DDN) connectivity
and Marine Corps security and intelligence centers. For those systems currently

MCO 2040.8
7 Nov 1988

under development the respective contractor will provide for KG-84()
installation requirements.  The Marine Corps is responsible for KG-84()
installations in support of all fielded tactical systems.  Modification
instructions will be developed and ancillary components will be made available
to facilitate these tactical system installations.

    d.  Training

        (1)  Operator Training

             (a)  Formal Training.  No specific Military Occupational Specialty 
(MOS) has been designated for the KG-84() operator. The KG-84() has application
to the operator MOS's connected with the communications, communications center
and command and control equipment listed in paragraph 3c, preceding. Formal
operator training will be limited to orientation and familiarization with KG-
84() equipment at the Marine Corps Communication - Electronics School (MCCES),
Twentynine Palms, California, for MOS's 2549 (Communication Center Chief) and
2591 (Operational Communication Chief) and the Communications Officer School,
Marine Corps Combat Development Center (MCCDC), Quantico, Virginia.

             (b) Unit Training.  Operator training at the unit level will
consist of on-the-job training using the operator's manuals available to each
unit receiving KG-84() equipment. Each command will be responsible for
maintaining an adequate level of qualified operator personnel.

        (2)  Maintenance Training

             (a)  Formal

                  1  Initial Training. Initial KG-84() maintenance training
will be provided by the Navy Cryptological Technical Maintenance School, Mare
Island, California, and the Technical Training Center, Lackland Air Force Base,
San Antonio, Texas. Quotas for these maintenance training courses can be
requested through the chain of command from the Commandant of the Marine Corps
(CMC) (TPI).

                  2  Follow-on Training. KG-84() maintenance training will be
incorporated COMSEC maintenance courses attended by MOS's 2825 (Fixed Ciphony
Technician), 2881 (COMSEC Equipment Technician), and 2882 (KG-30 COMSEC
Technician) at the U.S. Army Signal Schools, Fort Gordon, Georgia. KG-84()
familiarization will be incorporated into the maintenance training courses held
at MCCES attended by MOS's 2811 (Telephone Technician), 2818 (Teletype
Technician), 2827 (Mobile Data Terminal Technician), 2841 (Ground Radio
Repairer), and 2861 (Radio Technician).


                                                                    MCO 2040.8
                                                                    7 Nov 1988

             (b)  Unit Training. On-the-job training at the unit level will
supplement and reinforce the formal training received by maintenance personnel.
Each command will be responsible for maintaining the proficiency and
certification of maintenance personnel.

        (3)  Training Support. Training publications and programs of instruction
will comply with current Marine Corps Orders pertaining to training standards.
No correspondence courses are currently planned for the KG-84(). No new
construction at the training facilities is required.

    e.  Support and Test Equipment. Support and test equipment requirements are
addressed in enclosure (1).

    f.  Supply Support. The limited maintenance RGQ-84()/TSEC PWA spares kits
will be force-fed to the supporting intermediate maintenance facilities.
Replacement PWA's will be obtained from the Ships Parts Control Center,
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, per reference (b). Consumable repair parts will
be obtained from the supply system per reference (b).

    g.  Maintenance Support

        (1)  General.  The modular construction and high reliability
demonstrated by the KG-84() allow a maintenance concept that minimizes the
degree of maintenance to be performed at the organizational and intermediate
levels and concentrates major repair work at the depot level.

        (2)  Organizational Level Maintenance. Maintenance performed at the
organizational level will be preventive in nature and will include the cleaning,
inspecting, and operational testing of the KG-84() equipment. Defective KG-
84() end items will be evacuated to the supporting Force Logistic Support
Cryptographic Facility (FLSCF) or Support Cryptographic Site (SCS) for
corrective maintenance as described in reference (b).

        (3)  Intermediate Level Maintenance. Only personnel who have graduated
from an approved KG-84() maintenance training course are permitted to perform
limited maintenance on KG-84() equipment. Maintenance performed at the
intermediate level will be limited to fault isolation to the PWA level and the
removal and replacement of defective PWA's and mechanical parts. Spare PWA's
will be available in the RGQ-84() maintenance kits prepositioned at the FLSCF's
and SCS's. End item exchange pool assets will be provided to the operational
readiness float (ORF) established at the force service support group (FSSG)
within each Marine expeditionary force (MEF) and at the Brigade Service

MCO 2040.8
7 Nov 1988

Support Group (BSSG) within the lst Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB). These
assets will be reflected under the appropriate ORF's table of equipment (T/E)
but will be controlled by the respective intermediate maintenance activity.

        (4)  Depot Level Maintenance. Defective PWA's and KG-84() end items not
repairable at the intermediate level will be evacuated to the supporting Naval
Cryptographic Repair Facility (CRF) through the FLSCF as described in reference

    h.  Controlled Cryptographic Item Management

        (1)  Classification and Accountability. Unkeyed KG-84() equipment and
components have been classified as Controlled Cryptographic Items (CCI). CCI
items are unclassified but remain under the control of DCMS. The KG-84() end
items and RGQ-84() PWA spares kits will be centrally accounted for at DCMS by
serial number per reference (a). Keyed CCI equipment assumes a classification
level equal to that of the keying material and will be safeguarded per the
provisions of reference (c).

        (2)  Transportation.  CCI equipment and components may be transported
only by traceable means. Authorized transportation media are: Defense Courier
Service, State Department Diplomatic Courier Service, Officially Designated
Command Couriers, U.S. registered mail (provided that it never passes out of
U.S. control or through a foreign postal system or any foreign inspection), and
military or commercial transportation systems with strict accountability
provided by the Department of Defense Constant Surveillance System (DoD CSS).
In foreign countries where there is a significant U.S. military presence (two
or more military bases where U.S. military personnel are stationed), foreign
nationals who are employed by the U.S. Government may transport CCI material,
provided there  is a signature record from the pick-up location to the ultimate
destination and a U.S. citizen accompanies the foreign employee in couriering
the material or the material is contained in a closed vehicle or shipping
container (conex, dromedary) which is locked and has a shipping seal. A
completed SF-153 (COMSEC Material Report) must accompany each item during any
transfer of KG-84() equipment. Shipment of CCI material must always be made
with a DD-1149 (Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document) attached to the
outside container. The KG-84() will be zeroized prior to shipment and will be
shipped separately from its keying material.

        (3)  Access.  A security clearance is not required for viewing of or
access to unkeyed KG-84() equipment and components. Access shall be restricted
to U.S. citizens whose duties require such access. Access may also be granted
to permanently admitted resident aliens, who  are either U.S. Government
civilian employees, active duty military or Reserve members of the U.S. Armed
Forces, whose duties require access.

        (4)  Storage.  Unkeyed KG-84() equipment and components must be stored
in a manner that affords a level of protection at least equal to that normally
provided to high value or sensitive material. Classified keying material,
classified supporting documents and keyed KG-84() equipment must be stored per
the procedures outlined in reference (c).
                                                                 MCO 2040.8
                                                                 7 Nov 1988

    i.  Replacement Factors.  Replacement factors will not apply.

    j.  Technical Representatives. Contractor technical representatives will
not be provided. Technical assistance, as required, may be obtained from the
National Security Agency (NSA), the Naval Electronic Systems Security
Engineering Center (NESSEC) or other agencies by requests to the Commanding
General (CG), Marine Corps Research, Development and Acquisition Command

4.  Concept of Implementation

    a.  Initial Fielding.  (KG-84() and RGQ-84() equipment will be force-fed
by DCMS to the Marine Corps units indicated in enclosures (2) and (3) as
directed by the CMC (CCT). Fielding quantities of the KG-84A and KG-84C models
will be determined by the respective operational requirements of the supported
systems delineated in paragraph 3c, preceding. Fielding of KG-84A and RGQ-84A
equipment has begun. KG-84C equipment will be fielded beginning lst quarter FY
1989. RGQ-84C kits will be available beginning 3d quarter FY 1989.

    b.  Initiating Service.  Upon receipt, equipment may be placed on
administrative deadline until the requirements of reference (d) have been
satisfied. CG Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Pacific, CG FMF Atlantic, Base and 4th
Division Wing Team (DWT) Commanders are authorized to place the equipment in
service at their discretion. Strapping of the KG-84() for application dependent
operation can be performed by a TEMPEST trained COMSEC technician using the
respective limited maintenance manual.

5.  Reserve Applicability.  This Order is applicable to the Marine Corps

                              W. G. CARSON, JR.
                              Deputy Chief of Staff
                              for Installations and Logistics


     Copy to:  7000041, 062,157, 161 (2)
               7000106, 144, 148, 3700001, 002, 003/8145001 (1)


                                                                    MCO 2040.8
                                                                    7 Nov 1988


1.  Logistics Data

    a.  TSEC/KG-84A

        Item name:  General Purpose Encryption Equipment,

        TAM No.:  A8082 VII GP

        ID No.: 10018A

        NSN: 5810-01-146-3260

        Unit of issue: ea

        Unit standard package:. 1

        Unit cost: $3,600

       Physical dimensions (without carrying case):

         Height:                7.8 in

         Width:                 7.5 in

         Depth:                 15.2 in

         Square storage:        0.41 ft 2

         Cubic storage:         0.51 ft 3

         Weight:                21.5 lb

         Standardization: standard

         Stores, account code: 3

         Replacement factor: not applicable

     b.  RGQ-84A/TSEC

         Item name: PWA Spares Kit, RGQ-84A/TSEC

         TAM No.: A8078 VII GP

                                                    ENCLOSURE (1)


MCO 2040.8
7 Nov 1988

         ID No..- To be deternined  (TBD)
         NSN: TBD

         Unit of issue: ea

         Unit standard package: 1

         Unit cost:  $3,000

         Physical dimensions

           Height:               10 in

           Width:                20 in

           Depth:               17.5 in

           Square storage;      1.39 ft2

           Cubic storage:       2.03 ft3

           Weight:               20 lb

         Standardization: standard

         Stores account code: 3

         Replacement factors: Not applicable

             RGQ-84A/TSEC PWA Spares, Kit Component List

             Nomenclature                        NSN

             E-FNJ/1                       5810-01-150-5030

             E-FNK                         5810-01-150-5038

             E-FNL                         58l0-01-150-503l

             E-FNM                         5915-01-151-1715

             E-FNN/I                       5810-01-150-5032

             E-FNO                         5810-01-150-7870

             E-FNP                         5810-O1-150-5029



                                                                    MCO 2040.8
                                                                    7 Nov 1988

        Nomenclature                             NSN

        E-FYD                              5810-01-231-6219

        E-FYE                              5810-01-231-6220

        E-FYF                              5810-01-231-6221

        E-FYG                              5810-01-231-6222

        E-EQA                              5810-01-150-5037

        E-EQB/1                            6130-01-150-5062

        E-EWA                              6130-01-151-1699

        E-EQY                              5810-01-095-9922

        Z-AMW                              5810-01-095-9807

        Interconnect Board                 5810-01-256-3976

        E-FYJ                              5340-01-258-1632

        E-FYA/1                            P/N ON422158

        E-FYH                              P/N ON363459

        E-FYI                              P/N ON363479

2.  Publications.  The following publications are available to support the
operation and maintenance of KG-84() equipment. The technical manuals (TM's)
will be force-fed to all requiring units by Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB),
Albany. Additional and replacement TMs can be obtained from MCLB (Code 876)
Albany. All requests for classified cryptographic operational operating manual
(KAO) and cryptographic operational maintenance manual (KAM) publications will
be addressed to DCMS (Code T60M) per reference (a), article 815. Requests for
KAM's by activities not having COMSEC repair capability must be approved by the
CG MCRDAC (C2CT) prior to shipment by DCMS.

TM Identification No.                Title and PCN

TM 11-5810-309-10            Operator's Manual, Dedicated Loop
                             Encryption Device, TSEC/KG-84A
                             (PCN 351 585 66100)

                                                               ENCLOSURE (1)


MCO 2040.8
7 Nov 1988

TM Identification No.                Title and PCN

TM 11-5810-309-23            Organizational and Direct Support 
                             Maintenance, Dedicated Loop Encryption 
                             Device, TSEC/KG-84A
                             (PCN 351 585 66200)

TM 11-5810-308-24P           Organizational, Direct Support and 
                             General Support Repair Parts and 
                             Special Tools List, Dedicated Loop 
                             Encryption Device, TSEC/KG-84A 
                             (PCN 351 585 66000)

TM 11-5810-377-10            Operator's Manual, General Purpose 
                             Telegraphic Encryption Equipment, 
                             (PCN 351 585 83700)

TM 11-5810-377-23            Unit and Intermediate Direct Support 
                             Maintenance, General Purpose 
                             Telegraphic Encryption Equipment, 
                             (PCN 351 585 83800)

KAO-184()/TSEC               Operating Instructions for 
                             TSEC/KG 84/KG-84A

KAO-210()/TSEC               Operating Instructions for TSEC/KG-84C

KAM-410()/TSEC               Limited Maintenance Manual for TSEC/

KAM-411()/TSEC               Theory Textbook, TSEC/KG-84/KG-84A

KAM-412()/TSEC               Maintenance Troubleshooting Manual,

KAM-504()/TSEC               Limited Maintenance Manual for

KAM-505()/TSEC               Maintenance Troubleshooting Manual,

MI-07115B-35/2               Modification of the AN/TYC-5A(V) to 
                             accept TSEC/KG-84() COMSEC equipment 
                             (PCN 160 896015 00)

3.  Support and Test Equipment.  The following equipment required to perform
limited maintenance on the KG-84() are general purpose hand tools and test



                                                       MCO 2040.8
                                                       7 Nov 1988

             Nomenclature                        NSN

             E-FNQ                         5810-01-148-5093

             E-EQA                         5810-01-150-5037

             E-EQB/1                       5810-01-150-5062

             E-EQQ                         5810-01-095-9916

             E-EQU                         5810-01-096-0761

             E-EQY                         5810-01-095-9922

             E-EWA                         6130-01-151-1699

             Z-AMW                         5810-01-095-9807

    c.  TSEC/KG-84C

        Item name: General Purpose Telegraphy Encryption
                   Equipment, TSEC/KG-84C

        TAM No.: A8082 VII GP

        ID No.: TBD
        NSN: 5810-01-250-6618

        Unit of issue: ea

        Unit standard package: 1

        Unit cost: $3,600

        Physical dimensions (without carrying case):

          Height:              7.8 in

          Width:               7.5 in

          Depth:              15.2 in

          Square storage:      0.41 ft 2

          Cubic Storage:       0.51 ft 3

          Weight:               21.5 lb

                                                    ENCLOSURE (1)


MCO 2040.8
7 Nov 1988

         Standardization: standard

         Stores account code: 3

         Replacement factors: Not applicable

    d.   RGQ-84C/TSEC

         Item name: PWA Spares Kit, RGQ-84C/TSEC

         TAM No.: A8078 VII GP

         ID No.: TBD

         NSN: TBD

         Unit of issue: ea

         Unit standard package: 1

         Unit cost: $3,000

         Physical dimensions:

           Height:               10 in

           Width:                20.0 in

           Depth:                17.5 in

           Square storage:      1.39 ft2

           Cubic storage:        2.03 ft3

           Weight:               20 lb

         Standardization: standard

         Stores account code: 3

         Replacement factors: Not applicable

               RGQ-84C/TSEC Spares Kit Component List

              Nomenclature                        NSN

              E-FYB                         5810-01-231-6211



                                                                    MCO 2040.8
                                                                    7 Nov 1988

test equipment included in the maintenance unit's T/E. Specifications for the cables that
require local fabrication can be found in the respective limited maintenance manual. The ST-
58/TSEC automated test equipment will be used to perform fault isolation to the PWA level. When
available, the ST-58/TSEC and its test adapters will be fielded to all maintenance units that
support the KG-84().

        Nomenclature                                      NSN

PWA Spares Kits, RGQ-84A/TSEC,                    TBD
 RGQ-84C/TSEC                                     TBD

Black I/O Back-to-Back Test Cable Assembly        Fabricate locally

Black Loop-Around Connector Assembly              Fabricate locally

Red I/O Test Cable Assembly                       Fabricate locally

Fill device KOI-18/TSEC,                          5810-01-026-9620

KYX-15/TSEC                                       5810-01-026-9619   
or KYK-13/TSEC                                    5810-01-026-9618

Fill cable assembly                               5995-01-066-7587

Known good KG-84A,                                5810-01-146-3260
   KG-84C                                         5810-01-250-6618

Oscilloscope, AN/USM-483                          6625-01-104-6520

Digital multimeter, Fluke Model 884OA/AF          6625-01-196-0014

Automated Test Equipment, ST-58/TSEC              TBD

Input/Output Device (Data Generator)              As applicable

4.  Ancillary Equipment

    a.  Battery Power Source. The KG-84() uses the BA-1372/U Mercury Battery, NSN 6135-00-
801-3493, or the BA-5372/U Lithium Battery, NSN 6135-01-214-6441, to provide power for
cryptovariable memory retention when the KG-84() is turned off or the primary power source is

    b.  Line Protection Module. The Line Protection Module (LPM), NSN 5810-01-095-9795, contains
a surge arrester that provides electromagnetic pulse protection interface for wireline

                                                                ENCLOSURE (1)


MCO 2040.8
7 Nov 1983

    c. Remote Control Unit. The C-11828/U Remote Control Unit (RCU), P/N ON363501-501, was
designed for use with the KG-84() family of equipment. The RCU provides the capability to remote
front panel controls and indicator status displays up to 1,OOO feet from the installed KG-
84() equipment. A Remote Indicator Unit (RIU) has been developed by the NESSEC for shore
applications where the full capabilities of the C-11828/U are not required.

    d.  Fill Devices. The common fill devices; the General Purpose Tape Reader, KYK-13/TSEC,
the Electronic Transfer Device, KYX-15/TSEC, the Net Control Device, KOI-18/TSEC, and the Data
Transfer Device, CYZ-10/TSEC will be used to store and load cryptovariables to the KG-84(). The
KG-84() also has a remote keying capability.

    e.  Cables. The following cables have been identified for use with the KG-84():

        Nomenclature                          NSN

    24 Vdc Power Cable                  5995-01-097-7556

    220 Vac Power Cable                 5995-01-097-7555

    115 Vac Power Cable                 5995-01-097-7554

    UGC-74/KG-84A Interface Cable       5995-01-247-5734

    UXC-7/KG-84A Interface Cable        5995-01-213-9648

These cables may be obtained by submitting the appropriate requisition through the supply
system. CG MCRDAC (C2CT) is in the process of developing a technical instruction which will
provide instructions on how to manufacture these cables as well as a UGC-74/KG-84A interface

    f.  Mounts.  The standard shore shelf installation will use the fixed plant adapter (FPA),
NSN 5895-01-251-9506. The standard shipboard installation will use the MT-4841/U with KG-84
backplane, NSN 5820-01-069-1881. Mount requirements for KG-84() installation in fielded systems
will be addressed in the respective modification instruction. These mounts will provide for
mounting and interface of two KG-84() devices. Mount requirements will be addressed by the
respective modification instructions.

    g.  Transit Case. The Transit Case, NSN 5810-01-096-7673, can be used to transport the KG-



                                                                    MCO 2040.8
                                                                    7 Nov 1988

    h.  Internal Modem.  Both the KG-84A and KG-84C have a built in wireline modem capability.
In addition, there are two optional modems that may be installed internal to the KG-84A but not
the KG-84C. These are the frequency shift key modem, PWA E-ENK, NSN 5810-01-150-5035, and the
Type 1 modem, PWA E-EWW, NSN 5810-01-150-5036. Either of these modems can be installed in the
KG-84A by swapping the respective modem PWA with the black I/O PWA. Detailed installation
instructions are included in the respective maintenance manual. These modems will be available
in fiscal year 1990.

    i.  Augmentation Package. The KG-84C augmentation package J-4691/S will facilitate
replacement of installed KW-7 cryptographic equipment with KG-84C equipment. The J-4691/S
provides for interface and signal level conversion requirements between existing equipment and
the KG-84C equipment. Augmentation package requirements will be addressed in the modification
instructions being developed for the AN/TGC-46 and AN/TGC-37.

                                                              ENCLOSURE (1)


                                                                   MCO 2040.8
                                                                   7 Nov 1988

                      KG-84() ALLOWANCE LIST

T/E No.                         Unit                                 Qty.

5062        MCTestSupEle, Fort Huachuca                              10

6102        MarbksNB, Guantanamo                                      1

7011        MCLB, Barstow                                            47

7014        MCLB, Albany                                             23

7401        Hq, MCCDC, Quantico                                      17

7434        CommOfficersScol, Edctr, Quantico                        29

7441        Develop Center, MCCDC, Quantico                           2

7442        MCTSSA, Quantico                                        120

7720        Comm-ElectScol, MCAGCC, Twentynine Palms                 73

8401        MadNavMissileCenterPoint, MUGU                            1

A-1012      1stMarDivScol, HqBn, lstMarDiv                            4

A-8633      MACS/MTDS, 3dMAW                                         66

B-1131      HqCo, IndRegt, lstMEB                                    21

B-1182      H&SCo, InfRegt, lstMEB                                    2

B-2309      HqBtry, D/S(T)Bn(M198), ArtyRegt, lstMEB                  2

B-3311      H&SCo, BrigServiceSupt, Group-1                           3

B-4034      CommSptCo, CommBn, 3dMEF                                 12

B-4917      1stMEB                                                    4

B-8633      MACS/MTDS (lstMEB)                                       27

B-8702      MarineFixedWingSupportSqdn, lstMEB                        5

M-4001      ORF, 1stFSSG                                             10

M-4002      ORF, 2dFSSG                                              10

                                                              ENCLOSURE (2)


MCO 2040.8
7 Nov 1988         

T/E No.                      Unit                                    Qty.

M-4003      ORF, 3dFSSG                                               10

M-4004      ORF, 4thFSSG                                              10

M-4006      ORF, BSSG                                                  5
M-4957      HqCo, H&SBn  FMFLant                                       7

N-1012      HqCo HqBn, 1stMarDiv                                       7

N-1015      CommCo, HqBn, 1stMarDiv                                   94

N-1022      HqCo, HqBn, 2dMarDiv                                       7

N-1025      CommCo, HqBn, 2dMarDiv                                    81

N-1032      HqCo, HqBn, 3dMarDiv                                       7

N-1035      CommCo, HqBn, 3dMarDiv                                    62

N-1045      CommCo, HqBn, 4thMarDiv                                   68      
N-1111      HqCo, InfRegt, 1stMarDiv                                  21

N-1121      HqCo, InfRegt, 2dMarDiv                                   21

N-1131      HqCo, InfRegt, 3dMarDiv                                   21

N-1141      HqCo, InfRegt, 4thMarDiv                                  21    
N-1162      H&SCo, InfBn, InfRegt, 1stMarDiv                           2

N-1172      H&SCo, InfBn, InfRegt, 2dMarDiv                            2

N-1182      H&SCo, InfBn, InfRegt, 3dMarDiv                            2

N-1192      H&SCo, InfBn, InfRegt, 4thMarDiv                           2

N-1261      HqBtry, ArtyRegt, 4thMarDiv                               41
N-1271      HqBtry, 155mm(SP)GSBn, ArtyRegt, 4thMarDiv                 2

N-1272      155mm(SP)Btry, GSBn, ArtyRegt, 4thMarDiv                   2

N-1311      H&SCo, CbtEngrBn, 1stMarDiv                                4


                                                                    MCO 2040.8
                                                                    7 Nov 1988

T/E No.                         Unit                                 Qty.

N-1321      H&SCo, CbtEngrBn, 2dMarDiv                                 4

N-1331      H&SCo, CbtEngrBn, 3dMarDiv                                 4

N-1341      H&SCo, CbtEngrBn, 4thMarDiv                                4

N-1411      H&SCo, ReconBn, lstMarDiv                                  4

N-1421      H&SCo, ReconBn, 2dMarDiv                                   4

N-1431      H&SCo, ReconBn, 3dMarDiv                                   4

N-1441      H&SCo, ReconBn, 4thMarDiv                                  4

N-1511      H&SCo, lstTankBn, lstMarDiv, FMF                           2

N-1521      H&SCo, 2dTankBn, 2dMarDiv, FMF                             2

N-1531      H&SCo, 3dTankBn, lstMarDiv, FMF                            2

N-1541      H&SCo, 4thTankBn, 4thMarDiv, FMF                           2

N-1581      H&SCo, 8thTankBn, 4thMarDiv, FMF                           2

N-1611      H&SCo, AssaultAmphTractorBn, lstMarDiv                     2

N-1621      H&SCo, AssaultAmphtractorBn, 2dMarDiv                      2

N-1631      H&SC, TrackedVehicleBn, 3dMarDiv                          2

N-1641      H&SCo, LightAssaultAmphtractorBn, 4thMarDiv                2

N-1711      H&SCo, lstLAVBn, lstMarDiv                                 2

N-1721     H&SCo, 2dLAVBn, 2dMarDiv                                    2

N-1731      H&SCo, 3dLAVBn(-) lstMarDiv                                2

N-1741      H&SCo, 4thLAVBn, 4thMarDiv                                 2

N-2101      HqBtry, ArtyRegt, lstMarDiv                               45

N-2109      HqBtry, D/S(T)Bn, ArtyRegt, lstMarDiv                      4

N-2119      HqBtry, G/S(T)Bn, ArtyRegt, lstMarDiv                      2

                                                             ENCLOSURE (2)


MCO 2040. 8
7 Nov 1988

T/E No.                         Unit                                 Qty.

N-2139      HqBtry, G/S(SP)Bn, ArtyRegt, lstMarDiv                    10

N-2201      HqBtry, ArtyRegt, 2dMarDiv                                45

N-2209      HqBtry, D/S(T)Bn(M198), ArtyRegt, 2dMarDiv                 4

N-2219      HqBtry, G/S(T)Bn(M198), ArtyRegt, 2dMarDiv                 2

N-2239      HqBtry, G/S(SP)Bn, ArtyRegt, 2dMarDiv                     10

N-2301      HqBtry, ArtyRegt, 3dMarDiv                                21

N-2309      HqBtry, D/S(T)Bn(M198), ArtyRegt, 3dMarDiv                 8

N-2319      HqBtry, GS(T)Bn, ArtyRegt, 3dMarDiv                        8

N-2339      HqBtry, G/S(SP)Bn, ArtyRegt, 3dMarDiv                     10

N-2409      HqBtry, D/SBn, ArtyRegt, 4thMarDiv                         8

N-3111      H&SCo, H&SBn, 1stFSSG                                      2

N-3113      CommCo, H&SBn, 1stFSSG                                    49 

N-3132      Comm-ElectMaintCo, MaintBn, 1stFSSG                        4

N-3141      H&SCo, LdgSptBn, 1stFSSG                                   4

N-3151      H&SCo, EngrSptBn, 1stFSSG                                  2

N-3211      H&SCo, H&SBn, 2dFSSG                                       2

N-3213      CommCo, H&SBn, 2dFSSG                                     49

N-3232      Comm-ElectMaintCo, MaintBn, 2dFSSG                         4

N-3241      H&SCo, LdgSptBn, 2dFSSG                                    4

N-3251      H&SCo, EngrSptBn, 2dFSSG                                   2

N-3311      H&SCo, H&SBn, 3dFSSG                                       2

N-3313      CommCo, H&SBn, 3dFSSG                                     49

N-3332      Comm-ElectMaintCo, MaintBn, 3dFSSG                         4



                                                                   MCO 2040.8
                                                                   7 Nov 1988

T/E No.                         Unit                                 Qty.

N-3341       H&SCo, LdgþSptBn, 3dFSSG                                   4

N-3351       H&SCo, EngrSptBn, 3dFSSG                                  2

N-3411       H&SCo, H&SBn, 4thFSSG                                     2

N-3413       CommCo, H&SBn, 4thFSSG                                   49

N-3432       Comm-ElectMaintCo, MaintBn, 4thFSSG                       4

N-3441       H&SCo, LdgSptBn, 4thFSSG                                  4

N-4012       CommCo, CommBn, lstMEF                                   36

N-4013       LongLinesCo, CommBn, lstMEF                              22
N-4014       CommSptCo, CommBn, lstMEF                                28
N-4022       CommCo, CommBn, 2dMEF                                    36

N-4023       LongLinesCo, CommBn, 2dMEF                               22
N-4024       CommSptCo, CommBn, 2dMEF                                 28

N-4032       CommCo, CommBn, 3dMEF                                   110

N-4033       LongLinesCo, CommBn, 3dMEF                               22

N-4042       CommCo, CommBn, 4thMEF                                   36

N-4043       LonglinesCo, CommBn, 4thMEF                              22
N-4044       CommSptCo, CommBn, 4thMEF                                28
N-4725       Force Imagery Interpretation Unit, MAW                    2

N-4732       SpecialSecurityCommTeam, FMF                              6

N-4735       "A" Co, RadioBn, FMF                                     16

N-4737       H&SCo, RadioBn, FMF                                      44
N-8611       MWHS, MAW                                                 2

N-8612       MarineWingCommSqd, MACG, MAW                            117

                                                            ENCLOSURE (2)


MCO 2040.8
7 Nov 1988

T/E No.                         Unit                                 Qty.

N-8615      H&HS, MACG, MAW                                           10

N-8618      H&SBtry (Improved HAWK)                                   21

N-8619      MsleBtry (Improved HANK), LAAMBn, MAW                      7

N-8631      MACS/MTDS, lstMAW                                         92

N-8632      MACS/MTDS, 2dMAW                                          76

N-8633      MACS/MTDS, 3dMAW                                          64

N-8634      MACS/MTDS, 4thMAW                                         76

N-8643      MarineAirTrafficControlSqd, MACG, MAW                      8

N-8652      MWCS, AceCommDet, MACG                                    60

N-8653      MWCS, AceCommUnit, MACG                                   30

N-8671      MASS, MACG, lstMAW                                         6

N-8672      MASS, MACG, 2dMAW                                          6

N-8673      MASS, MACG, 3dMAW                                          6

N-8674      MASS-4, MACG, 4thMAW                                       6

N-8675      MASS-6, MACG, 4thMAW                                       6

N-8702      Marine Fixed Wing Support Squadron                         3

N-8703      Marine Rotary Wing Support Squadron                        4

N-8730      Hq&GndMaintSqdn, MWSG, IstMAW                             75

N-8740      Hq&GndMaintSqdn, MWSG, 2dMAW                              47

N-8750      Hq&GndMaintSqdn, MWSG, 3dMAW                              42

N-8760      Hq&GndMaintSqdn, MWSG, 4thMAW                             22

N-8820      MarineAirBaseSqd(VA/VF/VA(AW), MAG, MAW                   l8

N-8919      H&MS, MAG (Satellite Airfield)                             4

N-8921      MarineAirBaseSqd(MABS)MAG/VH, MAW                         17

ENCLOSURE (2)                           6
                                                                    MCO 2040.8
                                                                    7 Nov 1988

                   RGQ-84()/TSEC ALLOWANCE LIST

T/E No.                         Unit                                 Qty.

B-3331       MaintCo, BdeServSpt Group-1                              18

N-1015       CommCo, HqBn, lstMarDiv                                  10

N-1025       CommCo, HqBn, 2dMarDiv                                   10

N-1035       CommCo, HqBn, 3dMarDiv                                   10

N-3132       Comm-ElectMaintCo, MaintBn, 1stFSSG                      44

N-3232       Comm-ElectMaintCo, MaintBn, 2dFSSG                       52

N-3332       Comm-ElectMaintCo, MaintBn, 3dFSSG                       38

N-4011       HqCo, CommBn, lstMEF                                     28

N-4021       HqCo, CommBn, 2dMEF                                      28

N-4031       HqCo, CommBn, 3dMEF                                      28

N-4737       H&SCo, RadioBn, FMF                                       4

N-8612      MarineWingCommSqd, MACG                                   20

                                                              ENCLOSURE (3)