11 October 1997
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                                                          MCO 2200.2
                                                          30 Jan 1986

MARINE CORPS ORDER 2200.2       

From:  Commandant of the Marine Corps
To:    Distribution List

Subj:  Advance Logistics Order (ALO) for the Electronic Key
       Generator, TSEC/KG-27

Ref:   (a) MCO 2100.2
       (b) UM 4400-124
       (c) UM 4400-15
       (d) OPNAVINST 5510.lG
       (e) Communications Security Materiel System (CMS) Manual,
       (f) MCO 4408.2E

Encl:  (1) Logistics Planning Data for the Electronic Key
           Generator, TSEC/KG-27

1.  Purpose.  To provide advance logistics information to 
Commanders relative to the Electronic Key Generator, TSEC/KG-27 
(hereinafter referred to as the KG-27), and to provide instruc-
tions for placing the equipment in service.

2.  Background.  The KG-27 is full duplex equipment used to 
encrypt tactical, multichannel communication. The unit is 
designed for simplicity of installation, operation, and main-
tenance. Within the Marine Corps, the KG-27 will be used in
the Terminal Set, Telephone, AN/TCC-72, which is the companion 
multiplexer van to the Radio Set, AN/GRC-201, and the Ground 
Mobile Forces (GMF) Super High Frequency (SHF) Satellite Communi-
cations Terminals, AN/TSC-85A/93A. Reference (a) is the ALO
for the AN/TSC-85A/93A systems.

3.  Information

    a. General. The KG-27 provides link security for low, 
medium, and high capacity Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) tactical 
radio relays of the Marine Amphibious Force (MAF). Since the 
KG-27 is a controlled telecommunication security item, it will 
be received through the Cryptographic Material System (CMS). 
It will be the using units responsibility to "marry up" the 
KG-27 with the Terminal Set, AN/TCC-72, and the Satellite 
Communications Terminal, AN/TSC-85A/93A.

                                          PCN 102 028141 00

MCO 2200.2   
30 JAN 1986

    b. Associated Equipment. The KG-27 has a requirement for 
associated auxiliary cables. The cables are not supplied with 
the KG-27, but are supplied in kit form for installation in the 
appropriate communications system. These kits will be stock 
list  SL-3) to the AN/TCC-72 and AN/TSC-85A/93A. Installation 
kit (National Stock Number 5995-00-407-0774) auxiliary cables 
are as follows:

                       Item                                 Qty.

    Cable Assembly, Radio Frequency, CG-3419( ) /U           5

    Cable Assembly, Radio Frequency, CG-3473( ) /U           4

    Cable Assembly, Power Electrical, CX-10764( ) /U         1

    c.  Replaced Items. The KG-27 is a new item of equipment and 
is not replacing equipment previously in the inventory.

    d. Concept of Implementation. Logistics planning data and 
publications are provided in the enclosure. Allowances for the 
KG-27 are in direct correlation with the AN/TCC-72 and the 
AN/TSC-85A/93A. Allowances listed in the enclosure will be 
force-fed to-field units, concurrently with AN/TCC-72 and 
AN/TSC-85A/93A fielding.

    e. Training

       (1) Initial Training To Place Equipment in Service

           (a) Operator Training

               1  Institutional Training. None required.

               2  Unit Training. None required.

               3  Other Training. None required.

           (b) Maintenance Training

               1  Institutional Training. None required.

               2  Unit Training. None required.

               3  Other Training. None required.

                              2                                                MCO 2200.2
                                                30 Jan 1986

       (2) Follow-On-Training

           (a)  Operator Training

                1 Institutional Training. Operator training of 
the KG-27 will be incorporated with training received on the 
supported communications system, i.e., AN/TCC-72, AN/TSC-85A/93A. 
In some instances, such as the AN/TCC-72, it will be taught at 
Marine Corps Communications Electronics School, Twentynine Palms, 
California. Decisions as to location and training proponency for 
other equipment using the KG-27 are still pending and will be 
promulgated by applicable ALO'S at later dates.

                2 Unit Training. It is anticipated that normal 
on-the-job training (OJT) will be conducted routinely on the 
operation of the KG-27 at the using unit level, in conjunction 
with its supported communication equipment.

                3 Other Training. Communication Officers School, 
Marine Corps Development and Education Command (MCDEC), Quantico, 
Virginia, will familiarize students at the school on the KG-27 in 
conjunction with its supported communication equipment.

           (b)  Maintenance Training

                1 Institutional Training. Formal maintenance
training is currently being,conducted through the U.S. Army Signal
School, Fort Gordon, Georgia, for Military Occupational Specialties
(MOS'S) 2831 (Microwave Equipment Technicians) and 2834 (Mobile 
Forces SATCOM Technicians).

                2 Unit Training. It is anticipated that normal 
OJT will be conducted on the maintenance of the KG-27 at the using 
unit level, in conjunction with its supported communication 

                3 Other Training. No other training requirement 
currently exists for maintenance training of the KG-27.

       (3) Training Support

           (a) Training Aids and Devices. None anticipated at 

    f. Support and Tests Equipment  STE).. The KG-27 requirements 
for STE are available in the using units. No special test equip-
ment is required. (See the enclosure).

                            3MCO 2200.2
30 Jan 1986

    g. Supply Support. Secondary reparables  SECREP'S) will be 
force-fed to the Support Cryptographic Sites (SCS'S) as limited 
Maintenance Kits, RGQ-27. Supply support for organizational and 
intermediate maintenance consumable repair parts (knobs, screws, 
etc.) will be obtained from the item manager (Naval Telecommuni-
cations Command) in accordance with references (b) and (c).

    h. Transportation and Handling. Transportation and handling will be in
accordance with references (d) and (e).

       (1) Handling and Physical Security

           (a) Access. All access is subject to approval of the unit's 
commanding officer. Access to keyed KG-27 equipment may be granted to personnel
whose duties require such access and who possess an appropriate clearance.
Access to unkeyed KG-27's and ancillary devices; associated testers, RGQ spares
kits, and classified supporting documentation may be granted to personnel whose
duties require such access and who possess a confidential or higher clearance.
Clearances are not required for external or cursory viewing of the KG-27.
Military or civilian guards and security patrols that provide protection for
locations where  unkeyed" KG-27's are installed (e.g., motor pools, flight
lines, etc.) need not be cleared, but shall be instructed not to-handle the
crypto equipment.

           (b) Storage. Classified keying equipment, and keyed KG-27's 
must be stored as communication security (COMSEC) material of the appropriate
classification in accordance with reference (e). Keyed KG-27's must be under
the continuous control of appropriately cleared personnel. Uninstalled KG-
27's, classified supporting documents, and separate classified printed wiring
assemblies  (PWA'S) must be stored as confidential COMSEC material.

    i.  Replacement Factors. Replacement factors will not apply.

    j.  Maintenance Support

        (1) General. The concept of operations for the systems in which the
KG-27 will be employed, and the technology used in the KG-27, require a
maintenance concept differing from other Marine Corps COMSEC equipments. The
system maintainer for the major system in which the KG-27 is in use, will also
maintain the KG-27. Using units will also be provided additional KG-27's to be
used as ready spares.

        (2) Organizational Maintenance. Organizational maintenance will consist
of cleaning, inspecting, operational checks, and the replacing of faulty
external components (knobs, fuzes, etc.).

                                        4                                              MCO 2200.2
                                              30 Jan 1986

Defective COMSEC equipment (end item) will be evacuated to the unit's SCS for
intermediate maintenance as specified in reference (f).

        (3) Intermediate Maintenance. Intermediate level maintenance will be
limited to the replacement of defective PWA'S and mechanical parts. RGQ-27
spare kits positioned at the SCS'S will provide SECREP and nonconsumable parts

        (4) Depot Maintenance. Defective KG-27 end items not reparable at the
SCS will be evacuated, via the Fleet Logistics Supported Cryptographic Facility
(FLSCF), to the supporting Naval Cryptographic Repair Facility (CRF) in order
to establish a centralized point of control within each MAF. Defective SECREP'S
will be evacuated, via the FLSCF, to the Ship Parts Control Center (SPCC),
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, in accordance reference (f).

    k. Technical Representatives. Contractor technical representatives will not
be provided. Technical assistance, as required, may be obtained from the
National Security Agency (NSA), Naval Electronics Systems Security Engineering
Center (NESSEC) or other.agencies by request to the Commandant of the Marine
Corps (CMC)  LMC).

4. Initiating Service. The Director, Communications Security Material System
(DCMS), as guided by the CMC (CCT), will direct shipment of the prescribed
allowances of the KG-27 equipment. Distribution of the equipment will be to
units receiving the AN/TCC-72 and AN/TSC-85A/93A. It is anticipated that
delivery and placement in service of the KG-27 will be the same as that of the
AN/TCC-72 and AN/TSC-85A/93A.

5. Reserve Applicability.  This Order is not applicable to the Marine Corps

                                        ROBERT J. WINGLASS
                                        By direction

DISTRIBUTION:  AG2 plus 5278/5588

     Copy to:  7000041, 045, 062, 106, 144, 148, 157 (3) 
               160, 161, 167/7256091/8145001 (1)

                       Reprinted for stock 2 October 1987.


                                      5                                                 MCO 2200.2
                                                 30 Jan 1986


1.  Data

    Item name: Electronic Key Generator, TSEC/KG-27

    TAM No.: A8060 VIIG

    ID No.: 08042A

    NSN:  810-00-054-9110

    Unit of issue: ea

    Unit of standard package: ea

    Unit cost: $3,950

    Physical dimensions: height:     7 in.

                         width:    17.25 in.

                         depth:    12 in.

                         weight:   46 lbs

    Standardization: standard

    Stores account code: 3

    Replacement factors: N/A, National policy does not allow for
                         procurement of prepositioned war
                         reserves  PWR'S) for this item.

2. Publications. The following publications are available for
the KG-27. Required documents will be shipped as overpack or
separate as they become available.

    Short Title                               Long Title
    KAO-133/TSEC               Operating Instructions, TSEC/KG-27

    KAM-246( )/TSEC            Maintenance Manual, TSEC/KG-27

    KAM-257( )/TSEC            Limited Maintenance Manual,

                                                           ENCLOSURE (1)
                                        1MCO 2200. 2
30 Jan 1986

    Short Title                                Long Title

    KAM-258( )/TSEC             Organizational Maintenance Manual,

3. Allowances. Allowances and priority of issue are as follows:


T/E No.            Unit                         KG-27         RGQ-27

  7720      Comm-ElecSchool, MCAGCC,              14             1
            29 Palms

N-4011      HqCo, CommBn, lstMAF                   7            14 

N-4012      CommCo, CommBn, lstMAF                 8 

N-4013      LongLinesCo, CommBn, 2dMAF            16 

N-4021      HqCo, CommBn, 2dMAF                    7            14 

N'4022      CommCo, CommBn, 2dMAF                  8 

N-4023      LongLinesCo, CommBn, 2dMAF            16 

N-4031      HqCo, CommBn, 3dMAF                    7            14 

N-4032      CommCo, CommBn, 3dMAF                  8 

N-4033      LongLinesCo, CommBn, 3dMAF            16 

N-8612      MarineWingCommSqd, MACG, MAW          30            13

4. STE. STE required for intermediate level maintenance is as follows:

    a. Multimeter: any.

    b. Oscilloscope: HP-1722 or USM 483.