9 January 1998
Thanks to Bill Stewart

Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 16:41:40 -0500
To: smid@csmes.ncsl.nist.gov
From: Jim Foti <jfoti@nist.gov
Subject: AES Update - Known Answer Tests, Monte Carlo Tests, syntax,
  and formats


A Happy New Year to you all!  1998 should be quite exciting and hectic for
all of us involved in the AES development effort.

Here is the latest news regarding AES.  I have just posted Known Answer
Test and Monte Carlo Test documentation on our AES home page.  The actual
link is:  <http://csrc.nist.gov/encryption/aes/katmct/katmct.htm.

Information on the API should be made available within several weeks - we
are actively and diligently working on that.  When that information is
posted, I will send you a notification message similar to this one.

In addition, we will soon have a survey for you which will be used to
expedite the exportability of AES analysis packages (which will be made
available when we announce the "complete and proper" submissions later this
summer).  More information to follow soon.

As with past messages, this is being sent to all persons who have expressed
an interest in the AES development effort (one way or another) within the
last year. 

Kindest regards,

Jim Foti

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National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST)

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