20 December 1997

Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 12:53:23 -0500
From: JIM LEWIS <JLEWIS@bxa.doc.gov>
To: jya@pipeline.com
Subject: Wassenaar Arrangement Implementation -Reply

on or about Jan.  26, barring unforeseen delays.

>>> John Young <jya@pipeline.com> 11/27/97 11:30am >>>

James A. Lewis Director Office of Strategic Trade and Foreign Policy Controls Department of Commerce Bureau of Export Administration, Washington, DC 20230 Dear Mr. Lewis, We would be grateful for a target date for issuance of: "602. Implementation of the Wassenaar Arrangement List of Dual-Use Items: Revisions of the Commerce Control List and Reporting Under the Wassenaar Arrangement," as listed in the Semiannual Regulatory Agenda of October 29, 1997. Thank you, John Young jya@pipeline.com [Excerpt] Abstract: The United States and 27 allied countries are implementing a new regime to succeed the Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls (COCOM) which dissolved on March 31, 1994. The new organization, called the Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies, is expected to implement controls in April 1996. New lists of goods to be controlled have been agreed by the members, who will each have to amend their existing national procedures to harmonize them with the Wassenaar Arrangement. Commerce will need to make extensive changes in the Commerce Control List when the Wassenaar Arrangement dual-use control list becomes effective. In addition, procedural guidelines and provisions for sharing information between members will have to be harmonized in members' national regulations. Commerce will need to amend the Export Administration Regulations to reflect the Wassenaar guidelines and information-sharing provision agreed on by the members. Timetable: ________________________________________________________________________ Action Date FR Cite ________________________________________________________________________ Final Action 10/00/97