16 January 1998

See the Wassenaar Arrangement: http://jya.com/wa/watoc.htm
And the Export Administration Regulations: http://jya.com/eartoc.htm

The Bureau of Export Administration published 15 January 1998 in the Federal Register, "Implementation of the Wassenaar Arrangement List of Dual-Use Items: Revisions to the Commerce Control List and Reporting Under the Wassenaar Arrangement; Rule."

The interim rule in TXT format (742K total) is available in three parts as published in a compressed Zip file:

http://jya.com/bxa-wa-rule.zip (168K)

Or as a self-extracting Zip file:

http://jya.com/bxa-wa-rule.exe  (194K)

The rule has also been provided on this site in parts for convenience of access: An introduction and summary section and links to extensive revisions to the technology categories of the Commerce Control List of the EAR.

Introduction and Summary (57K)

Category 0--Nuclear Materials, Facilities, and Equipment (48K)

Category 1--Materials, Chemicals, "Microorganisms" & "Toxins" (130K)

Category 2--Material Processing (122K)

Category 3--Electronics (84K)

Category 4--Computers (45K)

Category 5--Telecommunications, Part I (27K)

Category 5--"Information Security", Part II (13K)

Category 6--Sensors and Lasers (95K)

Category 7--Navigation and Avionics (37K)

Category 8--Marine (27K)

Category 9--Propulsion Systems, Space Vehicles and Related Equipment (65K)