25 August 1998

From: "Trei, Peter" <ptrei@securitydynamics.com>
To: cryptography@c2.net
Subject: Reinsch: Crypto export law changes soon.
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 16:49:08 -0400

On NPR's "Talk of the Nation" yesterday, Bill Reinsch, who
is an undersecretary for Export Administration in the  
Department of Commerce, stated that a change in the export
regs should be expected around Labor Day. 

The context was that the 'promise to compromise your future 
products, and we'll let you export un-escrowed DES until 
the end of 1998' deal is running out, and BXA wants 
business to know (slightly) ahead of time what the new 
regimen will be.

The entire ToTN article can be heard on Real Audio:


Peter Trei

JYA Note: This probably refers to BXA regulations in the works to implement the policy announcement by Commerce Secretary Daley in July 1998 on easing crypto export limits for financial institutions. See: http://www.jya.com/daley-expo.htm http://www.jya.com/doc-ease.htm http://www.jya.com/crypto-exlax.htm