Revised 27 February to add Comments Nos. 44 and 45

26 February 1997

Public Comments on
Encryption Items Transferred from the
U.S. Munitions List to the
Commerce Control List

Bureau of Export Administration
Commercial Encryption Export Controls

Statement from the BXA Web site:

On December 30, 1996, the Bureau of Export Administration issued an interim rule amending the Export Administration Regulations entitled, "Encryption Items Transferred From the U.S. Munitions List to the Commerce Control List" (61 Federal Register 68572). The rule solicited comments from the public for consideration in development of the final rule. The period for submission of comments closed on February 13. Below is an index of the public comments which the Bureau received.

  1. University of Waterloo 2K
  2. John and Laren Navas 2K
  3. Cylink 3K
  4. Motorola 10K
  5. Secure Computing 5K
  6. Tuttle and Taylor, 13K
  7. Lyman C. Welch 4K
  8. ISTAC 5K
  9. American Association for the Advancement of Science 11K
  10. Trusted information Systems, Inc. 11K
  11. IBM 12K
  12. Hughes Electronics 12K
  13. Industry Coalition on Technology Transfer (ICOTT) 9K
  14. Murphy & Weber for Nokia 6K
  15. Steptoe & Johnson LLP 11K
  16. America Online, Inc. 11K
  17. Citibank 66K
  18. NCR 5K
  19. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) 7K
  20. United States Council for International Business 20K
  21. V-One 8K
  22. William A. Root 19K
  23. Thoroughbred Security Solutions, Ltd. 9K
  24. Microsoft 127K
  25. Commercial Internet Exchange Association 16K
  26. The Direct Marketing Association, Inc. 6K
  27. Technical Communications Corp. 5K
  28. Software Publishers Association 20K
  29. Alston & Bird 18K
  30. Association for Computing Machinery 19K
  31. National Association of Manufacturers 13K
  32. Computer & Communications Industry Association 16K
  33. Dewey Ballantine for Semiconductor Industry Association 12K
  34. American Bankers Association 22K
  35. Steptoe & Johnson for Visa 8K
  36. Winston & Strawn for ICOTT 9K (Duplicate of Comment No. 13)
  37. Sun Microsystems 15K
  38. Key Escrow Working Group 20K
  39. Hewlett Packard 16K
  40. Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. 7K
  41. Timothy Hinds 3K
  42. Information Security Incorporated 6K
  43. Securities Industry Association 15K
  44. Electronic Messaging Association 17K
  45. American Electronics Association 16K

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