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4 October 1997

Aerial Command and Control (C2) Payload Package (P2) for High Altitude Endurance (HAE) Manned Aerial Vehicles (MAV) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), (AC2P2 for HAE MAV/UAV)


The AC2P2 for HAE MAV/UAV CEP consists of SINCGARS Aerial Relay, Surrogate UHF Communications Satellite, Secure Packet Radio Technology, EPLRS and ACUS (MSE) Repeater Technology. It is envisioned that the AC2P2 will likely use one or a combination of the following MAV/UAV platforms:


If AC2P2 can be integrated with the HAE UAV the dependance on terrestal line-of-sight telecommunications will be broken... Hence, significant enhancement in battle command, lethality, survivability, and tempo can be acheived thru extended range and mobile operations.


GTE Government Systems
Georgia Army National Guard
Hughes Corporation
Hazeltine Corporation
Cincinnati Electronics Corporation
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Joint Project Office


Does the AC2P2 provide continuous voice and data grade communications at ranges up to 500 KM?
Which MAV/UAV offers the most utility and suitability for the AC2P2?
Does the changes in equipment configurations as a result of AC2P2 require changes in doctrine?


MR. Monroe Timmons
DSN 780 8330
COMM 706 791 8330