20 May 1999
Source: Letter from Allen, Hansen & Maybrown

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May 12, 1999

RE: Carl Johnson

Dear Friends and Supporters of Carl Johnson:

        I am the new attorney representing Carl Johnson in connection with charges brought against him in federal district court. Carl has been found guilty of obstruction of justice and he will be sentenced June 11, 1999. The court has sole discretion in the sentence to be imposed, and could sentence Carl to a substantial prison term.

        The purpose of this letter is to request your input about Carl's background and other factors that are relevant to his sentencing. I do not mean to tell you what to say, but merely to provide you with some guidance with the kinds of information to include in your letter. Your letter should be addressed to the Honorable Robert Bryan, U.S. District Court Judge, but sent to me in the stamped, self-addressed envelope I have included with this letter so that I can collect all the letters and submit them to the judge at one time.

        I would recommend that your letter begin by identifying who you are, including such information as: your age, whether or not you have a family, your occupation and involvement in any significant organization or activity. Next, your letter should explain how you know Carl, such as friend, relative, or coworker and also include the fact that you know him well, if that is the case. It is important to mention that you are aware of the criminal charges against him and that he is taking the matters very seriously and, if you believe it to be the case, accepting responsibility for his conduct.

         Perhaps most importantly, your letter should discuss Carl's physical and emotional problems and limitations. Please explain how it is that Carl's condition may have caused him to engage in the offense conduct. Also, please discuss any positive qualities about Carl and the negative impact that these criminal charges have already had upon him. It is important for the judge to know that Carl has accepted responsibility for his conduct and any other factors that will demonstrate that he will have no trouble in the future. Feel free to explain why a long prison sentence would be unnecessary under these circumstances. However, since Judge Bryan has already concluded that Carl is guilty, it would not help at this stage to re-argue matters regarding Carl's legal liability or the Government's conduct during the prosecution.

        If you have any questions about your letter, please feel free to call me at (206) 447-9681. I would appreciate having your letter by June 1, 1999 so I can submit it to the judge in a timely fashion.


Todd Maybrown
Attorney at Law