8 December 1998

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Subject: New director of CESG
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 16:10:24 -0000

From Government Computing, December issue:

There’s about to be a new DC. That’s director, Communications-Electronics
Security Group, to you.

Andrew Saunders, who has been in charge of the electronic security
organisation since March 1991, is retiring from both CESG and the Government
service at the end of the year.

His successor is Dr Richard Walton, who is currently with Government
Communications Headquarters, the Cheltenham-based intelligence gathering
operation which hosts CESG. He takes up his appointment in 1999.

There was an open competition for the position ­ though not so open that it
was advertised, of course. CESG hasn’t released any information about Walton’s 

During almost eight years in charge Saunders has seen an extraordinary
transformation in CESG, moving it from the shadows of secrecy to a position
in which it actively promotes its services to the public sector: this year
he spoke at Government Computing’s conference and agreed to join our
editorial advisory panel.

The new director takes charge as the Government’s policies on such matters
as public key infrastructure and official access to keys come under
increasing scrutiny ­ so Walton might find himself having to take an even
more public role than his predecessor.


Since we went to press with that CESG's press office faxed the following
release (to us, at least):

The Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG) has announced the
appointment of Dr Richard Walton as its next Director. He said: "This is a
job I always wanted - I'm delighted. This is a very exciting time of change
for CESG - overall demand for its services has never been stronger, and we
have an important national role to fulfil."

Notes for Editors

2 Dr Walton took a degree in mathematics at Nottingham University in 1968
and his PhD in 1971, before taking up a lectureship in mathematics at North
Staffordshire Polytechnic. He joined the Civil Service in 1973 as a higher
scientific officer, serving initially as a mathematician and more recently
in a range of management posts. He is no stranger to CESG, having served in
it twice before and has had first-hand experience of cryptographic algorithm
design and evaluation for HMG customers. Between 1985 and 1991, Dr Walton
was head of CESG's mathematical services group, responsible for
cryptographic design and evalution and for computer security certification.
He became a member of the senior civil service in 1996.

3 Dr Walton's appointment as Director CESG takes effect on 4 January 1999.

If anyone wants a copy of the December issue, which also has an interview
with Whit Diffie, please e-mail me direct.

Alan B-G

ALAN BURKITT-GRAY, Editor, Government Computing
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