18 January 1999

John King is a CIA employee. This is from The Covert Comic: http://www.covertcomic.com

Excerpted from 1/98 Briefing

                        I Killed JFK


                     John Alejandro King

As I stood on a street one day,
I killed a man named JFK. [Chuckles and scattered laughter]
I calmly blew his brains away.

Why did I kill JFK?
Because I work for the CIA. [Laughter]

Five years later, to the day,
After I killed JFK,
I killed his brother, RFK. [Laughter]

And if you’re wondering, by the way,
My other name is ... James Earl Ray. [Laughter and scattered applause]

Who knows what deep dark secrets may,
Lie locked away at CIA.
One thing I, for sure, can say,
Is that aliens are invading the USA. [Laughter]

... And all these aliens are Gay. [Loud laughter]
... Or Lesbian. [Laughter]

In a little room at CIA,
I meet with doctors everyday. [Chuckles]
And every day these doctors say,
"Please don’t say you killed JFK." [Laughter]

To which I say,
"OK." [Laughter]

THE COVERT COMIC: Thank you. [Laughter and applause]