2 December 1998

From: "Bert-Jaap Koops" <E.J.Koops@kub.nl>
To: cypherpunks@toad.com, cryptography@c2.net, ukcrypto@maillist.ox.ac.uk
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 18:22:08 MET
Subject: Crypto Law Survey updated - version 14.0

Since I now have a mailing list to announce updates to my Crypto Law 
Survey, this is the last such message to cypherpunks, cryptography 
and ukcrypto. From now on, I will only announce my updates to my 
mailing list cls-update. You can subscribe to this list by replying 
to this message with "subscribe cls-update" in the subject field.

Instead of the announcements, I will send a message once or twice a 
year to cpunks, crypto and ukcrypto to inform new members of the 
existence of the Crypto Law Survey.

Kind regards,

I have updated my Crypto Law Survey to version 14.0. 


Please note that this update does not yet include updates of Spain,
UK, and US, which will follow next week.

Wassenaar Arrangement (no revision yet)

South Africa (regulatory authority)

_Asia & Pacific_
Australia (e-export fight, Gatekeeper project)
India (import)
Indonesia (import)
South Korea (import, legislation considered)

Czech Republic (import and unenforced export controls)
Denmark (report on incentive solutions)
Finland (new crypto policy)
Germany (recommendation Enquiry Committee)
Ireland (new crypto policy)
Switzerland (export controls)
UK (Labour policy unWWWed) 

_North and South America_
Canada (responses to discussion paper, new crypto policy)

I have now mentioned the Wassenaar Arrangement in each entry of 
signatory countries. Note that the Wassenaar Arrangement is being
discussed today and tomorrow.

Wassenaar (secretariat; articles)
UK (export control list) 

Bert-Jaap Koops
Tilburg University
2 December 1998