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From: "christian masson" <interception50@hotmail.com>
To: jya@pipeline.com
Subject: ENIGMA § SS 98
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 07:13:50 PDT

Thanks for your support.
I really appreciate it.
Thanks to correct if possible:
Yesterday: 1946: Swiss embassy in Washington encrypted
_________        its messages with ENIGMA system.
                 Before negotiations about Nazi gold
                America intelligence broke the code.
-------------------------------------   Today:           Except R3 Ltd, http://www.r3.ch
_____           (Eurochip for prepaid card, R3 SSL)
                Each crypto Swiss firms work
                with USA confirmed by arrangement
                between Echelon and UE:
                 CRYPTO Ltd, http://www.crypto.ch
                 in Switzerland collaborate with NSA:
                 GRETAG Ltd (CRYPTEX/GRETAG Ltd in USA)
                 in Switzerland work with ATT:
                 AT&T Gretag Data Systems
                 Data encryptor:
           1998: Swiss-stations for electronic interception
                 in Rüthi and Merishausen (Argovie & St-Gallen cantons) intercepted American diplomatic messages between Bonn and Bern
       9.1.1997: Belgium Senate,
                 ref.: parlement book p. 2222, p. 2223
                 Following a question from Senator
                 Frederik Erdmann Fax.: 0032-3-248.08.99
                 The Minister of Pension (Mr. Colla Marcel)
                recognized that 324 belgium ex-Waffen S.S.
                receive actually a German pension:150'000 FB
                 These ex-Waffen S.S. receive a double                 
                 pensions to have promise
                 "secular fidelity to Hitler"!
        6.1998:  The Flemish (no francophone) parlement                                                                 
                 (CVP/VB) voted a law to indeminise the                  
                 ex-Belgium "collabos" with nazis: 50,000FB
                 How much ex-Waffen SS receive today a
                 German pension in EU:
                 - Switzerland: more 100
                 - France:      2 divisions French SS
                   note that the director to 1990 of the              
                   Federation of International of Car Sport
                  was an french ex-Waffen S.S.
                 - Croatia:  X
                 - Turkey:  X
                 - Russia: more 500
                 - Italy:    X
                 - Germany:  X               
                 These facts do not respect the honor
                 of resistants and alliés.
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