5 October 1997
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Date:         Sun, 5 Oct 1997 11:30:52 -0400
From:         Jack Kennedy Jr <jkennedy@COMPUNET.NET>

NEXT WEDNESDAY, 4 PM.............

  WISE, VA. --- Courtroom 2000 is to be formally
unveiled Wednesday, October 8, beginning at 4 PM in
the Circuit Court of the Wise County Court House
with public display of video technology used in
the court, contemporary land record systems
including a Geographical Information System (GIS) 
display, the now under construction Wise County 
Interactive web page featuring the constitutional
offices, and a proposed cutting-edge fingerprint
imaging system sought by the Sheriff's Office.

  United States Congressman Rick Boucher will
commence the event with an interactive video
conference between his Washington office and
the Wise Circuit Court to officially inaugurate
Courtroom 2000 and the technological agenda being
set in Wise County's local government offices.

  Chief Circuit Court Judge J. Robert Stump
will conduct a video conference along with other
judges of the 30th Judicial District with 28th
Judicial District Juvenile Judge Paul Greer in
Marion from the Wise juvenile courtroom and
thereafter link to the Highland Juvenile Center in 
Bristol, Virginia.

  Tuck Engineering and the Commissioner of Revenue's
Office will be demonstrating the latest phased
completion of the Wise County GIS mapping system
to be subsequently linked to the county/city circuit
court clerk's office modern land record system.

  The new land record management systems in
the Circuit Court Clerk's Office provides digital
indices available either on-site or by remote
direct dial modem and optically imaged documents.
The modern system enhances >access with faster,
cheaper, and better means to review local records.
The Land Records staff of the Circuit Court will be 
available to demonstrate the viability of the new
system purchased with cooperation between Wise
County and the City of Norton local governments.

The new Wise County web page will be available for
review of the pages now available and the planned
unique features ahead. The Circuit Court Clerk's
Office, Sheriff's Office, Commissioner of the
Revenue, Treasurer, and the Wise County and
City of Norton Bar Association now have a common site
---- http://www.wisecounty.org

Legal publisher Matthew Bender will also have a
display in the Court House for the purpose of
showing the law library of the 21st Century with
most of the legal reference material formerly in
books now available on CD-ROM.

The afternoon will provide those in attendance a
vision of how technology will enhance public service,
access, and efficiency of the local government as it
approaches the dawn of the 21st Century.

Business, government, legal, education, and civic
leaders from throughout Wise County and the City of 
Norton are expected to attend the Courtroom 2000 
unveiling along with Delegate Clarence E. Phillips
and Delegate Terry Kilgore, members of the Wise
County Board of Supervisors and the Norton City

The general public is encouraged to attend and 
participate. There is a reception outside the
juvenile courtroom beginning at 5 PM sponsored
by Sprint.

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