15 January 1998

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 12:49:52 -0800 (PST)
To: Filtered Cypherpunks List <cypherpunks@toad.com>
From: "James A. Donald" <jamesd@echeque.com>
Subject: Crypto Kong penetration.

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Since release there have been a very large number of hits on
the Kong documents, and mere 102 downloads of the program,
and 74 downloads of the source code.

The large number of source code downloads indicates that I am
only reaching the crypto techie audience, that for the most
part is already able to use PGP, not the non tech audience
that Crypto Kong was designed for.

On my web page I have documentation as to how business users
can and should use this product.  (See the section "contracts
and certificates" <http://www.jim.com/jamesd/Kong>

I and Mather Cromer have prepared a release document targeted
at business users  (See below)

Does anyone have any suggestion of how to get the message in
front of the target audience?

 (press release oriented towards businessmen follows: 

    Announcing Crypto Kong.

    Free digital signatures and encryption.


    Many businessmen use a faxed signature for a contract, or for
    authority to act, or worse still, a shared password, as
    stockbrokers often do.  This is almost worthless.

    The signature on a fax can be, and often is, a mere bitmap,
    not genuinely scanned in from a signature written in ink on a
    paper document, but merely applied digitally to an image in
    computer memory.  If that bitmap was also applied to some
    other document sent to the same company, which it usually
    was, then the fax proves nothing.

    On the other hand, often one cannot wait for FedEx to deliver
    signed documents.   The answer is digital signatures and
    encryption. With digitally-signed electronic documents, you
    can send unforgeable signed documents instantaneously across
    the globe.

    Crypto Kong is easy to use and it uses the same identity
    model that as businesses today use for ordinary handwritten
    signatures,  unlike other products which impose their own
    different way of handling identity.

    Crypto Kong takes away the hassles of certificate management,
    public key authentication, and complicated operating
    instructions.  Anyone can immediately use it to sign
    documents, to compare signatures  or to encrypt sensitive
    messages.  Kong compares the signatures on documents, rather
    than comparing a signature against certificates.

    Crypto Kong software makes it easy to send or receive
    digitally signed documents or use top grade encryption to
    keep messages private.

    Crypto Kong provides support for contracts and the
    documentation that accompanies transactions.

    The Crypto Kong application and detailed documentation
    information is available as a free download from the Kong
    home page:

    Kong is compatible only with Windows 95 and Windows NT.
    Complete source code is also available for download from the
    home page.

         James A. Donald

         James A. Donald

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