19 May 1999

From: "Taewook KIM" <alwinks@cybik.com>
To: <jya@jya.com>
Subject: Korean Crypto Policy (April 30, 1999)
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 00:29:12 +0900

Dear Sir,
I think this will be so helpful to you.
The Korean NSA, NIS (National Intelligence Service) has announced 
its policy towards the cryptography last April 30, 1999. Through 
its own FAQ board, the NIS implicitly made it clear to use 
cryptography in the private sector. As you know, the Korean 
Government has hesitated so far to publish its own crypto policy 
and the NIS is the very head of crypto policy of Korea. I think 
it reflects the small and right movement of the Korean government.
I translate this into English. You can find the original text in 
Korean at 

Translated into English
The Korean NSA, NIS made clear its own crypto policy through its own 
FAQ board.
Q. I have to use cryptography for the security of the computer system. 
Should I declare or get any approval from the NIS for the cryptography 
A. No. The NIS is responsible only for the public sector, including the 
government and its agencies. The NIS does not control the use of 
cryptography in the private sector. You don't have to declare or get 
any approval or license from the NIS for the electronic commerce 
application. The work of the NIS includes the crypto policy of public 
sector according to the National Intellegence Service Act, Decree of 
Security Procedures, and Decree of Information and Security Procedure 
Plans. The NIS now makes every efforts for you to use freely the 
cryptography in secure circumstances.
Taewook KIM