1 July 1998

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Subject: CAMPAIGN: Krypto/Software und Wassenaar Arrangement 

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CAMPAIGN: Krypto/Software und Wasseanaar Arrangement
Thema: Das Wassenaar Arrangement führt auf seiner Liste zur Exportbeschränkung für dual use goods auch Kryptographie Software an.
Damit fallen Programme, die zum Schutz der Privatsphäre & des Bürgerrechts auf vertraulichen Briefverkehr in modernen Zeiten unerlässlich sind, unter die Regelung durch einen internationalen Vertrag, der seinem Sinn nach zur Verhinderung des Exports von Teilen für Massen/vernichtungs/waffen
entstanden ist.
Kategorischer Nexus/imperativ:
Dieser Umstand ist ein zu ändernder, zumindest ist dies zu probieren.
Die Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC) diskutiert darüber.
Full text: Wassenaar Arrangement on request. Later 2day available on ftp.
See below:
Ein roundup vom Stand der Informationen rund um Wassenaar:  
Quelle gilc-plan@gilc.org, posted 13.18 (GMT plus 2.00)
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Dear GILCers,
Talked 2 Mr Anonymous of Vienna Wassenaar Office 2day. Says: He is Canadian & was crypto expert 2 Canadian Government in the last five years. Anybody know him? He and another Wassenaar Office guy I talked 2 are pretty diplomatical & top/neutral - closed oysters.
What other sources say: Top Theme in the expert sessions is nuclear non/proliferation, India & Pakistan are overshadowing all. Not only in Wassenaar groups but also in OECD expert meetings the Crypto theme is always simmering & ready to cook up again if there is a cause. Then internal discussions start again whether cryptography software products should be removed from the non/proliferation lists. There are always voices inside being pro 2 a liberal solution.
As to Marc Rotenbergs (EPIC) argument (see quote below) sceptical 2 the possibilty of getting Cryptography Software off the non-proliferation list - agree 2 some extent. I am not sure if that should be the only goal we strive for. If we ride a campaign we obviously must talk 2 those officials 2 get informed. If we talk 2 them we confront them with our arguments. This could inspire some voices inside the said gremia (c above) Michael Baker (EFA) has already pointed out a basic strategy. 
Wassenaar/Crypto is a case destined 4 GILC/action. If we can "gilc" them we can only win.
update 2 come
Looking up Wassenaar.org
If you contact http://www.wassenaar.org please be careful. Very long loading frontpage featuring 33 proudly waving animated national flags. Macs running O.S. 7.6.higher plus Netscape have been shot.
Wassenaar.org webmaster was not amused when I told him ;-)
Reading the present Wassenaar Arrangement:
For anyone who has some technical knowledge in one of the quoted fields of HF-Technology namely broadcast, Satellite uplinking, or GSM commmunications W/Arrangement is fun to read. The other way round it says pretty exactly what kind of frequencies & hardware communications military warfare professionals use. I am sure everbody who wants 2 already has the document. It is http://www.jya.com
For quick European ftp downloads I will put it on a ftp later this day.
Marc Rotenberg wrote: There is, of course, the practical question of whether there is any real prospect of dropping crypto controls from Wassenaar. Most of the recent concern has focused on preserving the mass market exception. We also have to consider that many of the participants in the Wassenaar process are from the intelligence community and not generally subject to traditional forms of political accountability.
Michael Baker wrote before: To run a successful Wassenaar crypto lobbying campaign we need a strategy and people on the ground.  More on people on the ground below.  As for strategy, the object should be to have crypto removed from the list of dual-use technologies.  To achieve this we should organise a lobby of politicians and bureaucrats in each of the Wassenaar Arrangement participating countries.  It would help if we had a campaign co-ordinator in each country.  More on organisations which might provide a co-ordinator & support below. 
We should also have briefing materials, which idealy should be translated in to the languages of each of the countries.  Some of the briefing materials would be for each contry's campaign co-ordinator and campaign staff.  Such material would suggest how to run the campaign, who to lobby, how to identify them, and what to say to them.  The remainder of the briefing materials would be to present to the politicians and bureaucrats explaining why crypto should be removed from the dual-use list.
If/when we get organised in each country we could also organise a global action alert, asking people to contact their politicians and identified bureaucrats to remove crypto from the dual-use list.
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