14 September 1997
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Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 11:36:57 -0400
To: declan@well.com, John Smith <jsmith58@hotmail.com>
From: Will Rodger <rodger@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: Re: unSAFE won't pass?
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>On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, John Smith wrote:
>> So, does anybody besides me think these crypto bills aren't going
>> anywhere?  I still think it's just a trick to get the original bill
>> killed.  No way are most congresscritters going to vote for this
>> with all the opposition that's coming out.  Just my opinion...

At 09:07 PM 9/12/97 +0000, Declan McCullagh wrote:

>Don't be too sure. The national security establishment is swarming on
>Capitol Hill. They have momentum. SAFE and ProCODE are dead and gutted. 
>The chair of House Rules is now eager to push SAFE to the floor for a
>vote. What, you think Clinton won't sign the new SAFE bill? 

It may make for good copy, but I think it's just fantasy to think the 
administration or their opponents, for that matter, will get what 
they want this year. Let them swarm. Who cares.

At earliest, August of 1998 before anything passes - and even that is 
highly optimistic.

I predict shouting on the floors of both houses and maybe even a 
shoving match or two before this is settled. Early evidence of the 
passions stirred: my story at 


The atmosphere in that room was, to put it politely, charged.

Another prediction: if the administration loses, you can count on a 
huge shake up at the top of the FBI. A defeat on this issue will make 
Ruby Ridge, Waco and Hoover's days of wiretap abuse and blackmail 
seem like the good old days. And since the FBI is playing front for 
what is now clearly White House intent - forget meaningless blather 
over what is "policy" and "not policy" - it will be the Fibbies who 
take the hits.

Crypto wars? Hell, we haven't even seen a good border skirmish yet.

Will Rodger
Washington Bureau Chief
Inter@ctive Week

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