4 December 1998. Thanks to Taewook Kim.
See related report from April 1998 hearing: http://www.fsk.dk/fsk/div/hearing/

From: "Taewook KIM" <alwinks@cybik.com
To: <jy@jya.com>
Subject: Fw: Request
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 20:08:25 +0900

Dear Sir,

I think this email from Ministry of Research and Information 
Technology, Denmark will be helpful.

Taewook KIM

    Taewook KIM
    Researcher at the EU Center of Korea University
    Researcher at the Korea Information Security Agency
    Chief Director of the CYBIK (Cyberlaw Institute of Korea)

Fra: Pedersen, Martin Dahl <MDP@FSK.dk
Til: 'alwinks@cybik.com' <alwinks@cybik.com
Sendt: 1998/12/3 12:31
Emne: SV: Request

Dear Taewook KIM

Mads Bryde Andersen has asked me to answer your request.

An Expert Committee on Cryptography under the auspices of the Ministry
of Research and Information Technology, including representatives from
other Danish ministries, released a report in April 1997. The Committee
studied the advantages and disadvantages of introducing regulations
covering the use of cryptography. The Committee recommended against
introducing such regulations, but suggested that Danish cryptography
policy should be viewed in light of international developments. An
analysis of the effects of introducing incentive schemes for the use of
key recovery systems was finished in May 1998, which concluded that the
introduction of such schemes could not be recommended in light of the
present international situation.

Against this background, the Expert Committee made its final
recommendations in June 1998. The Committee concluded that neither
regulation nor incentive schemes should be implemented at this time, but
that international developments should be closely followed and the
possibility of regulating encryption re-considered if the general
international approach moves in this direction.

Yours sincerely
Martin Dahl Pedersen
Head of Section
Ministry of Research and Information Technology Denmark


>Fra: Taewook KIM[SMTP:alwinks@cybik.com]
>Sendt: 2. december 1998 09.17
>Til: Mads Bryde Andersen
>Emne: Request
>Dear Sir or Madam,
>Let me introduce myself to you first.
>I am a researcher at the Korea Information Security Agency, Ministry of
>Information and Communication, working in Cryptographic Technology Team.
>I am in responsibility of studying the policy-movements of world nations.
>I have found your page concerning cryptography policy of Denmark but it is
>old I think.
>I think there have been any advance in your crypto-policy. Would you
>please let me know the development of the policy and where I can get any
>info about the policy.
>I will appreciate your kindly ahead help.
>Thank you.
>Taewook KIM