21 January 1999. Thanks to Anon.

DoD Information Analysis Centers

DoD Information Analysis Centers (IACs) are formal organizations chartered by DoD to facilitate utilization of existing scientific and technical information. They are established under DoD Regulation 3200.12-R-2, Centers for the Analysis of Scientific and Technical Information, dated 17 January 1985 and Policy Memorandum of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering, dated 6 July 1990.

IACs are staffed by scientists, engineers, and information specialists. They establish and maintain comprehensive knowledge bases which include historical, technical, scientific, and other data and information collected on a worldwide basis. Information collections include a wide range of unclassified, limited distribution, and classified information appropriate to the requirements of sponsoring technical communities. IACs also collect, maintain, and develop analytical tools and techniques including databases, models, and simulations. Their collections and products represent intensive evaluation and screening efforts to create authoritative sources of evaluated data. IACs have a unique and significant role in the transfer of scientific and technical information.

Thirteen contractor-operated DoD IACs are now administratively managed and funded by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). Ten others are managed by other DoD activities.

Individual IACs should be contacted directly for information requiring technical expertise or expert judgment in their particular area. Internet, mail, and email addresses and telephone numbers are listed for each center.

All DoD IACs and many service sponsored IACs may be contacted by sending an e-mail message to dodiacs@dtic.mil. This one address automatically reaches all DoD IACs for blanket help requests.