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10 June 1999

DoD 5200.1-R files downloaded 27 December 1998
Source: (Not accessible on 10 June 1999)

All PDF files listed below are available in a Zipped file: (1,038KB)

NUMBER: DoD 5200.1-R

DATED: January 1997

TITLE: Information Security Regulation

NOTE: To view the full width of the pages of the Regulation on screen, select the last viewing icon from the Acrobat toolbar. If printing this Regulation, select, "shrink to fit" in the bottom left corner of the print screen.


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Front Matter (PDF (74 KB))
Chapter 1, (PDF (45 KB))
Chapter 2, (PDF (53 KB))
Chapter 3, (PDF (12 KB))
Chapter 4, (PDF (59 KB))
Chapter 5, (PDF (127 KB))
Chapter 6, (PDF (108 KB))
Chapter 7, (PDF (60 KB))
Chapter 8, (PDF (120 KB))
Chapter 9, (PDF (25 KB))
Chapter 10, (PDF (38 KB))
Appendix A, (PDF (44 KB))
Appendix B, (PDF (48 KB))
Appendix C, (PDF (66 KB))
Appendix D, (PDF (40 KB))
Appendix E, (PDF (44 KB))
Appendix F, (PDF (68 KB))
Appendix G, (PDF (65 KB))
Appendix H, (PDF (29 KB))
Appendix I, (PDF (21 KB))


POC: William Bell, ASD(C3I)/I&S, 703-695-2686/DSN 225-2686