16 August 1997
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Table of Contents

                            Antitrust Division

JUSTICE/ATR-001, Antitrust Division Expert Witness File.
JUSTICE/ATR-002, Congressional and White House Referral Correspondence
          Log File.
JUSTICE/ATR-003, Index of Defendants in Pending and Terminated Antitrust
JUSTICE/ATR-004, Statement by Antitrust Division Officials (ATD Speech
JUSTICE/ATR-005, Antitrust Caseload Evaluation System (ACES)--Time
JUSTICE/ATR-006, Antitrust Caseload Evaluation System (ACES)--Monthly
JUSTICE/ATR-007, Antitrust Division Case Cards.
JUSTICE/ATR-009, Public Complaints and Inquiries File.
JUSTICE/ATR-014, Civil Investigative Demand (CID) Tracking System.

                       Board of Immigration Appeals

JUSTICE/BIA-001, Decisions of the Board of Immigration Appeals.
JUSTICE/BIA-002, Roster of Organizations and their Accredited
          Representative Recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

                            Bureau of Prisons

JUSTICE/BOP-001, Custodial and Security Record System.
JUSTICE/BOP-002, Freedom of Information Act Record System.
JUSTICE/BOP-003, Industrial Inmate Employment Record System.
JUSTICE/BOP-004, Inmate Administrative Remedy Record System.
JUSTICE/BOP-005, Inmate Central Records System.
JUSTICE/BOP-006, Inmate Commissary Accounts Record System.
JUSTICE/BOP-007, Inmate Physical and Mental Health Record System.
JUSTICE/BOP-008, Inmate Safety and Accident Compensation Record System.
JUSTICE/BOP-009, Federal Tort Claims Act Record System.
JUSTICE/BOP-011, Telephone Activity Record System.
JUSTICE/BOP-012, Bureau of Prisons, Office of Internal Affairs
          Investigative Records.
JUSTICE/BOP-101, National Institute of Corrections Technical Assistance
          Resource Persons Directory.
JUSTICE/BOP-102, National Institute of Corrections Field Readers List.
JUSTICE/BOP-999, Appendix of Field Locations for the Bureau of Prisons.

                              Civil Division

JUSTICE/CIV-001, Civil Division Case File System.
JUSTICE/CIV-002, Civil Division Case File System: Customs Litigation.
JUSTICE/CIV-003, Office of Alien Property File System.
JUSTICE/CIV-004, Swine Flu Administrative Claim File System.
JUSTICE/CIV-005, Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts File.
JUSTICE/CIV-006, Consumer Inquiry/Investigatory System.
JUSTICE/CIV-007, Congressional and Citizen Correspondence File.

                          Civil Rights Division

JUSTICE/CRT-001, Central Civil Rights Division Index File and Associated
          Records System.
JUSTICE/CRT-002, Files of Applications for the Position of Attorneys
          with the Civil Rights Division.
JUSTICE/CRT-003, Civil Rights Case Load Evaluation System-Time Reporting
JUSTICE/CRT-004, Registry of Names of Interested Persons Desiring
          Notification of Submissions under Section 5 of the Voting
          Rights Act.
JUSTICE/CRT-007, Files on Employment Civil Rights Matters Referred by
          the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
JUSTICE/CRT-008, Files on Correspondence Relating to Civil Rights
          Matters from Persons Outside the Department of Justice.
JUSTICE/CRT-009, Civil Rights Division Travel Reports.
JUSTICE/CRT-010, Freedom of Information; Privacy Act Records.

                       Community Relations Service

JUSTICE/CRS-001, Operational Data Information System.

                            Criminal Division

JUSTICE/CRM-001, Central Criminal Division Index File and Associated
JUSTICE/CRM-002, Criminal Division Witness Security File.
JUSTICE/CRM-003, File of Names Checked to Determine If Those Individuals
          Have Been the Subject of an Electronic Surveillance.
JUSTICE/CRM-004, General Litigation and Legal Advice Section, Criminal
          Division, Central Index File and Associated Records.
JUSTICE/CRM-005, Index to Name of Attorneys, Employed by the Criminal
          Division, U.S. Department of Justice, Indicating the Subject
          of the Memoranda on Criminal Matters They Have Written.
JUSTICE/CRM-006, Information File on Individuals and Commercial Entities
          Known or Suspected of Being Involved in Fraudulent Activities.
JUSTICE/CRM-007, Name Card File on Criminal Division Personnel
          Authorized to Have Access to the Central Criminal Division
JUSTICE/CRM-008, Name Card File on Department of Justice Personnel
          Authorized to Have Access to Classified Files of the
          Department of Justice.
JUSTICE/CRM-012, Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, General Index
          File and Associated Records.
JUSTICE/CRM-014, Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, Intelligence
          and Special Services Unit, Information Request System.
JUSTICE/CRM-017, Registration and Propaganda Files Under the Foreign
          Agents Registration Act of 1938, As Amended.
JUSTICE/CRM-018, Registration Files of Individuals Who Have Knowledge
          of, or Have Received Instruction or Assignment in Espionage,
          Counterespionage, or Sabotage Service or Tactics of a Foreign
          Government or of a Foreign Political Party.
JUSTICE/CRM-019, Requests to the Attorney General for Approval of
          Application to Federal Judges for Electronic Interceptions.
JUSTICE/CRM-021, The Stocks and Bonds Intelligence Control Card File
JUSTICE/CRM-022, Witness Immunity Records.
JUSTICE/CRM-023, Weekly Statistical Report.
JUSTICE/CRM-024, Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Records.
JUSTICE/CRM-025, Tax Disclosure Index File and Associated Records
JUSTICE/CRM-026, Index of Prisoners Transferred Under Prisoner Transfer
JUSTICE/CRM-027, Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Displaced
          Persons Listings.

                     Drug Enforcement Administration

JUSTICE/DEA-001, Air Intelligence Program.
JUSTICE/DEA-003, Automated Records and Consolidated Orders System/
          Diversion Analysis and Detection System (ARCOS/DADS).
JUSTICE/DEA-004, Congressional Correspondence File.
JUSTICE/DEA-005, Controlled Substances Act Registration Records (CSA).
JUSTICE/DEA-006, Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Records.
JUSTICE/DEA-007, International Intelligence Data Base.
JUSTICE/DEA-008, Investigative Reporting and Filing System.
JUSTICE/DEA-009, Medical Records.
JUSTICE/DEA-010, Planning and Inspection Division Records.
JUSTICE/DEA-011, Operations Files.
JUSTICE/DEA-012, Registration Status/Investigation Records.
JUSTICE/DEA-013, Security Files.
JUSTICE/DEA-014, System to Retrieve Information from Drug Evidence
JUSTICE/DEA-015, Training Files.
JUSTICE/DEA-016, Drug Enforcement Administration Accounting System
          (DEAAS II).
JUSTICE/DEA-017, Grants of Confidentiality Files (GCF).
JUSTICE/DEA-018, Applicant Investigations (DAI).
JUSTICE/DEA-020, Essential Chemical Reporting System.
JUSTICE/DEA-021, DEA Aviation Unit Reporting System.
JUSTICE/DEA-023, Clerical, Technical and Professional (CTAP) Program
JUSTICE/DEA-027, DEA Employee Profile System (DEPS).
JUSTICE/DEA-028, Regional Automated Intelligence Data System (RAIDS).
JUSTICE/DEA-030, Agent Recruit Assessment Program.
JUSTICE/DEA-INS-111, Automated Intelligence Records System (Pathfinder).
JUSTICE/DEA-999, DEA Appendix 1--List of Record Location Addresses

                 Executive Office for Immigration Review

JUSTICE/EOIR-001, Records and Management Information Systems.
JUSTICE/EOIR-999, Appendix to Executive Office for Immigration Review
          System of Records.

                     Federal Bureau of Investigation

JUSTICE/FBI-001, National Crime Information Center (NCIC).
JUSTICE/FBI-002, The FBI Central Records System.
JUSTICE/FBI-003, Bureau Mailing Lists.
JUSTICE/FBI-004, Routine Correspondence Handled by Preprinted Form.
JUSTICE/FBI-005, Routine Correspondence Prepared Without Yellow File.
JUSTICE/FBI-006, Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Indices.
JUSTICE/FBI-007, FBI Automated Payroll System.
JUSTICE/FBI-008, Bureau Personnel Management System (BPMS).
JUSTICE/FBI-009, Indentification Division Records System.
JUSTICE/FBI-010, Employee Travel Vouchers and Individual Earning
JUSTICE/FBI-011, Employee Health Records.
JUSTICE/FBI-012, Time Utilization Record-Keeping (TURK) System.
JUSTICE/FBI-013, Security Access Control System (SACS).
JUSTICE/FBI-014, FBI Alcoholism Program.
JUSTICE/FBI-015, National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime
JUSTICE/FBI-016, FBI Counterdrug Information Indices System (CIIS) .
JUSTICE/FBI-999, Appendix of Field Divisions and Legal Attaches for the
          Federal Bureau of Investigation Field Divisions.

                   Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

JUSTICE/FCSC-1, Indexes of Claimants (Alphabetical).
JUSTICE/FCSC-2, Bulgaria, Claims Against (1st Program).
JUSTICE/FCSC-3, Bulgaria, Claims Against (2nd Program).
JUSTICE/FCSC-4, Certifications of Awards.
JUSTICE/FCSC-5, China, Claims Against.
JUSTICE/FCSC-6, Civilian Internees (Vietnam).
JUSTICE/FCSC-7, Correspondence (General).
JUSTICE/FCSC-8, Correspondence (Inquiries Concerning Claims in Foreign
JUSTICE/FCSC-9, Cuba, Claims Against.
JUSTICE/FCSC-10, Czechoslovakia, Claims Against.
JUSTICE/FCSC-11, East Germany, Registration of Claims Against.
JUSTICE/FCSC-12, Federal Republic of Germany, Questionnaire Inquiries
JUSTICE/FCSC-13, Payroll Records.
JUSTICE/FCSC-14, General Personnel Records.
JUSTICE/FCSC-15, General Financial Records.
JUSTICE/FCSC-16, Hungary, Claims Against (1st Program).
JUSTICE/FCSC-17, Hungary, Claims Against (2nd Program).
JUSTICE/FCSC-18, Italy, Claims Against (1st Program).
JUSTICE/FCSC-19, Italy, Claims Against (2nd Program).
JUSTICE/FCSC-20, Micronesia, Claims Arising in.
JUSTICE/FCSC-21, Panama, Claims Against.
JUSTICE/FCSC-22, Poland, Registration of Claims.
JUSTICE/FCSC-23, Poland, Claims Against.
JUSTICE/FCSC-24, Prisoners of War (Pueblo).
JUSTICE/FCSC-25, Prisoners of War (Vietnam).
JUSTICE/FCSC-26, Romania, Claims Against (1st Program).
JUSTICE/FCSC-27, Romania, Claims Against (2nd Program).
JUSTICE/FCSC-28, Soviet Union, Claims Against.
JUSTICE/FCSC-29, Yugoslavia, Claims Against (1st Program).
JUSTICE/FCSC-30, Yugoslavia, Claims Against (2nd Program).
JUSTICE/FCSC-31, German Democratic Republic, Claims Against.
JUSTICE/FCSC-32, General War Claims Program, Claims Filed in.
JUSTICE/FCSC-33, Vietnam, Claims for Losses Against.
JUSTICE/FCSC-34, Ethiopia, Claims for Losses Against.
JUSTICE/FCSC-35, Egypt, Claims Against.

                  Immigration and Naturalization Service

JUSTICE/INS-001, The Immigration and Naturalization Service Index
JUSTICE/INS-001A, The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Alien
          File (A-File) and Central Index System (CIS).
JUSTICE/INS-003, Position Accounting/Control System (PACS).
JUSTICE/INS-006, Alien Address Reports.
JUSTICE/INS-007, Orphan Petitioner Index and Files.
JUSTICE/INS-008, Bond Accounting and Control System (BACS).
JUSTICE/INS-009, Alien Status Verification Index.
JUSTICE/INS-010, Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Case
          Tracking and Reporting System.
JUSTICE/INS-011, Password Issuance and Control System (PICS).
JUSTICE/INS-012, Deportable Alien Control System (DACS).
JUSTICE/INS-013, Fees and Application Receipt and Entry System (FARES).
JUSTICE/INS-014, Security Access Control System (SACS).
JUSTICE/INS-015, Port of Entry Office Management Support System (POMS).
JUSTICE/INS-016, Secondary Verification Automated Log (SVAL).
JUSTICE/INS-017, Priority Automated Commuter Entry System (PACES).
JUSTICE/INS-018, Automated Data Processing Equipment Inventory
          Management System (AMIS).
JUSTICE/INS-019, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Treatment Referral
JUSTICE/INS-999, INS Appendix: List of Principal Offices of Immigration
          and Naturalization Service.

             INTERPOL--United States National Central Bureau

JUSTICE/Interpol-001, The INTERPOL--United States National Central
          Bureau (INTERPOL--USNCB) (Department of Justice) INTERPOL--
          USNCB Records System.

                       Justice Management Division

JUSTICE/JMD-001, Background Investigation Check-off Card.
JUSTICE/JMD-002, Controlled Substances Act Nonpublic Records.
JUSTICE/JMD-003, Department of Justice Payroll System.
JUSTICE/JMD-004, Bookstream.
JUSTICE/JMD-005, Grievance Records.
JUSTICE-JMD-006, Debt Collection Management System.
JUSTICE/JMD-007, Accounting System for the Offices, Boards and Divisions
          and the United States Marshals Service.
JUSTICE/JMD-008, Security Clearance Information System (SCIS).
JUSTICE/JMD-009, Debt Collection Offset Payment System.
JUSTICE/JMD-010, Document Information System (DIS).
JUSTICE/JMD-011, Office of General Counsel (OGC) Correspondence and
          Advice Tracking System (CATS).
JUSTICE/JMD-012, Executive Biography.
JUSTICE/JMD-013, Employee Locator File.
JUSTICE/JMD-016, Employee Assistance Program Treatment and Referral
          Records, JUSTICE/JMD-016.
JUSTICE/JMD-017, Department of Justice Controlled Parking Records.
JUSTICE/JMD-018, Delegations of Procurement Authority./
JUSTICE/JMD-019, Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act (FOIA/PA)
          Records System.
JUSTICE/JMD-020, Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act (FOIA/PA)
          Request Letters.

                   Land and Natural Resources Division

JUSTICE/LDN-001, Appraisers File.
JUSTICE/LDN-002, Congressional Correspondence File.
JUSTICE/LDN-003, Lands Docket Tracking System.
JUSTICE/LDN-004, Title Abstractors, Attorneys and Insurance Corporations
JUSTICE/LDN-005, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Records
JUSTICE/LDN-006, Citizens` Mail File.

                      Office of the Attorney General

JUSTICE/OAG-001, General Files Systems of the Office of the Attorney

                 Office of the Associate Attorney General

JUSTICE/AAG-001, General Files System of the Office of the Associate
          Attorney General.

                  Office of the Deputy Attorney General

JUSTICE/DAG-003, Drug Enforcement Task Force Evaluation and Reporting
JUSTICE/DAG-004, Honor Program Applicant System.
JUSTICE/DAG-005, Master Index File of Names.
JUSTICE/DAG-006, Presidential Appointee Candidate Records System.
JUSTICE/DAG-007, Presidential Appointee Records System.
JUSTICE/DAG-008, Special Candidates for Presidential Appointments and
          Noncareer SES Positions Records System.
JUSTICE/DAG-009, Summer Intern Program Records System.
JUSTICE/DAG-010, United States Judge and Department of Justice
          Presidential Appointee Records.
JUSTICE/DAG-011, Miscellaneous Attorney Personnel Records System.
JUSTICE/DAG-012, Executive Secretariat Correspondence Control System.
JUSTICE/DAG-013, General Files System of the Office of the Deputy
          Attorney General.

                     Office of the Inspector General

JUSTICE/OIG-001, Office of the Inspector General Record Index.
JUSTICE/OIG-003, Office of the Inspector General, Freedom of
          Information/Privacy Act Records.

                        Office of Justice Programs

JUSTICE/OJP-001, Equipment Inventory.
JUSTICE/OJP-004, Grants Management Information System (PROFILE).
JUSTICE/OJP-005, Financial Management System.
JUSTICE/OJP-006, Congressional and Public Affairs System.
JUSTICE/OJP-007, Public Information System.
JUSTICE/OJP-008, Civil Rights Investigative System.
JUSTICE/OJP-009, Federal Advisory Committee Membership Files.
JUSTICE/OJP-010, Technical Assistance Resource Files.
JUSTICE/OJP-011, Registered Users File-National Criminal Justice
          Reference Service (NCJRS).
JUSTICE/OJP-012, Public Safety Officers Benefits System.
JUSTICE/OJP-013, Denial of Federal Benefits Clearinghouse System

                         Office of Legal Counsel

JUSTICE/OLC-001, Attorney Assignment Reports.
JUSTICE/OLC-002, Office of Legal Counsel Central File.
JUSTICE/OLC-003, Office of Legal Counsel, Freedom of Information Act and
          Privacy Act Files (Justice/OLC-003).

                      Office of Legislative Affairs

JUSTICE/OLA-001, Congressional Committee Chairman Correspondence File.
JUSTICE/OLA-002, Congressional Correspondence File.
JUSTICE/OLA-003, Citizen Correspondence File.

                          Office of Legal Policy

JUSTICE/OLP-001, Freedom of Information and Privacy Appeals Index.
JUSTICE/OLP-002, United States Judges Records System.
JUSTICE/OLP-003, General Files System of the Office of Legal Policy.

                        Office of Pardon Attorney

JUSTICE/OPA-001, Executive Clemency Files.
JUSTICE/OPA-002, Miscellaneous Correspondence File.
JUSTICE/OPA-003, Freedom opf Information/Privacy Acts (FOI/PA) Request

                  Office of Professional Responsibility:

JUSTICE/OPR-001, Office of Professional Responsibility Record Index.

                       Office of Public Information

JUSTICE/OPI, News Release, Document and Index System.

                          U.S. Parole Commission

JUSTICE/PRC-001, Docket, Scheduling and Control.
JUSTICE/PRC-002, Freedom of Information Act Records System.
JUSTICE/PRC-003, Inmate and Supervision Files.
JUSTICE/PRC-004, Labor and Pension Case, Legal File and General
          Correspondence System.
JUSTICE/PRC-005, Office Operation and Personnel System.
JUSTICE/PRC-006, Statistical, Educational and Developmental System.
JUSTICE/PRC-007, Workload Records, Decision Result, and Annual Report

   Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment
                             Practices (OSC)

JUSTICE/OSC 001, Central Index File and Associated Records.
JUSTICE/OSC-002, Files on Correspondence Relating to Immigration Related
          Unfair Employment Practices from Persons Outside the
          Department of Justice.
JUSTICE/OSC-003, Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair
          Employment Practices Travel Reports.
JUSTICE/OSC-004, Freedom of Information; Privacy Acts Records.

                               Tax Division

JUSTICE/TAX-001, Tax Division Central Classification Cards, Index Docket
          Cards, and Associated Records-Criminal Tax Cases.
JUSTICE/TAX-002, Tax Division Central Classification Cards, Index Docket
          Cards, and Associated Records-Civil Tax Cases.
JUSTICE/TAX-003, Files of Applications for the Position of Attorney with
          the Tax Division.
JUSTICE/TAX-004, Freedom of Information -Privacy act Request Files.
JUSTICE/TAX-005, Tax Division Special Projects Files.

                     United States Attorneys' Office

JUSTICE/USA-001, Administrative File.
JUSTICE/USA-002, A. U.S.A. Applicant Files.
JUSTICE/USA-003, Citizen Complaint Files.
JUSTICE/USA-004, Citizens Correspondent Files.
JUSTICE/USA-005, Civil Case Files.
JUSTICE/USA-006, Consumer Complaints.
JUSTICE/USA-007, Criminal Case Files.
JUSTICE/USA-008, Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act Files.
JUSTICE/USA-009, Kline-District of Columbia and Maryland - Stock and
          Land Fraud Interrelatioinship Filing System.
JUSTICE/USA-010, Major Crimes Division Investigative Files.
JUSTICE/USA-011, Prosecutor's Management Information System (PROMIS).
JUSTICE/USA-012, Security Clearance Forms for Grand Jury Reporters.
JUSTICE/USA-013, U.S. Attorney, District of Columbia Superior Court
          Operation, Criminal Files, including but not limited to the
          following subsystems: (a) Criminal file folder (USA-S-1), (b)
          Criminal File Folder (USA-33), (c) Criminal Docket Card (USA-
          T7), and (d) Index.
JUSTICE/USA-014, Pre-Trial Diversion Program Files.
JUSTICE/USA-015, Debt Collection Enforcement System.
JUSTICE/USA-016, Assistant United States Attorneys Applicant Records
JUSTICE/USA-017, Appointed Assistant United States Attorneys Personnel
JUSTICE/USA-999, Appendix of United States Attorney Office Locations.

                          U.S. Marshals Service

JUSTICE/USM-001, U.S. Marshals Service Badge and Credentials File.
JUSTICE/USM-002, Internal Inspections System.
JUSTICE/USM-003, U.S. Marshals Service Prisoner Transportation System.
JUSTICE/USM-004, Special Deputy File.
JUSTICE/USM-006, United States Marshals Service Training Files.
JUSTICE/USM-007, Warrant Information System.
JUSTICE/USM-008, Witness Security Files Information System.
JUSTICE/USM-009, U.S. Marshals Service Threat Analysis Information
JUSTICE/USM-010, Judicial Facility Security Index System.
JUSTICE/USM-011, Judicial Protection Information System.
JUSTICE/USM-012, U.S. Marshals Service Freedom of Information Act/
          Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Files.
JUSTICE/USM-013, U.S. Marshals Service Administrative Proceedings,
          Claims and Civil Litigation Files.
JUSTICE/USM-014, Joint Automated Booking Stations (JABS).
JUSTICE/USM-015, U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) Employee Assistance
          Program (EAP) Records.
JUSTICE/USM-016, U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) Key Control Record System.
JUSTICE/USM-999, Appendix to U.S. Marshals Systems of Records.

                              U.S. Trustees

JUSTICE/UST-001, Bankruptcy Case Files and Associated Records.
JUSTICE/UST-002, Panel Trustee Application File.
JUSTICE/UST-003, U.S. Trustee Timekeeping System.
JUSTICE/UST-004, U. S. Trustee Program Case Referral System.
JUSTICE/UST-999, U.S. Trustee Appendix I--List of Record Retention