22 April 1998

Date:         Tue, 21 Apr 1998 22:46:11 EDT
From: SharonN164 <SharonN164@AOL.COM>
Subject:      Electronic Court Filing Resources

*cross posted to legal and technology lists*

For those who may be trying to keep track of electronic filing in court
systems worldwide, the Fairfax Bar Association in Virginia has tried to
compile a list of the primary substantive electronic filing links.  We have
eliminated most news articles and press releases,  as well as outdated
materials, concentrating on actual court sites, substantive articles in this
area, organizations concentrating in this field, and vendors who are
developing electronic filing systems.

The Electronic Court Filing Resources on the Internet links are located at:


We hope this list of links will be useful to anyone tracing electronic filing
in the courts.  We have undoubtedly missed some links, so please feel free to
e-mail us with supplements.  Also, there is a web-based electronic filing
prototype developed for Fairfax County Circuit Court on the site.  Feel free
to test drive, point out bugs (there's a standing "beer a bug" offer - valid
only if you come to Fairfax County to collect!), and make suggestions.

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