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9 June 1999

  * E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 55 *

  Week Ending June 5, 1999

  E-commerce Law Week is a free newsletter published by Stewart Baker and
  Team Crypto of Steptoe & Johnson LLP.

  - Last week, the German Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi)
  announced that the federal cabinet will allow the free use of encryption
  in order to protect German business interests from illegal spying and
  data manipulation.  In the future, encryption products may be developed,
  manufactured, marketed, and sold in Germany without government
  restriction.  The announcement also included a more mysterious and
  perhaps troubling suggestion that the German government would be
  evaluating security products for the public.


  Text of the Official English translation of German government announcement.

  - The California Senate recently unanimously approved a bill that would
  allow California law enforcement to obtain electronic communications,
  both content and associated records, from ISPs throughout the U.S. and
  even internationally.  Legislation on this issue is likely to  appear
  soon on a national level even if unsuccessful in California.


  The Text of California's SB 662.

  - Japan's ruling political coalition -- composed of the Liberal
  Democratic, Liberal and New Komeito parties -- recently passed a
  wiretapping bill out of the Lower House's Judiciary Committee after the
  Democratic, Social Democratic, and Communist parties walked out in
  protest.  The bill would authorize police interception of communications
  including phone calls, faxes, and e-mail messages.

  - The New York State Assembly has recently taken action on a broad
  package of legislation -- introduced by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
  (D) and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (D) -- concerning consumer
  privacy.  The sixteen bills address a wide variety of different issues --
  from the reselling of consumer credit information, to the "misuse of
  birth and death certificates."


  Text of Silver and Spitzer press release.


  New York State Bill A05543.


  New York State Bill A07044.


  New York State Bill A0704.


  New York State Bill A0813.

  - This week, Jacob Lew (Director of the Office of Management and Budget)
  ordered all federal agencies to post privacy policies on their principal
  web sites by no later than September 1, 1999.  The order for all federal
  web sites to post privacy policies is one of the first major efforts
  undertaken by Peter Swire, the Administration's new Privacy Czar.


  Text of Director Lew's memo.

  ederal+Web+SitesText of OMB's Guidance and Model Language.

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  electronic commerce and security -- with special emphasis on encryption,
  digital signatures, computer security, privacy, and related issues.

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